Paragon of Sin

Chapter 496: Strongest State

Wei Wuyin didn ’t know how to respond to those words, feeling as if Lin Ming was creating his own reality. Unwilling to dwell on such irrelevant things, he was startled that Lin Ming could resist his elemental origin fist. While it was a simple manifestation attack, Lin Ming had resisted it.

This was already outstanding, especially considering he was at the Spatial Resonance Phase, an entire stage beneath his own. He was curious about Lin Ming ’s Astral Core size, and just as he wanted to know, Lin Ming revealed it!

Lin Ming grasped his spear, its sharp edge sweeping across the ground in an elegant arc. With a lowered stance, firm eyes, he urged his astral force into motion, circulating it throughout his body and producing a devastating aura! His dantian was lit by the white brilliance of his Divine Elemental Astral Core.

The spectators watched with bated breath.

In one of the Voidships, the Holy Daughter of Absolute Hot Fire clenched her fists silently, her calm eyes betrayed none of her tense emotions she felt. She knew Lin Ming was doing this to avoid her having to fight Wei Wuyin. Even she wasn ’t certain she was a match for Wei Wuyin with his unique spell or method activated to enhance his battle prowess. While such means were temporary, he would be a difficult foe.

It seemed San Yongli, Lin Ming, and Tang Xingyun weren ’t the only ones who thought Wei Wuyin used self-harming methods to increase his Astral Core size without restraint. In fact, when Lin Ming shouted out his own assumption, the rest of the world was relieved of an invisible tension within their spirits and minds.

If Wei Wuyin could truly reach such outrageous levels at his age, what was the point in cultivating? How embarrassing was this? A cultivator no older than fifty exceeding a thousand years of strenuous effort?! They might as well kill themselves!

Thinking of this, they even believed Wei Wuyin used some method to forcefully enhance his spiritual strength somehow, which makes sense for someone his age! This comforted everyone! 

Tang Xingyun could only watch, but her heart was with Lin Ming. She knew that he had endless potential, and that he would prove everyone wrong. If not today, then one day.

The young woman asked the old man, ”Is it true? Did this guy use such methods? ” She seeked out answers, hoping to settle her own troubled heart. While she would like it if Wei Wuyin wasn ’t a fake star, she also wanted it to be that way. After all, she was a highly respected prodigy who received countless resources and had an exceptional background; it would feel horrible to be surpassed so greatly by someone.

The old man wryly smiled, unable to answer. Because even he didn ’t know! It made some sense because his Astral Core was ten centimeters before! The jump wasn ’t just a three point two times increase, but like an increase of several dozen times!

On one hand, it made sense. On another, he didn ’t feel it was so simple! 

It was unfortunate that the old man couldn ’t tell since Wei Wuyin had recovered his bloodline abilities! But it mattered not, because everyone was focused on Lin Ming!

And Lin Ming revealed a brilliance that gave everyone a jolt! No longer bothered by Wei Wuyin ’s falsely obtained cultivation base, they were reset in their expectations. So when they saw the outline, shape, and size of Lin Ming ’s astral core, they awed and ooh ’d!

Eight Centimeters!

This was sixteen times the size of a Gravity Emission Phase expert, and he was only at the Spatial Resonance Phase! How outstanding! How extraordinary!

Grand Priest Zi Gu had a dark expression, but his eyes radiated praise. While he had lost nine Realmlords today due to Wei Wuyin ’s despicable means, their Holy Son ’s brilliance couldn ’t be hidden! A wisp of a proud smile formed on his lips.

”Of course he ’s outstanding, ” a female voice filled with a haughtiness that seemed to be innate echoed out. Grand Priest Zi Gu ’s expression changed, his eyes immediately became respectful. When a figure arrived beside him, he hurriedly bowed deeply. While his face was bowed, he had fear in his gaze!

The figure was a young woman, her face covered by a veil, but her exquisite body ’s figure was voluptuous and tall, garbed in a tight-fitting outfit. She had a sky-blue long-sleeved top with a midriff, with a pair of sky-blue leggings that accentuated her curves. When she arrived, she mumbled out: ”Otherwise, why would Senior Sister Lin treat him so well? ” 

If someone was in the temple, they would notice not a single member had their heads up, all with their eyes down and not daring to look her way.

Wei Wuyin allowed Lin Ming to reveal his foundation, actually interested in a Blessed standard. While Lin Ming had been tested in the Grand Spirit Trials, that was over three years, and his cultivation had reached the Spatial Resonance Phase since then.

’Nine-Ring Soul Idol & Nine-Ripple Spatial Resonance! Is this the limit of a Blessed. Will they be able to reach the ten-rings and ten-ripples, excavate all their potential, or can the Heavenly Daos only help them to a certain limit? ’ These questions will only be truly answered when he sees a Blessed at the Realmlord level. When one reaches the Seventh Stage of the Astral Core Realm, their foundation is permanently set.

All their powers are merged to form their invincible Worldly Domain, including their Soul Idol.

Lin Ming ’s wounds recovered instantly as he drove his elemental origin force to their limits, bringing out his greatest power! With a silent, warningless action, Lin Ming blurred towards Wei Wuyin with his spear thrusting at his chest.

Wei Wuyin didn ’t move. He conjured a basic astral ward, reinforced with a single layer. 

The spear neared, and with a short bursting roar, Lin Ming ’s spear tip morphed into a tiger ’s head. It was lifelike, its teeth glinting with a bloody light and its eyes gleaming like jewels. 


The tiger head smashed against Wei Wuyin ’s elemental astral ward. The tiger roared, exploded, reformed, and roared again with devastating power! The air was twisted and pushed away, the moisture became hot, and the light beneath their feet trembled as if experiencing endless seismic activity.

When all was said and done, the light platform was deformed, and the spear ’s tip was pressing against Wei Wuyin ’s ward. 

Lin Ming ’s eyes widened in disbelief, ”What? ” He questioned his eyes, but those very eyes became fierce as he twisted his spear, sending gushing elemental wind force outwards, engulfing the entire ten mile area in a viciously rotating hurricane!

The hurricane condensed after a single moment, entering the Origin Spear, and erupted at a single concentrated point! The tip! The piercing power of the spear reached unprecedented heights and stabbed into Wei Wuyin ’s elemental astral ward!

The feedback sent Lin Ming flying back. He hurriedly steadied himself, his arm that held the spear ceaselessly trembled. But when he looked at Wei Wuyin, he saw a pair of silver eyes watching him calmly.

”Interesting, ” Wei Wuyin said, inspecting his astral ward that remained entirely undamaged after facing such fierce and violent arts. Lin Ming hadn ’t even pierced a single layer of his defense, and it was an extremely casual one!

The Nine Origin Dragons simultaneously snickered, chuckled, and laughed, depending on which, and their voices releasing ferocious spiritual might. The cylindrical curtain rippled without end in response.

”Why is he so weak? ” Ori mocked from within, childishly cackling alongside the dragons. Kratos seemed to find an outlet, having been called weak before, and similarly laughed in a boisterous manner. 

Wei Wuyin ’s eyelids twitched. He felt a similar feeling from Yuan Longshi. Were Blessed really just…this much? Or was it the starfield ’s fault? 

Lin Ming tightly gripped his spear, launching himself again, his astral force gushed out in a ferocious assault once more! But Wei Wuyin carelessly swatted at him in retaliation, his physical strength smacking the Origin Spear!

”WHAT?! ” Lin Ming exclaimed as his hand felt an irresistible force. He had to let go of his spear, and it shot off into the distance, piercing through the curtain of light, and vanishing in an instant!

”… ” Everyone was silent.

But Wei Wuyin didn ’t end on that note, kicking at Lin Ming ’s abdomen with extreme speed!

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