Paragon of Sin

Chapter 498: Surrender

A gurgling sound escaped Lin Ming ’s throat as he felt an overbearing strength completely encapsulate his entire body, his network of meridians, and dantian. He was thoroughly locked down! The hand at his throat felt like the hand of god, clasping his neck with absolute ease! 

Before he could even react, he was lifted like a child, his feet dangling just inches before the ground! Even though he wanted to resist, using the Origin Spear to wrench fear, he found the Origin Spear had left his hands, toppling to the floor powerlessly.

It no longer responded to him!




His grey eyes glared at the extremely handsome visage before him, who held a faint smile on its face. Wei Wuyin ’s radiant silver eyes was so bright that it seemed mocking, as if ridiculing him for his idiotic belief in himself, for his confidence.

In truth, Wei Wuyin didn ’t feel any hint of mocking. He even felt praise. Lin Ming ’s body was incredibly sturdy and his meridians were highly refined. Still, this was the limits of his current strength, so he no longer bothered with keeping up this facade. 

”Surrender now, or I ’ll end your life. ” Wei Wuyin showed mercy, not because of any thoughts of appreciating talent, but purely because killing Lin Ming would accelerate his Calamities of Hell. While he was confident of overcoming the second Calamity, he had a few things left to take care of before he faced that uncertainty. 

If it wasn ’t for this, Lin Ming never would ’ve gotten this chance. His life would ’ve ended the moment he was an obstacle to his goals, even with that mysterious woman as his backing. 

”!!! ” Lin Ming struggled in defiance. An unyielding light surged in his heart, feeling unsatisfied with this outcome! How could he merely accept defeat?! This was a fight where external strength wasn ’t allowed, but Wei Wuyin was using means to amplify his ability! 

As his struggling became more intense, devolved into mindless gurgling and twitching of his limbs, the crowd watched in utter awe, shock, and concern.

Tang Xingyun ’s heart clenched, she moved slightly but was halted by an invisible force holding her shoulder. Her eyes lit with rage, ”What? ” She questioned, holding back her anger.

The voice echoed out once more, ”He ’s outstanding, I ’ll give him that. But he ’s fighting the wrong opponent at the wrong time. You can ’t help him either. This is his fight, not yours. ” A tinge of compassion for the first time was revealed by the voice, no longer being so obstinate and abrasive towardw Lin Ming ’s existence.

Tang Xingyun ’s heart softened. If that Holy Son wasn ’t juiced up on whatever, then Lin Ming would ’ve had a chance! She reasoned, clenching her fists and feeling that the overseer was blind and biased. How could he allow something like this to happen?!

”If he hurts him, I ’ll deal with him myself. I am a Holy Daughter, after all. ” Tang Xingyun coldly declared, her eyes frosty and frightening. The force that restrained her pulled back, sighing while doing so. 

’It seems that Holy Son was going to be a little unlucky. ’ the owner of that voice thought, feeling that it was a pity. 

The young woman was startled by the abrupt change of pace. It seemed that Lin Ming was about to launch a wonderful comeback, yet it ended before it could even begin! Was Wei Wuyin ’s enhancement method so terrifying? Well, he did have a thirty-two Centimeter Astral Core! What level of sacrifice must one perform to reach such power? 

She could only sigh. It was a pity.

But the old man had different thoughts. ’Was that Elemental Origin Force? No. It wasn ’t Saber Force either. Was that a third type of astral force?! ’ He was flabbergasted by this discovery, unsure what to make of it. When Wei Wuyin made his move, a very powerful and terrifying astral force was unleashed, allowing him to empower his physical movements to an unfathomable level. 

He remembered that Wei Wuyin had two Astral Cores, but was there a hidden third Astral Core? He was a human, this he was certain of, so he couldn ’t be a part of that bloodline, right? 

He Yanglei snorted on his voidship, ”He should ’ve just delayed until his opponent ’s cultivation suffered backlash. Instead, he wanted to show him what ’true power ’ is. How hilarious! ” 

The skinny old man beside him frowned, not adding in any commentary.

Back on the platform, Lin Ming continued his struggle, causing Wei Wuyin to frown. ”You have to surrender. I can ’t end this challenge otherwise, lest I end your life. So Surrender. Send out your spiritual intent to the platform. ” After explaining how to surrender to Lin Ming, he waited for a few seconds, but was met with unwilling eyes and repeated struggles.

His frown grew deeper. He reminded, tightening his grip and causing Lin Ming to choke out strange sounds, ”You need to surrender. Now. ” He realized there was a problem with this challenge, and that was when one person was unwilling to kill and the other unwilling to surrender.

This stalemate was impossible to overcome.

Lin Ming ’s grey eyes reflected a will to die rather than submit to anyone, even to fate itself. Those eyes revealed a man who had overcome endless struggles to reach his current cultivation, his current achievement. There was likely a mountain of corpses beneath him, allowing him to climb with stable footing!

But this didn ’t suffuse Wei Wuyin with any respectful feelings, but with annoyance. ”If you don ’t surrender, I will cripple you. There will be no turning back. ” 

Lin Ming ’s voice creaked through the clenching force of Wei Wuyin ’s hand, as if he wanted to say something. Wei Wuyin loosened his grip, allowing his voice to leak through.

Lin Ming said while straining his voice, ”…Go…to…hell! ” He joyfully smiled, blood still staining his teeth. Even if he was crippled, he swore that he ’d never surrender, even under the threat of death! He was no longer that scared little boy in the corner, forced to accept the abuse of his father, afraid to even lift his head up in defiance.

He would rather die today than ever surrender!

Wei Wuyin ’s frown couldn ’t get any deeper, and his eyes flashed with silver light, staring heavily into Lin Ming ’s eyes. For a long moment, both sides merely stared at each other.

Lin Ming wasn ’t an idiot. He realized that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t willing to kill him, so he could use this to stall for time. As long as he stalled long enough, Wei Wuyin would likely suffer a backlash from his method soon! 

A minute.



The two stayed in this stalemate position for so long, with the only change being Wei Wuyin ’s shifting expression of killing intent and unwillingness. As if plagued by some ungodly restriction, he was unable to unleash the final killing blow after all this time.

Suddenly, Wei Wuyin ’s face started to darken. It was so rapid that his entire face became pitchblack in the matter of moments. As if poisoned, his body started to emit a trace of toxic energy that leaked through his pores. 

The crowd outside rustled in shock, exclamations were everywhere! What was happening? Was this the backlash? Or did Lin Ming do something?

Wei Wuyin glanced at Lin Ming, killing intent flared wildly within his eyes as he clenched his hand around Lin Ming ’s throat. ”You ’ve forced me! ” 

A wave of gasps resounded, and even Lin Ming felt his heart sink. He was still restricted! Wanting to struggle free, he called forth his Origin Spear in haste yet couldn ’t get a response. Was this it?

His thoughts froze as he felt the strength around his neck weaken. 

”No! ” Wei Wuyin spat, despair in his eyes. ”Not yet, not yet! ” With shouts, he used his other hand to grip harder, seemingly wanting to break Lin Ming ’s neck completely. But the force exerted was only slightly weaker.

Lin Ming ’s eyes brightened, ”The backlash is kicking in! ” With a surge of happiness, he urged his inner energies and astral force to action, slowly chipping away at his restrictions.

Wei Wuyin realized this issue, letting go, backing away, and trying to retrieve an alchemical pill from his spatial ring. But the moment it was withdrawn, a divine light sucked it upwards and away.

Witnessing this, Lin Ming laughed, already regaining a portion of his strength. ”Do you see? These methods aren ’t true power, unreliable and disastrous. You ’re a fool, hmph! ” With a thought, the Origin Spear returned to his hand. 

With a brisk walk, he approached the weakened, blackened, and laboured breathing Wei Wuyin that was scrambling on the floor, his innate energies and astral forces were a complete mess. A faint smile lingered on the renewed Lin Ming ’s face. This was retribution!

”Surrender now, or I ’ll end your life, ” Lin Ming gave Wei Wuyin his words, returning them directly! Aghast, Wei Wuyin struggled to stand but his limbs were too weak. He tumbled back to the ground, unable to rise again.

”The pill ’s backlash shouldn ’t have happened so fast! ” Wei Wuyin said in fearful confusion, uncertain what went wrong.

Lin Ming merely shook his head, ”So it was a pill. You might be outstanding in our starfield, but as I said: alchemy is not invincible. I hope you learn your lesson today, and make better decisions in your next life. ” He didn ’t fear killing Wei Wuyin, as after he obtained the Chosen title, his footsteps will carry him beyond the starfield.

Furthermore, Wei Wuyin was merely an alchemist at the Emperor level and without an Alchemic Astral Soul; his future was severely limited in the Alchemic Dao. 

With a lift of his spear, he readied himself to launch the fatal blow! At this moment, his strength had entirely returned! While Wei Wuyin ’s was completely gone!

Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes flashed with tangible fear, his face painted with panic, ”Wait! Surrender for me, follow me, and I ’ll use my alchemic skills to ensure you rise far, far beyond the Divine King Han Xei! ” Wei Wuyin begged, clearly unwilling to surrender himself.

Lin Ming gave Wei Wuyin an odd expression, ”Truly ignorant. Do you not know of your own limits? ” With a fierce flash of ruthless light in his eyes, Lin Ming struck. His Origin Spear plunged into Wei Wuyin ’s heart, elemental origin force erupting!

Wei Wuyin roared with unwillingness, ”Save me! ” He held the badge and released a vibrant divine light, but it was too late!

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