Paragon of Sin

Chapter 508: The New Season Arrives

you? ” 

The old man honestly nodded.

”Then tell me! ” 

The old man shrugged, taking another bite.

Ming Yuling wanted to flip this table. The old man was growing more and more insufferable by the moment. But the truth was that she was asking more and more questions that he had no obligation to answer. This was her training ground, after all. He was only meant to protect her and give her advice on her cultivation from time to time, not hold her hand and be her all-knowing senior.

She clearly lost sight of this after suffering losses at the hands of Wei Wuyin and Lin Ming. It was like she relegated her mentality from a talented youth in training to a lazy tourist instead. How unfortunate.

With a frustrated grunt, Ming Yuling ignored the old man who was indulging himself in some strange meal. ”This world ’s changes are far different than the Season of Devils. That ’s supposed to test a cultivator ’s conservation of power and tactical skills. A one versus many scenario. Why the change? And what change is next? ” She muttered to herself, wanting to know what will happen to this World Realm.

The old man faintly smiled, ’I wonder if he figured it out. ’ A silver-eyed, tall, and unfathomably handsome figure emerged in his mind. ’Knowing him, he probably already knows. ’


After Spatial Shifting to the Scorched Skies, Wei Wuyin spent time sensing the ambient power and discovered the Intent that was within and found a strange coincidence. It originated from the bleak skies, not the searing ash. When he inspected the ash, he discovered the latent power of Scorching Ash Magma, the Apex-Level Intent!

Since he ’d already comprehended that Intent, he didn ’t need to delve into it. But it brought out an idea that, perhaps, there were locations that held specific Apex-level Intent in the Four Extreme Continent. While a late discovery, it was still fascinating to him.

The high-level Fire Intent was called Radiant Fire Intent. It reacted strangely to light energies, using it as fuel in much the same way as oxygen fueled flames. The smoke it produced blocked out light rays, which was why the Scorched Skies had bleak skies. The grey clouds weren ’t clouds, but wads of smoke that was being perpetually fueled by the endless and unmoving Solar Star.

When he pushed away a portion of the clouds, he was blasted by the accumulation of light energies from above the wads of grey smoke. His eyes were instantly scorched into nothing, permanently blinded. Fortunately, his Eye of Immortality reacted and repaired all damages after a brief moment.

The last ability of the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity was the Eye of Immortality, a passive ability that sustained the peak state of his eyes. He had always wondered what it could be used for, and now he knew. Out of the four abilities included, the Gaze of a Celestial Spirit, Eye of Illusion, and Eye of Truth, the Eye of Immortality was the only ability he had no control over, whether it activated or not.

He felt almost like a mortal, where he couldn ’t decide when his healing factor would kick in. 

After obtaining his last Intent, he now had eight Apex-level Intents and one High-level Intent. While it wasn ’t perfect, he could form his Elemental Heart Intent! He was legitimately ready to establish it, but…

Something happened.

Ori had informed him that forming the Elemental Heart Intent was a permanent act. What he established it with would forever be unchanging. It hadn ’t said anything before because it didn ’t know, but while they were working in conjunction to merge all nine into one, it realized this and violently panicked.

He hadn ’t felt like going unconscious for a long time, but when Ori went wild in its panic, he blanked for a moment and lost his mental and physical bearings. It was that intense!

He had to hurriedly calm it after regaining himself. After listening to its full explanation, he understood. If Elemental Origin Intent was the instruction manual, then Elemental Heart Intent was the finished product. There was no building it again once completed. 

When he asked why he couldn ’t just redo it over, Ori wasn ’t able to accurately explain, fumbling over its words incoherently. Eden had to intervene. It clarified in a sage-like tone: ”You ’ll understand after. ”

Which offered absolutely no help, causing King and Kratos to tremble with withheld laughter in response. Exasperated, Wei Wuyin trusted Ori and Eden. While they weren ’t very good at explaining things, ever, these Astral Souls of his never steered him wrong. 

After settling that, being somewhat disappointed after hyping himself up in establishing a powerful Elemental Heart Intent, he Spatial Shifted back to the Desolate Lands. Then, the changes of the world started to take place shortly after.

The first two things Wei Wuyin noticed with his Celestial Eyes were: One, the Aura of Origin Essence was vanishing. If what the old man said was true, this meant all those who hadn ’t obtained Origin Essence from the badges would lose their Elemental Origin Intent. Two, his Saber Heart Intent was thoroughly restrained, but his Elemental Origin Intent was perfectly fine!

”So this is the final trial for Chosen Candidates! ”

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