Paragon of Sin

Chapter 510: Revelation of Pride

The discovery that Elemental Origin Intent was perfectly unaffected by the severe restrictions permeating throughout the World Realm wasn ’t the only reason why Wei Wuyin determined that the battlefield of the Chosen Candidates were beginning to take shape.

It was what happened after he used his Elemental Origin Intent! When he infused it with his astral force, he could freely use his various abilities without a trace of suppression, such as Spatial Prison, Spatial Mark, and Spatial Shifting. Even Ori ’s Soul Idol could be manifested without a single hindrance.

Unfortunately, his cultivation base wasn ’t extremely high, lacking a Worldly Domain, Gravitational Forces, and Temporal Eyes. He couldn ’t verify if it removed those restrictions.

Wei Wuyin had a bitter smile on his face. He knew this world was planning this from the moment all nine tokens were claimed, likely forcing the Chosen Candidates to fight each other, and the natives being entirely useless. An issue he had thought was problematic from the very beginning, Holy Children abusing their backing, was countered by this unique season.

It was just unfortunate that Wei Wuyin already claimed eight out of nine tokens, eliminating all the other Chosen Candidates. There was to be no epic battle between Chosen Candidates. But the rules were already set long before, there was no changing it.

As he thought this, he inspected the token and discovered unique inscriptions on its surface. When he read these inscriptions, his eyes widened in surprise. For a long moment, he stared at the token.

And then…

”HAHAHAHA! ” Wei Wuyin erupted in boisterous laughter, finding it outrageously hilarious. He held his stomach, even faint tears were coming out of his eyes. The inscriptions were rules for the upcoming final trial. The rules were extremely simple, in fact. Yet it was the very first two rules that sent him into laughter.

Challenges can be initiated from ANY distance. 

All Chosen Candidates must challenge at least once every six months, and within 3 hours from the initiation of the Final Trial. All Chosen Candidates who fail to do so will be randomly selected opponents.

This meant Lin Ming didn ’t have a year to prepare. He had three hours from now to challenge him unless…well, unless he was forced to.

Three hours!

The rest of the rules were relatively simple, including something about obtaining points from strange creatures, likely devils. These points would be gathered in the token and can be exchanged for various unique items suitable for cultivation. 

’Originally, there should be nine contestants. If that was the case, the fighting would be rather intense. Perhaps there would be certain rules to develop rivalries, not just a blanket elimination. Hm, ’ as he thought this, he realized that the term Chosen Candidates were used, not those who were Token Wielders. There was also language for Token Wielders in the rules, which signifies there was a difference between the two.

Almost immediately, Wei Wuyin came to a realization. The Chosen Candidates were those who retained their Elemental Origin Intent, not those who obtained the badge. There was likely a possibility that this trial was a little more complex than he originally assumed. 

But that doesn ’t matter. He had eight out of the nine tokens, this would end rather swiftly. 

He wasn ’t the only one who discovered these rules.


Tang Xingyun was absentmindedly observing the inscriptions glowing on her token, revealing the various rules for the final trial. It was a battle and survival trial, meant to test one ’s mettle and cultivation speed against the other Chosen Candidates. But there was an issue!

She didn ’t have Elemental Origin Intent!

She didn ’t even have all the nine Elemental Intents comprehended…

She was a talented fire-attributed cultivator who learned Absolute Hot Fire Intent long ago, fulfilling the niche requirement to become a Holy Child after Wei Wuyin ’s success. The same went for He Yanglei, who already knew Transformative Water Intent. There was a reason why they were regarded as top-tier geniuses, given this heavenly opportunity to participate in this extreme training ground under the protection of Mystic Ascendants!

Even if she used the Origin Essence within the badge, it ’ll accomplish absolutely nothing. She couldn ’t comprehend the various Elemental Intent in three hours, then merge all nine! Right now, all her cultivation was severely restricted! 

Feeling lost, she didn ’t know what to do. 

A voice emerged from the void, ”As the mortal man plans, the Divine laughs. ” A soft scoff filled with a hint of dissatisfaction accompanied it. Even she, an illustrious expert beyond the Mortal Limits, didn ’t know the exact details of the rules, just that it was entering its final phase of the trial to determine a Chosen.

All those like her knew this, but seeing these rules, thinking about the effort she expended in breaking the Spiritual Spell that bound Lin Ming, causing him to suffer a regression of his cultivation base, she truly felt her actions were laughable. Like she was treated like a fool. 

If it was under normal circumstances, the final trial might be an epic showdown of tit for tat, slowly nurturing a strong will and uncovering talents that even the cultivators themselves might not know. But that ’s not possible.

With Wei Wuyin and Tang Xingyun being the only wielders of the token, and Lin Ming and Wei Wuyin being the only two eligible Chosen Candidates, this was an outrageous development. Furthermore, Tang Xingyun was suppressed because of her lack of Elemental Origin Intent—she was useless.

With Lin Ming ’s current state, he was even more useless. The spiritual spell was affixed to every crucial aspect of his body and cultivation, causing a backlash that sent him into a spiral of severe injuries with every removal. It was like trying to remove leeches, they took a portion of him with it. 

Tang Xingyun heard this voice and clenched her fist, a wave of anger surged in her heart and exploded. ”Why?! Why is this so unfair?! ” She stomped her foot, causing faint trembling to occur. Unfortunately, her immense power was heavily restrained, so she couldn ’t do much. 

She had held out hope that Lin Ming would rise, prove himself to the starfield, and become a Chosen! He was talented, he worked extremely hard, but he lost because of a scoundrel using external, self-harming methods?! How was this remotely fair? How could this person become the Chosen of the True Element Sect? Were they blind?

”HE DOESN ’T DESERVE IT! ” She shouted out her inner thoughts, unable to restrain herself. Those icy eyes of hers were violent and filled with wrath. 

”… ” The voice hidden within the surroundings didn ’t respond. Right now, Tang Xingyun was far too emotional. Just as she was about to let her have her space, Tang Xingyun started to chuckle. A hint of madness within.

”I won ’t let him have his way! I won ’t! If the True Element Sect accepts such an unworthy weasel as a Chosen, then I ’ll use everything I have to destroy it! Even if I have to use Tian Yinwu! ” Her voice became dark, deep, and filled with hateful frustration. 

”…Is he really worth it? ” The voice quietly said, unsure if that level of reaction was appropriate. 

”I think he is, Venerable Spiritwalker. ” A voice arrived in the Main Hall. It belonged to Bai Yuxi, whose eyes were a little dim, but very emotional. She had quietly read the rules from afar, also feeling a tightness in her chest. She didn ’t know why, but she refused to allow Wei Wuyin to become the Chosen of the True Element Sect; it should be Lin Ming!

Tang Xingyun turned towards Bai Yuxi, somewhat shocked by her appearance. ”Envoy of the True Element Sect? ” She asked, noticing that Bai Yuxi ’s cultivation base wasn ’t suppressed by the World Realm. She was clearly here to observe the situation, acting as a secondary overseer with special privileges. 

Bai Yuxi nodded, ”I agree with you. So let ’s see what we can do about that. ” She had already paid a price, and there was no turning back.

When she spoke, both of their eyes lit up in unison. 


While Wei Wuyin was thinking about the rules, he felt a strange feeling unlike anything he ’d felt before. ”Is that the Heavenly Daos? ” He quietly murmured, as a restlessness that resembled the time the Temporal Reincarnator descended but not quite. It was more active, more distant.

It felt as if a surge of vast karmic luck was being used at this very moment, enough to cause him to feel it through his bloodline.

…But it wasn ’t his.


San Yongli felt the same feeling, lifting her head as the sky seemed to become a little brighter. The golden light at her glabella once more flickered, changing the contents once more.

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