Paragon of Sin

Chapter 516: Unjust Death

”So the token for a chance at life? ” Bai Yuxi, who kept thinking about the chances of failure, realized this was an ideal situation. Her eyes brightened as she said with leaking excitement.

Wei Wuyin gave her a glance, coughing a little heavier. His physical state seemed to be in a decline, with the coughs becoming more frequent, heavier than each such cough before. 

”Yes. ”

Lin Ming relaxed a little, ”Actions have consequences. Only fools use such self-harming means for temporary gains. As an alchemist, you should know better. ” 

But how could such words be said? Wei Wuyin swiftly retorted, a hint of anger within his eyes: ”If it wasn ’t for that woman that stopped me, would we be having this talk? No. I would ’ve been the final victor of this trial, the entire final cache would be mine, and this state I ’m in wouldn ’t have happened. Do you truly not realize this? Are you really a delusional idiot?! ” 

The anger was as genuine as humanly possible. He truly considered Lin Ming a delusional idiot, and the Chosen title might even be wasted on him. But that Mystic Ascendant Protector had interfered, arbitrarily enforcing this one year bullshit agreement. And then the Heavenly Daos was influencing the situation; it was quite unfair, but the heavens was never fair.

If they were, would the First Sinner and his bloodline exist?

Lin Ming ’s eyes flared with awkward anger. It ’s not like he could rebuke Wei Wuyin. In a way, he was right. He had thought Bai Yuxi had taken action, and that she was the ’woman ’ referred to, but the fact remained, someone repelled Wei Wuyin away before he could grasp the last token, severing his goal and ruining his sacrifice.

Clearing her throat, Bai Yuxi said: ”What exactly do you want? What are you trying to bargain for? ” Now that the matter had reached this point, they should see it through.

Wei Wuyin sighed, giving Bai Yuxi a long look. ”One item. I want to pick out a single item from the final cache given to the Chosen. I want the first pick, and just one item. That ’s all. I ’ll surrender this token the moment the agreement is reached. ”

Bai Yuxi frowned, ”I th- ”

But Wei Wuyin interrupted, ”No negotiations on the price. I don ’t have the time or patience for a back and forth. I ’ve given my bottomline right from the beginning, not asking for something outrageous and hoping to hold out for something better in negotiations. ” His earnest and honest reply left them speechless, unable to immediately react. In truth, that seemed pretty bottomline.

A single item, first pick. The final cache likely has hundreds of times as many materials and resources than the other caches, yet he asked for just one. How could they negotiate? Tell him he gets none? That he has to get the last pick? The former was ridiculous and the latter was outrageous.

”You ’ll give the token for one item? I ’m assuming you know what that item is. ” Lin Ming said with a suspicious stare. What if that item was a way to become Chosen or obtain control of the entire formations in the continent? He didn ’t wish to be fooled.

Wei Wuyin heavily sighed with mental exhaustion, ”I ’ll be specific: I want an item that will help restore my bodily and mental condition, a product or resource. I won ’t pick a command token or anything like that. I can swear an oath to that. ”

”… ” Bai Yuxi opened her mouth, but after Wei Wuyin said those last words, it was hard to find an issue with it. She was willing to agree, especially with the 30% chance lingering in her heart.

But Lin Ming was a little more cautious, ”And what if you decide to take action after we ’ve entered the cache? ”

Wei Wuyin glanced at Lin Ming like he was an idiot, ”You just state problems? Why not force some solutions. For example: ask me to swear an oath of peace as well. Or better yet, think a little more; In my current state, wouldn ’t I have to use it to fight you? Why not just obtain the entire cache if I was willing to pay that price in a fight. ”

Lin Ming didn ’t like the condescending tone in Wei Wuyin ’s voice, but even he felt he was being too cautious and not thorough. It was just that there was a nagging feeling that Wei Wuyin wanted more. He didn ’t know why, but his instincts prodded at him without end.

But if this spell worked, then he ’d claim the token regardless of this bargain or Wei Wuyin ’s unwillingness. So he could wait until after it was done, and if it worked, then all of this was irrelevant. ”Fine, I ’ll establish the oaths after I ’m finished recovering. ” 

”No. ” Wei Wuyin flatly declined. 

How could he not? He knew whatever this was had been a product of the Heavenly Daos interference, designed to give Lin Ming the Chosen title. How? He didn ’t know, but he sure as hell wasn ’t waiting to find out.

”We do it now or never. If we don ’t, then I will swear an oath that I ’ll never surrender even in death. To obtain this token, you better be ready to die, because I ’ll have nothing left to lose. ” With those firm words, Lin Ming, Tang Xingyun, and Bai Yuxi frowned. If this didn ’t work, then with that method of his, they might have to legitimately risk their lives. 

Bai Yuxi ’s heart didn ’t want to lose this absolute certainty over that 30%. She sent her thoughts to Lin Ming via spiritual transmission, explaining the chances of success and her opinion. If they agree, they lose one item but obtain the token. If they didn ’t, and it failed, they would face Wei Wuyin in this Season of Emptiness. She couldn ’t act, Venerable Spiritwalker deigned to act, and Lin Ming might not be enough.

As for Tang Xingyun, her soul was suffering. She was even more useless than before.

After a long silence and numerous spiritual transmissions, Lin Ming sighed. ”I agree. ”

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