Paragon of Sin

Chapter 530: The Core Winging It!

ack spherical orb appeared directly above the Desolate Lands. With a boom, it expanded from its original size to roughly two hundred meters in circumference. Then, a figure clad in grey-colored hexagonal scales and silver eyes exited the sphere, accompanied by his two eighty-one meters long wings. 

With a twist of his draconic body, Wei Wuyin didn ’t halt his swift speed but shot downwards in an explosive descent. With a crashing slam, he impacted the grey sand and hard earth with his legs. The entire Desolate Lands quaked, sending panic to all the underground cities below. 


He didn ’t hesitate as he turned his two claw-like hands into spears, thrusting them into the ground with a vicious light in his eyes. He ignored the continuous cracks and annihilation-like aura emanating from the fissures above.

Wang Yutian commented, ”Fortunately the distance between the World Realm ’s Core and the landmass is extremely segregated by several folds of space. If not, it wouldn ’t last longer than a few seconds. The power from the explosion would ’ve swept this landmass. Not even a speck of dust would remain. ”

Wei Wuyin ignored Wang Yutian ’s commentary, his silver eyes were glowing as bright as two silver suns and his void wings expelled endless silvery light from every scale. The wings unfurled to their utter limits!

”Are you sure you should be here? You have roughly 12 seconds before the force reaches here. ” Wang Yutian estimated. He had no fear of Wei Wuyin dying after learning that he could leave at will. There were very few cultivators that could Spatial Shift. To add, his ability to do so was beyond even Ascended. His unique body and bloodline allowed him to shift through the folds of space with absolutely no resistance or risk of being drawn into spatial storms.

Even a Mystic Realm Cultivator at the First Stage would find this impossible. They couldn ’t even Spatial Shift to begin with, and using Spatial Force was not even close to allowing such means.

Wei Wuyin ’s arms dug into the earth until almost his entire arms were submerged, leaving a small fraction left. His forehead was almost touching the grey sand, and his knees were causing endless cracks to appear beneath him. At the sides of his arms, the scaled arms couldn ’t hide the pulsating veins carrying ferocious True Dragon blood.

Wei Wuyin viciously roared, ”I told you! ” 

The entire world trembled as the annihilation power from the World Realm ’s Core neared. It was only a few seconds ahead. At this point, the perpetual Solar Star that once hung above the sky had winked out of existence, but the light hadn ’t faded! The leaking power provided a source of extremely bright light!!

The delay was only just noticed by everyone who was so far away. The fear in their eyes only increased. Was this the moment of their deaths? The end of it all? 

At this point, Wei Wuyin ’s neck was filled with pulsating veins. His legs dug deep into the ground. 


Wei Wuyin ’s wings closed, flapping once before reaching their maximum unfurled length once more. The action seemed to trigger something within his bloodline! 

”ARGH! ” Wei Wuyin shouted with gritted teeth. With a forced smile, silver eyes that were bloodshot, and a grunt, he screamed: ”I ’M WINGING IT! ” 

The eighty-one meter wings exploded into bright, silver light, instantly enlarging tens of thousands of times their size!!!

In the blink of an eye, the void wings covered the entire continent! Then, they moved!

Wang Yutian was stunned for a moment, and then he laughed. ”I get it now! I get it now! ” 

But Wei Wuyin had no time to indulge in his joke with time constraints at hand. With his thirty-two centimeter-sized World Sea, all four of them, he linked them together as the three fueled his Draconic Void Core!

Void Force surged out endlessly from his Void Wings, pouring the entire continent, drenching every individual, every speck of air particle, every iota of mass in its power! 


The enlarged wings slowly prepared to flap downwards. 

Their sheer sizes made it extremely difficult to control!


The final explosion took place, the pieces of the artificial sky finally shattered as the power reached it. The sky, at this moment, was literally falling. But alongside it, the world-ending power surged through like a catastrophic flood of biblical proportions. Their first target?

Wei Wuyin ’s Void Wings!

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