Paragon of Sin

Chapter 549: The Death of Long Chen

the unique power of destabilizing energies and suppressing an opponent ’s entirety in much the same way as World Pressure, so while in close combat, most opponents would be unable to exert any power!

Wei Wuyin remained unfazed. He glanced at the slow-moving Long Chen that was roaring with his mouth open, a faint smirk on his expression, and a bloody light within his gaze. 

Wei Wuyin moved his body into a stable and balanced stance, and then lash out with a well-timed vertical slash that met Long Chen ’s strike!

The two, sword and saber, sought to clash while releasing keening sounds! But no sound of metal clashing with metal resounded! There was a deflated sword keen that erupted, dying off soon after with only the saber howl remaining. It overtook the world in its dominance!

”…Wah?! ” Long Chen ’s heart sank as his sword met Wei Wuyin ’s saber in a direct clash. The supposed explosion of power and ferocious clash that was expected didn ’t happen. He saw the two edges meet! Then, as if butter meeting a hot knife, Wei Wuyin ’s saber sliced his sword cleanly in half!

The two passed each other off their moving momentum. In the blink of an eye, the two had seemingly swapped places. Wei Wuyin held his saber out as it howled to the world! While Long Chen ’s sword was trembling ceaselessly.

Wei Wuyin turned around. No words were spoken as he slowly moved towards Long Chen with light and even steps.

Long Chen ’s expression became incredibly rosy as he felt blood rise from his stomach, lungs, and heart and threaten to spew out into the world from his orifices. As he fiercely held this in, his sword ’s upper body slipped off and fell to the ground. A soft thud resounded!

The hearts of everyone tugged in their chest. 

Long Chen ’s body quivered chaotically for several moments as steps echoed from behind him. He urged his astral force and swept his spiritual sense throughout his body. When he did, the rosy complexion of his paled as his eyelids grew slack. 

With a strong lift of his upper body, he stood upright. With a few forceful nasal breaths, he pivoted on his heel and faced Wei Wuyin who stood no more than three feet from him. Those resplendent silver eyes meeting his own darkly-colored eyes. There was a strange peace within that overtook his mind at this moment.

For an entire minute, they stood there just a few feet from each other, no saying or doing anything. The situation to observers was incredibly tense. Unfortunately for them, the fight had already been decided.

’Was I wrong? ’ Long Chen ’s thoughts were soon met with a terrifying realization that encapsulated the truth. Wei Wuyin was outstandingly strong, frighteningly so. It was only at this moment that he realized that Wei Wuyin could ’ve killed him before, perhaps he wasn ’t his match since they first met. A faint bitter smile formed on his face.

1st Grand Transformation? Imperial Pressure? Before absolute strength, what was all this? 

Wei Wuyin ended his silence, ”I don ’t usually swing my saber twice for those unworthy of the first swing. However, I think you deserve the honor of dying by my saber, and to die knowing how. ” 

”… ” Long Chen ’s eyes glanced at the saber that emitted faint howls that resonated with the world. When he turned his gaze back to Wei Wuyin, his heart was filled with endless questions, but he couldn ’t speak any of them out. He could only look at Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes, using every ounce of his strength to remain upright and standing.

’I never realized how gorgeous his eyes were. Or how handsome he is. Is that how everyone sees him? It ’s outrageous… ’ Long Chen ’s thoughts spiraled into nonsense. The final thoughts of a Blessed genius. 

Wei Wuyin lifted his saber, causing everyone ’s heart to squeeze with fear. If this saber ’s edge fell, would Long Chen die? A Grand Prince? An extraordinary genius of this era?! Is today really the day of his death? 


The saber swiped vertically, its edge meeting Long Chen ’s neck as he tried to voice out the last traces of his final thoughts. When his lips moved, no sound emitted, only Wei Wuyin who stood before him could understand what he wanted to say. 

The saber ’s edge sliced into Long Chen ’s neck and exited from the other side!


Long Chen ’s knee slammed the ground as he kneeled, the lively light in his eyes slowly vanishing until nothing remained.

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