Paragon of Sin

Chapter 575: Tiangous Purpose

”…What ’s next? ” Wang Yutian was a bundle of curiosity, breaking Wei Wuyin out of his thoughts. Wei Wuyin didn ’t mind. It felt nice to have someone to talk to in a world absent of intelligent life, excluding himself. 

”I had hoped that the continents and planets would be moved alongside the lifeforms, but it seems that whoever took action was reluctant or unable to do so. I didn ’t come to the Myriad Yore Continent just to walk down memory lane, ” Wei Wuyin answered with his eyes progressively becoming sharper. While basking in the feeling of nostalgia was bittersweet, even inspiring faint feelings of happiness, it wasn ’t Wei Wuyin ’s intention.

”You plan to relocate all the earthen-based celestial bodies? ” Wang Yutian curiously inquired. Even if Wei Wuyin did so, the absence of a Solar Star ’s life-thriving light and expulsion of essence will corrode the continent or planet until it became lifeless and bleak. It would be no different than a floating rock without a set orbit.

Wei Wuyin turned his body, facing the Myriad Yore Continent. 

”No, ” Wei Wuyin spread his arms wide and formed a horizontal line from fingertip to fingertip. ”I ’m bringing it with me, ” after those words were said, Wei Wuyin ’s silver eyes spontaneously changed, his pupils went sharply vertical and his irises became extremely intense. The skin of his body was instantaneously overtaken by grey-colored hexagonal scales. 

He had fully unleashed his draconic transformation. With a heavy breath, the Infinite Void Wings unfurled from his back, reaching eighty-one meters in length in a flourish of elegance and power. With the Infinite Void Wings unleashed, Wei Wuyin didn ’t hesitate to draw upon his void force that existed in his heart, releasing it in copious amounts. 

In moments, the entire Myriad Yore Continent was flooded by grey-colored power. After his relocation of the Four Extreme Continent, Wei Wuyin had exhausted his Bloodline Source, but using the desolate pearls that contained draconic blood energies, he restored it with ease. 

”… ” Wang Yutian remained silent as he simply observed. He didn ’t follow what Wei Wuyin meant when he said he ’ll be bringing the continent along. It might be small, and he could ferry it through the Dark Void easily with his power, but that would be a rather exhausting task. Furthermore, he said he wasn ’t relocating it. 

If he wasn ’t moving the continent, what was he planning on doing? 

Wei Wuyin kept unleashing vast quantities of void force until the entire continent was thoroughly drenched. Whether it was the mountains, rivers, forests, or the continent ’s revolving core, it was all forcefully infused with his void force. Wei Wuyin didn ’t miss a single spot. 

Wei Wuyin gave one last glance at the Myriad Yore Continent, an emotional surge flowed within his intense, draconic gaze. This continent contained his entire childhood memories, including the resting bodies of the most important people in his life. He couldn ’t abandon it. But his current actions might be considered reckless, even unreasonable. 

Others might suggest moving it, as it was well within his ability, but it would just be a lifeless rock floating in the Dark Void. Furthermore, who knew what it could face. What if it collided with another planet or some powerful expert casually destroyed it years later? What if another devastating astronomical phenomenon occurred? There were too many variables.

With the absence of life, he took this as a unique opportunity to bring the continent with him using one of his Void Dragon Bloodline Abilities. After reaching the Seventh Stage of Mortal Myth, Wei Wuyin had unlocked a variety of different Bloodline Abilities as a Void Dragon. Besides Void Imprint, he had another non-combat oriented ability that seemed to act as a medium for more miraculous abilities, and that was Void Crystallization. 

Wei Wuyin slowly brought his hands together, and the fixed space around him started to chaotically rumble as if experiencing an earthquake. The shaking was so incredibly intense that the orbit of nearby celestial bodies were directly impacted. 

The act of bringing together his hands seemed to be so strenuous that his arms were trembling with every inch moved. 

”Oh! ” Wang Yutian exclaimed in surprise. He immediately realized what Wei Wuyin was about to do, and he was thoroughly shocked. 

”Roar! ” A draconic growl escaped from Wei Wuyin ’s lips, being quite guttural and terrifying, as his eyes focused on the Myriad Yore Continent with enough intensity to bore a hole within it. The continent itself was trembling as if on the brink of collapse, yet it didn ’t. Instead, in a miraculous fashion, it started to shrink!

That ’s right! Shrink!

The continental flat earth that spanned hundreds of thousands of kilometers was noticeably shrinking in size. With every inch Wei Wuyin pressed his arms together, the overall area of the continent shrunk by a lot. He kept going until his palms touched! As it did, a faint explosion occurred from between his palms as the Myriad Yore Continent vanished without warning!


From between the gaps of Wei Wuyin ’s palms, a bright burst of grey light erupted that seemed to rival a Solar Star in its momentary brilliance! 

”Brilliant! Your attainment in spatial power is utterly terrifying! ” Wang Yutian applauded, somehow producing clapping sounds with his consciousness. If carrying a continent was extraordinary, requiring immense raw power, then this required a certain finesse and comprehension!

Wei Wuyin ’s hands trembled, not out of exhaustion, but out of caution. Between his palm was a one-inch sized grey-colored crystal with a low opacity. The entire thing could be seen through, and when he pulled his palms apart, the rhombus-shaped crystal slowly spun and revealed its contents.

The Myriad Yore Continent!

Wei Wuyin glanced at the compressed continent, seeing it thoroughly sealed within the confines of the crystal. 

”Oh! So that ’s how you did it, ” Wang Yutian exclaimed. He had just solved the mystery of how Wei Wuyin had taken in the vast majority of the Grand Earth Cache ’s contents in the matter of seconds, storing materials and objects without anyone noticing! Furthermore, many of those materials couldn ’t be stored in spatial rings, such as the Voidship!

It wasn ’t sent anywhere, but sealed and contained! 

Wang Yutian had seen Wei Wuyin store these materials before, but as a lingering consciousness within an object, the clarity at which he could observe things wasn ’t the best. It was only when Wei Wuyin sealed an entire continent that he realized how this happened.

Wei Wuyin emotionally glanced at the Void Crystal that contained the Myriad Yore Continent, the void force within preserving its contents and sealing its volatile molten core. But his draconic transformation started to rapidly recede, revealing his pale skin and the dim light within his eyes. The exhaustion was as clear as day.

Void Crystallization was an extremely powerful ability to seal objects or materials, but it was extremely costly to use, and using it on an entire continent had once again drained his Bloodline Source, affecting it and placing it in an exhausted state once more. 

With a bitter smile, he couldn ’t help but internally comment: ’Whenever I use my Bloodline Abilities, why does it lead to me exhausting myself until my tank is completely dry? ’

This was the third time his Bloodline Source had been exhausted, with the forceful experimentation of a Void Portal Creation, moving an entire continent that spans hundreds of kilometers in length including all its lifeforms, and then sealing a continent until it was merely a single-inch in size. 

To sullenly add, his Bloodline Source had reached the Seventh Stage of the Mortal Myth, so he could be considered at the peak of the Mortal Limit. Yet, it seems harnessing the power of a True Dragon or the Dao of Void to perform these tasks were far, far too exhausting. 

With a single fist, he could shatter these continents, not waste a single percentage of his astral force, yet these Bloodline Abilities pushed him to his limits. While it was just the scale that ’s the issue, it still made him feel bitter in his heart. Fortunately, he had more than enough desolate pearls with draconic blood energies to restore his Bloodline Source several times over. 

But with the Myriad Yore Continent sealed, he no longer had protection against the Dark Chill of the Void. With his Void Bloodline exhausted, he was forced to wave his hand and bring the combat-type Voidship that housed Da Shan, the one obtained in the Elementus Cache. With a flicker, he arrived on-board and activated the life-sustaining formations.

”I didn ’t think you could compress space in such a way. I wonder what Spatial Dragon Lineage you belong to. It ’s certainly not that Horned-Firmament Dragon, ” Wang Yutian said in amazement. He was fully aware of Wei Wuyin ’s status as a hybrid, cultivating his bloodline and heart, but he couldn ’t deduce the origins of that terrifying lineage. 

”Horned-Firmament Dragon? Anu? Does he have a Spatial Bloodline? ” Wei Wuyin didn ’t clarify his strength, but his curiosity peaked. He had always wondered what type of Bloodline Lineage that Anu originated from. While he knew the name, he wasn ’t aware of the lineage ’s abilities. 

”Yeah. The Horned-Firmament Dragon Lineage is a Spatial Bloodline, and they can even establish their own Internal Worlds. These Internal Worlds are like secret realms stored in their bodies, capable of various lifeforms and acting as mobile abodes. They were quite popular in my Stellar Region. ” Wang Yutian explained, recalling his past life. 

”Your stellar region has dragons?! ” While the details of the Internal World were interesting, Wei Wuyin was more shocked by Wang Yutian ’s last comment. 

Wang Yutian was once again reminded that Wei Wuyin was ignorant of the larger world, limited in knowledge and experience. ”Of course it does. This Stellar Region is a desolate region, but there are areas where dragons thrive, well, kind of. Uhm, you shouldn ’t have high expectations for their treatment though. ” Taking note of Wei Wuyin ’s lineage, he spoke cautiously.

”I ’m not ignorant of how beasts are treated, nor how the strong deal with the weak, but that ’s interesting. ” Wei Wuyin felt intrigued, realizing he was truly limited in his horizons. While he was aware of the vastness of the world, he still hadn ’t gripped the significance of it. There was also still crucial information missing, such as how many Stellar Regions existed.

”It ’s here! ” Wang Yutian shouted.

Wei Wuyin snapped out of his astonishment as he turned around, and what he saw caused his heartbeat to freeze!

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