Paragon of Sin

Chapter 593: Mystic Radiance Belt

Lin Ming felt a gush of memories flow through his mind after Lin Xianxei lifted her veil, slowly pouring the contents of the vial inside her mouth. As Lin Xianxei eased it through the gap of her lips, she used a gentle strand of spiritual force to circulate throughout Bai Yuxi ’s system. 

But what Lin Ming saw was truly too shocking!

”It ’s you! ” He couldn ’t help but say, despite Bai Yuxi ’s unconscious state. This entire time, Bai Yuxi ’s face was concealed, and he was unable to view it. He didn ’t mind, however, as he knew this was a habit that outstandingly beautiful and talented women took to avoid trouble. Due to it, there were some shameless women who did it to place an alluring mystery on their unfathomable beauty, when that clearly isn ’t the case. 

However, Bai Yuxi truly had such unfathomable beauty. Her arched brows, slim and trim, were placed perfectly on her egg-shaped face. Her pink lips that seemed as soft as water, as fluffy as cotton, and as sweet as candy were accompanied by long lashes that seemed capable of causing tornadoes in the heart with every movement.

Her face was totally symmetrical. An outrageous synchronicity that gave forth to an incredible harmonious scene. Despite her pale as ash countenance, her skin was flawless. There were times when women were described as having skin like jade, but from the gloss, sleek balance of colors, and skin without the slightest flaw, she truly seemed to have skin like jade!

But what shocked him wasn ’t her gorgeous looks that defied common sense, but the familiarity with her face!

When he fought Wei Wuyin, somehow, he had descended into an illusion where he claimed victory over Wei Wuyin, then another, and then his last opponent was her. They had met by chance on the Four Extreme Continent after she stumbled upon her bathing in a spring.

After a little tit-for-tat, they came across a treasure trove and were greeted by a contesting, arrogant Realmlord. They fought off the Realmlord with their united effort, and escaped with something in both their pockets. It was a tense, dangerous moment, yet they put aside their differences and worked together. 

He had thought she was the Holy Daughter of Absolute Hot Fire, Tang Xingyun, who also helped him during his time to forge his Domain Seed. 


Then who was the Holy Daughter and why was she helping him?! Lin Ming ’s mind grew confused for a moment as he saw Bai Yuxi ’s pallid countenance regain its healthy gloss, reigniting her beauty again. 

Lin Xianxei gave a heavy sigh of relief after seeing Bai Yuxi respond to the elixir, ”She ’s stable. ” 

Bai Yuxi had suffered damage to her soul, and the compounding stress had caused her cultivation to run amok, nearly claiming her life. This was serious. If this isn ’t dealt with, healed properly, she could become an invalid or thoroughly crippled, if not dead.

But Exalted Yu rubbed his chin and insensitively said, ”I wonder what the Tang Clan is going to think when they learn the Enlightening Soul Pulse Elixir left behind by the King of Everlore isn ’t available to heal their Young Mistress? Hm, I wonder how the Imperial Clan will react? ” 

Lin Xianxei felt her heart stop for a moment. She slowly turned to Exalted Yu, her expression extremely dark, and she asked in a low, rumbling voice: ”What?! ” Her head turned to Lin Ming, who, upon recalling the details of the sixteen forces given to him by Tang Xingyun, he turned pale with a shudder. 

Exalted Yu ’s amusement was endlessly revealed in his expression, ”Bai Yuxi promised Tang Xingyun, the Young Mistress of the Tang Clan, three high-tier, ninth-grade Enlightening Soul Pulse Elixir from the Elementus Cache to heal herself. What? She didn ’t tell you? Well, the Tang Clan will certainly seek you out. ” 

After that was said, he thought of something and added: ”My task was to retrieve the Elementus Cache contents, but in case I wasn ’t able to, I ’m to escort you to the True Element Sect to obtain the alternative form of payment and a safe trip. So, I ’ll let you guys discuss things. I ’ll just be tagging along for now. ” After Exalted Yu said this, he started to shimmer out of existence until his incarnation decomposed into energy. 

With an unconscious Bai Yuxi and a vanished Exalted Yu, only Lin Xianxei and Lin Ming remained on the Voidship. She slowly encapsulated Bai Yuxi in gentle spiritual force to continuously monitor her condition, and turned to Lin Ming.

”Tell. Me. Everything. ”


After a full explanation of events, including his initial defeat at the hands of Wei Wuyin, means and sacrifices made to manifest his artificial Domain Seed, and the subsequent defeat and helpless as Wei Wuyin took the Elementus Cache for himself, Lin Xianxei was finally no longer ignorant.

However, her expression was extremely dark, like cloudy night. Lin Ming was a promising youth with untapped potential, but this shitstorm was massive! To start, Lin Ming had lost to Wei Wuyin in the trial and was sealed, forcefully causing a Venerable to intervene.

A fact that would shatter all chances of legitimacy that Lin Ming had! It was even likely that Venerable Spiritwalker might blackmail her if she were to advocate for Lin Ming ’s status as a Chosen. After all, with a few words, her entire argument would collapse.

While this could be explained with and justified that Wei Wuyin used self-damaging enhancement methods to increase his strength, that could be easily dismissed! Why? Because Wei Wuyin comprehended Element Heart Intent! Because Wei Wuyin had the courage to make the sacrifice! 

Couldn ’t Lin Ming also unleash self-damaging enhancement methods to match him? If not, then that ’s attributed to his uselessness and unwillingness to give it his all! After all, did Wei Wuyin not claim the Elementus Cache and all its resources? A risky gambler was far better than a cautious coward that whined and complained about fairness in the face of defeat.

One had grit.

One had no spine.

Lin Xianxei couldn ’t believe they kept this from her. So while she seemed gloomy on the outside, she was utterly raging on the inside. She could strangle someone! 

The legitimacy detail wasn ’t even the worst. It was Wei Wuyin ’s absence! He was ’technically ’ a Chosen for the True Element Sect, and she was supposed to monitor the situation, yet she couldn ’t explain why he wasn ’t with her! When those addled-brained old farts questioned her, how should she respond?!

When she returned, everyone would likely already be made aware of two Chosens, since there ’s no way Exalted Yu said that the True Element Sect was being troubled without that being the case. But she ’ll have one. And not even the one who supposedly comprehended Element Heart Intent!

It didn ’t even end there!

Bai Yuxi and Tang Xingyun, both females of outstanding talent and beauty, need the high-tier, ninth-grade Enlightening Soul Pulse Elixir concocted by the King of Everlore! Both of which were women of heaven-reaching statuses, with Tang Xingyun being the youngest Young Mistress of the Noble Clan. With both of their souls damaged, this was a pressing matter!

The one who will demand answers, and likely vast compensation far beyond those elixir ’s worth, will be the backings of those two. And the chances of Lin Ming becoming a Chosen, heck, whether her faction would even accept him knowing the sheer troubles that ’ll follow, was infinitesimally low.

Yet the one who likely had the elixir, the ’second ’ Chosen, who should ’ve been her responsibility, was not with her. That burning rage inside her heart made her feel queasy and unsettled. So much so that she had to close her eyes and think happy thoughts for a long while.

Lin Ming had his head down while he waited, not wanting to upset this Senior Sister of his, but his eyes blazed with the flames of rage. This was Wei Wuyin ’s fault! While he wasn ’t so narrow-minded and delusional to subtract his own responsibility, Wei Wuyin was the ignition point of all these problems! 

His arrival to the new world that he had wanted for nearly two decades had been met with a relentless outpour of issues!

Lin Xianxei stood motionlessly for half an hour. When she finally moved, she activated the Voidship ’s flight formations, causing it to slowly move in a curved manner. She was clearly turning around!

Lin Ming couldn ’t help but ask, ”Where are we going? ” 

Lin Xianxei was in a mood, unwilling to deal with Lin Ming. But after a while, she relented and answered.

”To find Wei Wuyin. ”

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