Paragon of Sin

Chapter 603: Dark Yin Palace

”… ”

After those three words by the ancient voice that resonated with the vicissitudes of wisdom and foresight were spoken, the Dark Void went silent. The three, Lin Ming, Bai Yuxi, and Lin Xianxei merely stood there quietly, consumed by their own individual thoughts. 

A fierce light of defiance kindled within Lin Ming ’s grey-colored eyes. Those words from the voice were humiliating, absolutely embarrassing, yet it had also provoked an inner desire to defy, to prove that no one could decide his, or their, fates.

He wasn ’t an idiot; Wei Wuyin was clearly the one being mentioned. Its words alluded to the fact that Lin Xianxei ’s life would be massively grand, filled with happiness and granted all the things she wished for, yet he, the so-called ’False Chosen ’ would not only be overshadowed by him but bring her down if she decided to side with him.

When he thought of that despicable alchemist that used tricks to claim victory over him, then barely obtained the Chosen title at the last moment after seemingly comprehending Element Heart Intent, there was nothing but disdain and rejection in his heart.

Bai Yuxi ’s heart was racing. That voice had revealed her innermost feelings, and she couldn ’t help but glance at the side profile of Lin Ming. Despite her escalating troubles, the damage to her soul, the price she must eventually pay, and even the debt she still had, all of it paled in comparison to what Lin Ming thought of that indirect confession of her feelings via another ’s mouth in her mind. 

She didn ’t know why this thought was prioritized over everything else, but it had even caused her pale face to redden in a healthy flush as blood rushed to it.

Lin Xianxei was unmoving, her expression completely unreadable, but the anger in her eyes had faded considerably, replaced by a serene indifference. While she had been practically scammed, as the voice had forced her to agree to a deal and then later revealed the truth of the matter, she wasn ’t going to dwell.

As for those words mentioned? Her master had always told her that the Golden Gate Pavilion and their members were all scam artists that sought to benefit from confusion, and they played little games to direct events to their advantage. This was why she hadn ’t thought of the Golden Gate Pavilion at first, dismissing it and all their members via prejudice.

Yet when she recalled their existence, their history, she thought for certain that she could use her faint connections with the Fated Prince of the Fourth Gate and acquire information that could end all her problems. But while she found out what force acted to save the beasts of the Everlore Starfield, she learned that Wei Wuyin wasn ’t in the starfield, he wasn ’t even in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region.

She didn ’t doubt this. If it wasn ’t for her learning that Wei Wuyin had never arrived in the World-Shifting Net, verified by his allies, then she might consider this as untrue, a deliberate ploy to sabotage her. And if Wei Wuyin was captured by another force, then he was likely as good as dead or sealed away, unable to be reached. The Elementus Cache would ’ve been long since taken in the latter scenario.

”Senior Sister Lin, where are we searching next? ” Lin Ming asked, completely ignoring the voice ’s words about his desire to have Lin Xianxei. They still had to find Wei Wuyin or it ’ll be difficult to handle any of their pressing issues. At the very least, they had to obtain the contents of the Elementus Cache.

”We ’re going home. Back to the True Element Sect. ” Her words were flat, and she directly activated the Voidship to back up from the border of the Nine Worlds Domain. After getting a fair distance, a well-executed U-Turn and they traveled in the direction of the Elementus Domain. 

Bai Yuxi was surprised, ”We are? ” 

”…Okay. ” Lin Ming knew that Lin Xianxei trusted that ancient voice ’s words, at least regarding Wei Wuyin ’s whereabouts not being present in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. While he can ’t imagine where he could be, the fact is they had no clues as to where he might be. Left with no choice, they ’ll have to face whatever comes after returning.

As for contesting Wei Wuyin for the Chosen title, if he wasn ’t in the starfield, there was no possibility of that happening. 

Lin Ming was extremely aware that this was his time to mark his name in the sands of history, his first steps within the Aeternal Sky Starfield, and likely the moment that ’ll lead him to even greater limits. 


Within the Nine Worlds Domain was a collection of nine medium-sized planets, orbiting each other in a strange, mysterious manner. It was as if they were gears of a machine, and at its center was a stagnating planet that was far smaller than the others. It barely matched the qualifications to be a planet due to its size and utter absence of plant or animal life.

Instead, it merely had a single defining feature, and that was the nine sky-piercing pillars positioned in nine different locations. Their width was thicker than mortal cities, and at the peak of their structure wera a single wall-less moon gate. Etched onto their surfaces were varied characters, all of which in the golden and silver colors. 

The moon gate seemed to lead to nothing, just the other side, yet if one stared at it, they might see things outside of their realm of belief. 

At one of these pillars were three figures standing upon the peak of the pillars, looking at the moon gate it held. If one were to glance at the pillar from above, the surface of the peak contained a large, expansively black-colored character etched into its surface. It read: ’fourth ’. 

Out of these three figures, the central one was taller, a middle-aged woman with a serene appearance. Her eyes were without pupils or irises, being a sea of complete white, yet it did little to hide her mature charm. 

”Grand Seer, is what you said true? ” One of the shorter figures spoke. With golden-blonde hair and blue eyes, dressed in white robes, she stood with a gorgeous countenance that could be described as heavenly. If Wei Wuyin was here, he would instantly recognize her as Ming Shufeng! 

As for the other girl, Wei Wuyin would certainly recognize her! She was Wen Mingna! 

The middle-aged woman called Grand Seer blinked. After a short moment, she answered with a voice that was distinctively female: ”What we observe are mere snippets of the Heavenly Daos will. If, by worldly machinations, it changes, then what was true no longer becomes true. ” Her cadence and tone clearly revealed that she and the ancient voice were one and the same.

”… ” Ming Shufeng slightly frowned, pondering on the profundities of those words deeply. She was aware that the Heavenly Daos weren ’t always accurate, but was her thinking wrong? Was it just the intentions of the Heavenly Daos changed at a moment ’s notice? 

The Grand Seer asked, ”Something wrong? ”

This caused Ming Shufeng to break from her thoughts, but when she realized that the Grand Seer was directing her words towards Wen Mingna, this spontaneous Heavenly Seer, she perked up her ears.

Wen Mingna was frowning, staring at the back of the Grand Seer. Her eyes were indeterminate. But she calmly answered, ”You said those words to overturn the Heavenly Daos ’ will. ”

Ming Shufeng ’s heart raced. That was possible? She had always tried to benefit from the eventuality, not act to change Heavenly Will.

”… ” The Grand Seer remained looking forward, staring into the empty space of the Moon Gate. ”Was that a question? ”

”It wasn ’t. ” Wen Mingna ’s tone was completely flat.

The Grand Seer faintly smiled, giving a charm that could move the hearts of most men. ”We cultivate fate, not the Heavenly Daos or their will. We are not slaves, but cultivators. When you understand that truth, you ’ll understand what it means to be a Seer. ” 

Those words caused Wen Mingna to look through the Moon Gate. Earlier, the Moon Gate ’s vacant space had revealed the scenery of Lin Ming, Bai Yuxi, and Lin Xianxei standing upon their Voidship. From that, she could see a glimmer of golden glow surrounding Lin Ming, and animated threads of red and gold linked to Lin Xianxei and Bai Yuxi leading to that golden glow. The threads were thin, even fragile looking.

Wrapped around Lin Xianxei ’s upper-body was also an extremely thick thread of gold and red intertwined. It wasn ’t attached to her, but near, as if the connection had yet to fully form. In comparison to Lin Ming ’s threads, this one was like a python compared to a string of wool and it led far away.

However, after the Grand Seer ’s words, the thick gold thread had started to retreat from Lin Xianxei, only leaving the red thread. Her words clearly affected Karmic Fate somehow, likely removing a certain link that could ’ve formed between Wei Wuyin and Lin Xianxei. Yet the golden and red thread leading to Lin Ming was seemingly reinforced, the golden glow a little brighter.

”… ” Wen Mingna couldn ’t understand why. 

The Grand Seer added, ”Cultivators are inherent defiers of external will. If given the opportunity, without cost or stress, they ’ll defy with mind, body, and soul. It ’s exquisite, beautiful even, yet also unfortunate and simple-minded. ” 

It was only from that did Wen Mingna realized that her actions weren ’t to orchestrate Lin Ming and Lin Xianxei ’s together, removing Wei Wuyin and Lin Xianxei ’s loosely intertwined fate that had limitless possibilities. 

”You hate her? ” Wen Mingna asked, curious.

The Grand Seer didn ’t turn to Wen Mingna, but Ming Shufeng, who had an expression of confusion. A wisp of disappointment in her pupil-less, iris-less eyes. ”Hate? That ’s a strong word. But since she believes that my bloodline is not worth her time to even consider, then she doesn ’t deserve anything good. ”

Wen Mingna briskly nodded, accepting that explanation. After all, cultivators were often selfish and extremely petty at times. If a Heavenly Seer could be considered a cultivator as well, the means they had to express their dissatisfaction was quite literally heaven-altering.

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