Paragon of Sin

Chapter 603: Dark Yin Palace

while until the irremovable flaws of the spell itself was revealed. One of the major, yet not even the worst, was that dual cultivation was entirely one-sided. While the female could, in theory, have sexual relations, they still could not have children due to the imbalance of yin & yang energies within their own bodies, while the male in question would also be unable to extract anything from the dual cultivation session, yet each time, the female would extract their vital essence and cultivation base. This was an unintentional consequence of the link, and unable to be stopped by either party.

The original name for the Dark Yin Spirit Method was lost with time, and renamed due to this horrifying development, earning its ’Dark ’ title. Yet due to the combined effort of many powers, few were willing to classify it as an Evil Method..

This led to everyone slowly being dejected and taking the small, short-lived win. But the Dark Yin Palace ’s female cultivators were still desirable. After all, that link spell required two willing parties.

Therefore, the Dark Yin Palace had quite a reputation amongst the various forces. To have children, a female cultivator had to lose everything before they fully reached the limits of their cultivation, including the very things that made them desired: their beauty and talent. But it wasn ’t only for that reason…


It ’s been several weeks since the recruitment of the Gold-tier and Silver-tier forces had ended. Many of those selected had entered forces, joining the cultivation society of the Aeternal Sky Starfield.

Amongst these youths selected, within the Dark Yin Palace ’s planet Immortal Yin, there was a female figure dressed in black and dark blue tightly-fitted robes that accentuated every exceptional feature, every delicate curve, and every alluring angle of her body. She was currently situated in the Dark Yin Palace ’s Pure Yin Palace Hall, one of the twelve Palace Halls of the Dark Yin Palace. 

While the Dark Yin Palace was renowned for the Dark Yin Spirit Method, it wasn ’t actually defined by that single method, merely what it built its reputation and foundation upon. It actually had twelve varied Yin-based cultivation methods, and some even allowed for children to be born, yet its not nearly as world-defying as the Dark Yin Spirit Method that could amplify talent and beauty to unreal levels.

Each method was defined by a Palace Hall, with the Pure Yin Palace Hall placed for members who cultivated the Pure Yin Convergence Method. The method was far more gentle, less extreme, and placed importance on using one ’s Primal Yin Energies to slowly refine materials and their cultivation base, focusing on Purists ’ Ways, such as Tuo Bihan ’s path. They boasted having great cultivation foundations, while not sacrificing their ability to comprehend Intent.

The female figure was Na Xinyi! She was in her own cultivation room, and was automatically elevated to being a Core Disciple after her Four-Point Yin Physique was discovered. After a heavy, heated set of arguments between the upper-echelon over which Palace Hall she ’ll be inducted into, she chose the Pure Yin Palace Hall and its Pure Yin Convergence Method.

This was to be expected as she had Four Primal Yins, so this would greatly affect her cultivation speed and foundation. At the moment, she was inspecting the contents of her ring as she focused her entire attention on the Neo-Eclipse Dawn Pill and its unbelievable description. 

When she asked her assigned instructor about the possibility of forging a Domain Seed prior to reaching the Realm World Phase, she was rebuked for such impossible thinking, that not even the strongest geniuses can accomplish that feat. Told that she should focus on realistic goals, yet looking at this ninth-grade product that her fiancé, the brilliant Wei Wuyin, had made for her left her unsure. 

As she finally decided to consume the pill, outside of planet Immortal Yin, Wu Yu was attempting to slip through the planetary defenses. However, when he reached the borders of the planet ’s atmosphere, the ring of grey mist that shrouded the planet, he was met with a wall.

After steadily approaching, the mist started to rile up and became flowing like water. It arrived before him almost instantaneously, threatening to engulf him whole, like a hungry python. Wu Yu softly snorted and retreated with a single step backwards, vanishing and reappearing a hundred kilometers away. The grey mist coiled and hissed, but had lost its target, returning to its original state after an artificial spiritual sense swept fifty kilometers around the planet.

Wu Yu ’s regal countenance formed a slight frown, ”From that little Realmlord I captured, this should be a Gold-tier force which should only have a few failed Ascended, yet its planetary array was definitely established by multiple experts at my level. You really can ’t rely on information from mortals. How troublesome. ” After making this disgruntled remark, he contemplated a way to enter. 

As he was about to make another attempt, his expression abruptly changed.

”May I ask which Venerable is visiting my Dark Yin Palace? To whom do I owe this honor? ”

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