Paragon of Sin

Chapter 608: Dark Void of Aeternal Sky

oid. Those dangers required true Ascended to have even a remote chance of surviving. 

About a month in, the trio saw a Voidship riddled with tiny, very tiny holes that added it until the entire structure looked like it was chewed by a monster with many teeths. It seemed they had gotten caught by Stellar Rain. It was relatively old, likely decades. There were even corpses infected and degraded by the Chill of the Dark Void.

Lin Ming marveled at the sight, thinking about traveling there to loot the corpses that were visible, still wearing their spatial rings, and even Bai Yuxi wanted to, hopeful of finding a solution to her soul state, but Lin Xianxei threw an astral weapon towards the ship.

When it reached roughly a hundred miles from the, strange droplets of light lit up on the ship and explosively flew out, riddling the astral weapon with holes. There were hundreds of thousands of lights. It was just a heap of destroyed metal almost immediately. And the lights then returned to the devastated ship, becoming entirely unnoticeable.

The duo were appalled!

They both screamed with curiosity and horror, and the answer turned their hearts cold. 

”Stellar Rain isn ’t produced by Solar Stars, but are unique lifeforms birthed in the Dark Void, feeding off the solar energies they give off. You can ’t call them demons, but they ’re also like demons, more parasitic than anything. They exist as entire swarms. They lack a certain level of intelligence, and they automatically attack targets that enter their territory. If you ’re not prepared, sensing them out beforehand, then you ’ll be pierced through and through. ” 

Lin Xianxei calmly explained, causing them to feel horror. While Lin Xianxei hadn ’t traveled the Dark Void, she was extremely well read regarding aspects of the Dark Void. 

”These little creatures also move locations. While in transit, they truly take the form of sunlight-like rain. According to what I read, its extremely beautiful, but their relocation takes place at least once a century. It ’s like flowers that are blown, but much more dangerous.

”But they are not without their benefits. The experts of the starfield capture Stellar Rain to extract their uniquely refined solar energies to produce certain alchemical products that can help fortify a cultivator ’s Star Core or to help create Solar Stars. But even Ascended would find it difficult to capture them. They ’re really fast. ”

Lin Xianxei ’s explanation left the two in even more awe as they looked at the destroyed ship. The dangers of the Dark Void also had its miraculousness. These life forms could reap life away, but also create Solar Stars that could allow life to flourish. 

The trio didn ’t see any vanishing points on their three-month long journey, but they saw planets of all types of sizes and colors. There were small-sized medium-sized, large-sized, and even gigantic-sized planets. According to Lin Xianxei, these planets weren ’t fixed in size. The experts that live there periodically infuse the planet with energies to enlarge them.

A planet ’s size directly correlated to the size of their Star Core, which translated to the strength of its essence refinement ability, thus creating a healthier and richer environment. Furthermore, the added space allowed these locations to become dedicated fields of herbs, ores, produce, or other materials to be cultivated via methods. 

The Elementus Domain and the Nine Worlds Domain was divided by the Everlore Domain. This was why travel was relatively easier, faster, and less chaotic for them. 

”We ’re finally here, ” Lin Xianxei said as their ship bypassed the Elementus Domain ’s Border. There was a slight frown on her face as she observed the various planets and lunar satellites within the expanse that was the Elementus Domain. There was a tinge of conflict within her eyes.

Lin Ming felt his heart racing rapidly after arriving here, his eyes were bright, his fists were clenched, and his mind were filled with explosive activity. This was the first step of the rest of his life! 

Bai Yuxi ’s spatial ring started to flare with a faint blue glow. Her hand fiercely trembled as she grasped it, her expression palling somewhat. These past three months of traveling with Lin Xianxei and Lin Ming were filled with happy memories that made her relaxed and at ease, yet the ring broke her out of her fantastical dream. Her expression paled even further.

Lin Xianxei noticed this. Swiftly, she touched Bai Yuxi ’s shoulder and used her spiritual force to stabilize her bodily situation. Due to her damaged soul, not only was her mind hectic and fragile, but any stimulation from her body can invoke all sorts of physiological reactions. At the moment, she was at the precipice of a heart attack.

Bai Yuxi ’s eyelids slowly closed. With a faint, waning voice, she said: ”Li-Lin Ming…you can… ” However, she was unable to finish her words before she fell unconscious. Her delicate body was light, falling into Lin Xianxei ’s arms.

Lin Ming snapped out of his thoughts as he turned to her. ”Is she going to be okay? ” He asked Lin Xianxei. 

Lin Xianxei sighed, but nodded. A damaged soul was not an easy thing to recover from, but with her status, she will. The issue wasn ’t if she could recover, it was the trouble that would result from her situation being made known, especially the reason for it. She never feared Bai Yuxi ’s dying, she feared the result of not solving her predicament themselves.

Yet Wei Wuyin wasn ’t even in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region! So they couldn ’t exactly search the entire world for him, right? 

Exalted Yu sent them a spiritual message: ”The Tang Clan is here. ” 

The both of them lifted their eyes towards a certain area outside of the Elementus Domain, and the stars in the distance were distorting! Their eyes widened as, like an abrupt blip, a Voidship simply appeared a few hundred miles from them. At its hull was a unique symbol of a Vermillion Bird of mythical legend! It was animated, flying around the hull freely, releasing artistically designed flames that made it look like a painting every moment.

Yet the beauty did little to calm the hearts of the two. 

Before they could even react, a figure appeared directly above their Voidship. The figure floated within the Dark Void, standing on space as if it was flat ground, looking at them with a sharp light in their eyes.

Lin Xianxei ’s expression grew unfathomably dark after recognizing that figure. She gulped heavily, ”Lord Guardian, I… ” 

Lin Ming ’s heart grew icy-cold. This was the first time seeing his Senior Sister Lin filled with fear and dread! This figure that existed in the Dark Void without a Worldly Domain unleashed, he had to be an Ascended!

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