Paragon of Sin

Chapter 632 - 627: Archaic Chosen Renewed & Determined

to see the strapping young man with grey eyes, dashingly handsome looks, and an unfathomable glint within his eyes.

Lin Ming exited his room, his breathing steady, his back upright and stable as if it could carry the sky, weather any storm, and his aura was firm and steady. Lin Xianxei felt her heart had unnaturally sped up a little, feeling slightly overwhelmed.

Lin Ming looked at her, a confident smile plastered on his face. ”Senior Sister Lin, let ’s go. ”

Lin Xianxei ’s eyes brightened. Lin Ming ’s current state was evidence of his control with his Domain Seed and Worldly Domain. That air of worldly air was the same feeling a cultivator would have facing a Realmlord. It suffused into space, affected the spirit, and infected the mind.

Her confidence was renewed, and her emotions and thoughts towards the Grand Seer and Wei Wuyin were pushed to the depths of her heart, buried and locked away. Her heart was defiant, and she would never allow a Grand Seer to dictate her fate. Even if she met Wei Wuyin, even if he was outstanding beyond comprehension, this man before her was who she believed in, who she was betting everything on.

Whatever struggles they faced, she made her choice; she would live with her choice. He had forged his Domain Seed before the Seventh Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the Realm World Phase, and could be considered invincible and an unprecedented marvel amongst his cultivation. When this fact was revealed to the world, those sly and despicable fogies would have to accept his potential.

She, however, hastily reminded Lin Ming: ”This is your moment. Don ’t grow careless. ”

Lin Ming slightly started for a moment, the confidence in his eyes reined in, and he grew a little more serious. ”I understand; I won ’t be careless. ” Lin Ming assured her heavily. He knew how important this event was, it was a time to prove himself before a greater world.

With a satisfied nod, Lin Xianxei walked through the hall, heading towards the exit. Lin Ming deeply inhaled and slowly exhaled, dispersing all the tension and ill-thoughts within his mind.

Memories of his past floated to the forefront of his thoughts. When he was young, he was poor, unruly, and self-destructive. He fought with all sorts of people, from gangs to the local authority. There was always a gnawing sense of absence in his heart, a lack of a purpose or goal. Cultivation was difficult, and it was the only thing that brought him solace, yet his background was non-existent, so his path was seemingly destined to be uneventful and short.

Therefore, he was unable to get the treatment, methods, arts, and spells of those more fortunate. He hated them, despised their luck and fortune. This all changed on a single day. A young girl that he befriended, a gentle soul with a kind heart, was abused by a local young master. He used his authority, family, and strength to take advantage of her.

When he learned of this, he, who was already a violent individual, went ballistic. Without care for his own well-being, he challenged that young master, goading him into accepting a fight. He had ferociously fought, trying to give a life for a life, but he could only use his teeth to rip off the other party ’s left ear.

With a mouth of blood and reddened eyes of madness, those who followed the young master were stunned, frozen by such a display of animalistic behavior. Using this opportunity, he stomped on the blood-curdling screaming young master ’s neck with all his might, directly killing him.

With that, he roared, causing the others to retreat. He left in haste, but he was chased down. He heard an unfamiliar voice, the voice of his Senior Sister Lin, to take certain directions and he was capable of avoiding their pursuit, escaping and arriving at the Myriad Dao Palace in Golden Milk City.

His journey towards cultivating, gaining strength, and finding purpose was ignited. His entirety changed, as he pursued the peak of cultivation and to help his Senior Sister Lin ’s ambitions. She saved his life, and he wanted to repay her with his.

And this was the moment where he ’ll be able to prove himself worthy of fulfilling her ambitions, the accumulation of all his efforts bearing fruit.

Lin Ming followed after her with a focused gaze.

The coliseum set to house the Three Chosen Aspects Tribulation was utterly massive, seating roughly ten million individuals, all of which were reserved for those with some influence.

Lin Ming and Lin Xianxei were riding a white-colored Skyship, a vehicle designed like a slimmer, longer-version of a standard sailboat, but there were large wing-like structures sticking out of its hull. The wings were energy-based constructs, not metallic, and they were animated in their movements. They flapped like realistic bird wings, propelling the Skyship through the world.

It was a majestically exquisite sight to behold.

The two flew towards the coliseum, looking ahead with calm expressions while standing side-by-side. The Saintess of the True Element Sect and the Archaic Chosen, the two may very well define the future of the True Element Sect.

The three factions would surely be avidly watching with interest, wanting to see how these two will perform. The two soon arrived at the coliseum, expecting a low-rumbling verbal commotion and discussions to ensue. Instead, they looked upon the massive platform at the center stage and the cavea was…


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