Paragon of Sin

Chapter 62: Jade World Liquid

In the Jade Lotus Domain, there was a city. This city was quite special. It was circular, with short walls made of jade-like materials, runic designs etched onto its surface, and radiated an aura of pureness. At the center of this circular city was a circular lake.

It covered about twenty percent of the city ’s area. This design of a circle in a circle gave it a sense of artistic simplicity.

The most spectacular aspect of the city was the lake. In fact, despite being called a lake, it was more accurate to describe it as a pearl. This pearl was incredibly large, covering the span of several kilometers.

It was entrenched into the ground with the upper half creating a dome. The solid outlines gave this lake a spherical shape that any could see. The true reason it was referred to as a lake was that it was composed of pure white liquid.

It was beautifully exquisite, unlike what many could ever see in the world. How and why it can maintain its form has been a mystery to the public.

This location was sealed. Not even the citizens of the city had the right to enter, its importance was such that only a select few people in the entire Wu Country could see it up close. Most, including the citizens, would be stationed at towers that were at least two kilometers away.

Two figures were within one of these towers. A male and a woman. They looked through a gigantic circular magnifying lens created for the sole purpose of tourists and citizens wishing to observe and witness the majestic pearl lake.

”It ’s beautiful, ” Su Mei softly remarked. She had never seen a gigantic pearl composed of liquid. Despite being so far away, she could tell that natural wind currents caused the water to shift, as it would any lake. The way the white liquid ripples left a sliver of aesthetic elegance to it made her feel awed. As a human raised by womanly societal standards, she had an innate appreciation towards beauty.

Wei Wuyin was also looking through the magnifying lens, but his lips were pursed in discontent.

”It has its looks, but I thought we would see it up close and personal. Be able to touch the liquid, drink it if its safe, or even swim in the lake. What ’s the point in just looking from afar? ” He said, a little miffed by the circumstances. Not only did he have to pay a full essence stone just to see the Jade Pearl Lake from two kilometers away, he also had to wait in line.

It was an exceptionally obnoxious line as well. Not many would go up, but they had some arbitrary regulation of only allowing a certain number of people up into the tower for a certain amount of time.

Su Mei softly smiled, understanding Wei Wuyin ’s temperament quite well. While Wei Wuyin had never been an impatient individual, he hated the unnecessary. The arbitrary and contrived limitations in Jade Circle City was easy to induce such a reaction.

”I agree with you, Lord Wei. I wouldn ’t mind seeing it up close. Its said that the Jade Pearl Lake releases a unique force that ’s useful for cultivation; therefore, the Jade Lotus Sect keeps it under strict regulations. There ’s even a Mortal God defending it. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s eyebrows lifted. ”Mortal God? ” He asked, his tone strange but filled with inquiry.

Su Mei nodded her head, ”Yes. It ’s the well-known, renowned Jade Sage. She ’s a member of the Jade Lotus Sect and has a profound cultivation base. ”

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes lit up. Only a Mortal God?

A light filled with mischievous desire revealed itself from Wei Wuyin ’s eyes. ”Haha! Perfect! Let ’s go take a closer look! ” He said with palpable excitement.

Su Mei stilled, looking at Wei Wuyin for a brief moment. To be honest, Su Mei didn ’t know Wei Wuyin ’s cultivation base, wholly ignorant of his true level. As she did not witness the fight between the upper-echelons of the sect and himself, she could only assume from what she could sense and knew before.

She knew Wei Wuyin had been at the Fifth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm before his departure ten years ago. This piece of news was propagated by the Aqua Echo Sect and Sky Sword Sect. This news pressured many sects, as Wei Wuyin ’s talent was unprecedented.

Not only did he reach that phase of cultivation, but he birthed Steel Metal Qi and Violet Lightning Qi, two forms of qi that were derived from extraordinarily high-level elemental essences.

She didn ’t know why he disappeared. That was his story, and if he felt the need to discuss or reveal it, he will. However, she couldn ’t help but wonder if he was at the Sixth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, False Reality Phase. If that was the case, then he was a true Mortal God figure and it took him less than forty years. This was unprecedented genius.

Even Mei Mei, someone acclaimed throughout the entire country for becoming a Mortal God before sixty paled harshly in comparison.

Wei Wuyin was about to leap out of the tower, when a thought came across him. ”If I had a godhood title, what should or would or could it be? ” He abruptly turned to Su Mei and asked.

”Hm? ” She was caught off-guard, but then she furrowed her brows. ”I… ” she was about to say something but paused. After some further thought, she realized that Wei Wuyin didn ’t have many accomplishments outside of the Scarlet Solaris Sect, or even any accomplishments at all. His rise was abrupt and out of nowhere.

The atmosphere turned awkward.

That ’s right. Wei Wuyin ’s rise was sudden and abrupt, he didn ’t have a long list of battle accomplishments or connections to a force. In fact, it took three years to go from the Second Stage of Qi Condensation to the Sixth Stage of Qi Condensation, establishing his mortal godhood.

”Cough, ” Su Mei let out a soft sound. She added, ”What do you want it to be? ”

Wei Wuyin felt like he was placed in a spot. He truly didn ’t know what he should call himself. He pondered for a long time on his cultivation base and abilities. He could go by something basic, like Elemental Saber King.

However, that sounded boring and on-the-nose. The Scarlet Warlord was far more imposing and personified Wu Xinghong ’s domineering abilities.

”I think it should be something arrogant, one that sticks with someone whether due to skepticism or awe. Divine King Han Xei had a title that lasted eras. A Divine King! However, that ’s too simple. How about…Sovereign Lord Wei Wuyin! ”

As he said this, Su Mei looked at his incomparably serious face and couldn ’t help but chuckle a little. Sovereign Lord? That sounded grand but it also felt a little redundant and ambiguous. Who are you a sovereign of, who do you lord over?

When he saw Su Mei ’s stifled chuckle leak, he grew embarrassed. His cheeks turned red. The Divine King earned his title because he ruled over an entire era of cultivators, helping set down a foundation for future generations on the continent.

Su Mei suddenly had a thought, ”What about: The Saber Ascendant? ”

Shocked, Wei Wuyin looked towards her in disbelief. He thought about Element, his cultivation base, and the meaning behind Ascendant. It denoted limitless potential, rising in power and influence in the world. It was timeless, domineering, and left people wondering.

”The Saber Ascendant it is! ” He heartily laughed. Su Mei softly smiled in relief. She thought of this name long before, but had somewhat forgotten it. During their battles, she always felt that Wei Wuyin used his saber to carve a path into power and rise in status. She wanted and still wished to be just like him.

This was why she also used a saber.

”Let ’s go! ” He jumped out of the tower openings, falling down to the ground before landing seamlessly. Not even the dirt was disturbed.

Su Mei ’s eyes popped out. They had taken the stairs and they were twenty-stories high. Why the hell did he jump down?! She leaned on the opening, looking at Wei Wuyin who had already landed. He was looking up and gestured for her to follow.

She looked back towards the stairs, a brief moment of hesitation in her eyes, before she smiled as her qualms were washed away.


She leapt out as well. Her body created a ward of qi that shrouded her body protectively. The rushing wind and sensation of falling felt heart-pounding, but it caused her blood to boil. The free falling sensation was extraordinary, as if she was flying of her own power.


She crashed heavily into the bricked floor. A gust of dust and debris shot explosively away, hitting quite a few innocent bystanders. There were even a few that had been directly rendered unconscious by her landing. The cracks beneath her feet spread out for tens of meters, nearly causing the bricks to completely shatter into bits.

Her heart was pounding as she felt the feedback from her fall. Even through her feet, she could feel the rebound. She coughed lightly and took a deep breath to calm her surging blood. When she finally looked up, she saw Wei Wuyin calmly looking at her.

”You need to work on your landing, for sure. Haha! ” Ignoring the painful groans of the bystanders, he beckoned for Su Mei to follow.

She rose and walked, but her legs were a little numb. When she realized that Wei Wuyin had no sign of discomfort, she really wanted to ask what cultivation level he had reached. That was a full twenty-story fall, yet he landed as if the ground was clouds.

How could he do that with his refined body? The bodies of cultivators were several times, sometimes even dozens of times heavier than mortals. For example, she weighed at least six hundred pounds. And this was considered light for someone of her cultivation and gender.

However, she quietly followed behind him.

They walked for about a few hundred meters before a sound roared to life.

”Halt! ”

It was imposing and unquestionable. Su Mei turned to see a squadron of soldiers rushing their way. When she saw this, she shook her head. They were just guards, their strength was at the First Stage or Second Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm – not worth their time.

As for trouble? If Wei Wuyin didn ’t fear it, she would never fear it.

”Oh shit! I didn ’t expect you to attract such a crowd. We ’re in trouble, let ’s go! ” He started to run away.

”… ” Su Mei.

”Stop right there! ” The head guard shouted, his qi pulsing as he accelerated his speed.

Su Mei looked back and faintly smiled, she started to run as well.

The ensuing chase was quite interesting. They chased in circles as Wei Wuyin and Su Mei dashed through buildings, houses, and official places. Before long, it wasn ’t just the basic guards, but private guards hired by shops and residents. It was as if he was sight-seeing everything.

”Stop him! He stole my plant! ”

”Your plant? Who cares about your stupid fucking plant?! He just took my shop ’s best saber! ”

”I ’ll kill you! Return my store ’s mystic cookies! ”

Wei Wuyin was an absolute maniac. As he ran, if he saw a food store, he would grab a bite and run. If he saw a jewelry store, he would snatch the most eye-catching piece. He stole as he ran, his movements like a snake as he weaved in and out of locations.

Su Mei was helpless, but after a while, even she started to snatch things that she took an interest in. There was a set of female-modeled black armor, a hairpin, and a jade tea cup. They had become quite a duo, taking and leaving like the wind.

Wei Wuyin would even give his thanks after, as if they were gifts. This caused hundreds of cultivators to be in pursuit. There were those at the third phase, but not a single one at the fourth phase.

In fact, the fourth phase was a very large demarcation line for cultivators, and those at that level could establish third-rate sects, clans, and forces. Even if they had witnessed them steal, they ’d probably think its beneath them to take action.

”Hahaha! ” Wei Wuyin laughed, stuffing a cookie in his mouth. There were bits and pieces flying from his mouth as he laughed. ”This is good! ” He chewed some more, swallowing as he looked towards Su Mei.

She was not like Wei Wuyin, she ate her cookie a piece at a time. Her expression was one of satisfaction and awe. She had an entire box in her hand of these cookies, and a price tag was placed on its surface. It read: Seventeen Essence Stones.

When Wei Wuyin saw the gaudy box etched with runic designs, he felt disbelief and curiosity. He snatched the box without a hint of hesitation through its protective spiritual formation. To his surprise, they were a box of square cookies, and they were definitely delicious.

Su Mei nodded in agreement with Wei Wuyin. These cookies were beyond delicious. As she ate more, she realized her body was absorbing energy that was previously imbued with the cookies. They entered her body and strengthened it slightly. She grew shocked as she came to this realization.

These cookies were cultivation treasures! No wonder they were worth seventeen whole essence stones to buy.

”Oh! We ’re close! ” Wei Wuyin said as he pointed towards the dome of pure whiteness in the distance. As he did, there was a mass of dirt and dust behind him being kicked up into a storm. Several hundred people were executing qi arts with the intent to chase after them. The rumbling footsteps were like an earthquake rolling through the city.

Su Mei followed his finger and saw the Jade Pearl Lake. There were walls that reached ten stories that circled it, reinforced steel was its composition. Even those at the Fifth Stage of Qi Condensation, Yang Growth, would find it beyond difficult to breakthrough.

”Ooh! Is that Obsidian Steel?! ” Wei Wuyin looked as if he saw a treasure, his eyes lit up with intrigue. ”Let ’s see if it can take a punch from me! ”

With excitement, he sped up. He increased his speed several fold, rushing towards the large gate. It looked far sturdier than the walls and was completely black. Supposedly, Obsidian Steel was known to be impenetrable even by Mortal God-level figures.

He didn ’t stop.


With a leap, he clenched his fist, pulled it back, and threw it forward with the entirety of his strength.


An explosion of unfathomable magnitude erupted. The black gate didn ’t last a single second before it bent and lifted towards his fist, the latches on the gate snapped like a twig, and it was sent flying.

It turned into a star that shot away, almost touching the Jade Pearl Lake. In a second, it had vanished into the distance.

”… ” Everyone.

The hundreds of pursuers instantly stopped.

Su Mei ’s eyes widened in disbelief, the bits of cookie in her gaped mouth fell to the ground.

Wei Wuyin looked at his fist, a frown on his face. ”That was like punching cotton. Did they make a fake? ” He said in genuine confusion. In the utter silence that was the city, everyone clearly heard what Wei Wuyin said.


The surrounding walls started to collapse, crumbled into fragments of steel, like broken brick.

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