Paragon of Sin

Chapter 63: Jade Lotus Sect


The entire crowd were thunderstruck, appalled, rendered speechless, gob-smacked, horrified, shell-shocked, and thousands of things that meant pretty much one thing:

They were SHOCKED!

The first person to take action was a fat man with a rather low cultivation base. When he recalled, earlier than the others, how he cursed and degraded this unknown expert, his heart throbbed with intense fear.

He soundlessly screamed as he ran away. He stumbled and knocked away quite a few people in his way, but he didn ’t care.

His actions caused quite a few people to wake up from their deep states of shock. Only then did they finally react.

”Holy shit! A God?! ” One female cultivator screeched, her words were particularly piercing.

Not many knew that cultivators were called Mortal Gods, and not True Gods, but they all knew the difference between cultivation levels. A Mortal God could reap all their lives by conjuring a river of water, a sea of fire, a mountain of earth, or razor shape winds with ease.

The fear of death seeped into their hearts, and panic started to ensue. They ran in all directions, as long as it was away from Wei Wuyin.

The chaos caused quite a few people to be stomped to death or severely injured to the point of crippling. A few others were so irritated that they didn ’t have four legs and the body of a horse. As people rushed, the chaos caused quite a few traffic blocks, and those more violent whipped out their weapons and started to slaughter a path to escape. The irrational panic was truly seeping in.

Wei Wuyin and Su Mei saw this carnage unfold, their faces were the picture of disbelief.

”This…I… ” he had forgotten the human nature of survival at all costs.

Su Mei shook her head, her shock broken due to the violent and merciless actions brought about by fear and irrationality. She turned towards Wei Wuyin and walked up to him, ”Is there something you want to do? ” She asked.

Wei Wuyin softly sighed, turned around and entered the broken entrance. The actions of humans were not his concern, nor did he have any obligations to stop it.

They walked to the Jade Pearl Lakeside. The white luster was even more beautiful up close, far better than observing two kilometers away with a magnifying lens. It was truly breathtaking to observe.

He spread out his spiritual sense and his brows twitched. He saw a womanly figure hiding not too far away. She didn ’t release her spiritual sense and used a spiritual concealment art as she hid.

”The Jade Sage? ” He couldn ’t help but feel awkward. A legitimate Mortal God was cowering in the corner, not even trying to hinder his actions or discover his identity for her sect. His original opinion of Mortal Gods were powerful, prideful figures. That was instilled into his beliefs since young.

Now, he realized that they weren ’t that different from ordinary cultivators. They just had far, far more power than those below their cultivation.

Su Mei swept her spiritual sense around too. She was worried about the Jade Sage of the Jade Lotus Sect. However, she didn ’t find an ounce of aura around.

”Did the Jade Sage leave? ” She said, confusion in her eyes.

Wei Wuyin shook his head, ”she ’s hiding there. ” He pointed towards the spot the Jade Sage was hiding.

Su Mei was shocked, observing the area, she found out there was indeed a trace of aura there. It swiftly hid itself from her senses.

Because of Wei Wuyin accurately pointing out her location, her spiritual spell had crumbled somewhat, leaking her aura. This was why Su Mei could determine traces.

Then, a figure walked out of the shadows. She had a white dress, with pale white hair, and black lipstick. The contrast served to highlight her jade-like skin and beautiful eyes that were like refined obsidian.

She had a slim physique, but her breasts were ample and full. It created a very interesting dynamic of a puritan look and a sexy woman in her late-twenties.

”I am the Jade Sage, but you can call me Dai Fei, ” she said cautiously. Wei Wuyin and Su Mei could sense the vigilance in her voice. When she looked at Wei Wuyin, her eyes contained traces of fear.

It was obvious that she thought Wei Wuyin had arrived with insidious purposes. After all, she had seen the scene of him toppling the obsidian steel gate like it was paper weight.

A body as strong as that was beyond her imagination. There wasn ’t an ounce of qi fluctuation, which meant it was purely physical power.

”Dai? ” Wei Wuyin ’s expressions flickered as he recalled something. He added after some thought, ”Any connection with Dai Qiuyue? ”

”Yo-you know Little Qiuyue? ” Her words were filled with shock, as she regarded Wei Wuyin once more.

When he had taken it upon himself to find Mei Mei, he had met an incident with a group of thieves intent on robbing a recently promoted Mortal God ’s storage space. They had succeeded initially, but failed to escape. He had saved them in the end.

There was another woman there as well. Her name was Jiao Ning. She was a loud one, unable to stifle her moans and just let loose whatever came to mind. She often said: ”Oh god! ”

As he recalled that day in the cave, he grinned with satisfaction. She was definitely a unique one. He had sent them, and another boy, back to the Jade Lotus Domain. That was before he arrived at Golden Milk City.

”Yeah. I met her in the Gaia State, ” he acknowledged.

Dai Fei ’s expression shifted, unsure of what to say next.

Wei Wuyin laughed, ”No worries. I saved her a few times before. I ’m just here to see the Jade Pearl Lake, and then I ’ll be out of your hair. ”

Dai Fei was shocked. With his strength, he could ’ve just asked. After all, the Jade Pearl Lake wasn ’t useful to Mortal God level figures, so they were allowed free entrance. In fact, she would ’ve acted as an escort. However, Wei Wuyin was ignorant of this standard.

Observing her silence, Wei Wuyin and Su Mei walked up to the Jade Pearl Lake. They sniffed, poked their fingers in the white water with a defined shape, and Wei Wuyin actually grabbed a handful and sipped it.

”Huh, ” he remarked with a hint of surprise. The water didn ’t feel special. In fact, while it may have a white color, it tasted like fresh lake water. That was it.

For some reason, he felt completely disappointed. While he couldn ’t tell how the lake kept its odd spherical shape, he still was disappointed that the liquid wasn ’t special.

When Su Mei drank some, she felt the same. It was just like fresh water. However, unlike Wei Wuyin ’s high expectations, she was excited to see the unique lake up close and personal, witnessing its beauty.

Wei Wuyin turned towards Dai Fei and asked, ”God Dai, what ’s so special about this lake? ”

”You don ’t know?! ” Dai Fei became shocked once more. Didn ’t he just consume it? Shouldn ’t he know?

She calmed herself down and explained, ”The Jade Pearl Lake has a unique magnetic field that keeps its shape like a sphere, and its waters contain a unique aura. It ’s beneficial to those at the Fifth Phase. ”

When she said this, she gauged Wei Wuyin ’s reaction. If he was shocked, it would prove he may not actually be a Mortal God.

”Oh! So that ’s it! No wonder it was said to be useless to Mortal Gods. ” He remarked in realization. In fact, he had indeed sensed the world ’s innate force within, but the world ’s force was everywhere. His spiritual sense was so powerful that he could even sense it in the air.

He didn ’t find that to be interesting, so he ignored its concentrated density.

”No wonder the Wu Country announced this place as one of the three major landmarks of the country. It can facilitate the ascension of Mortal Gods, ” he smiled. He looked towards Su Mei who had an astonished expression. While she couldn ’t sense this unique aura, she was shocked to hear that it can create Mortal Gods.

”I ’ll take some! ” He pulled out a ceramic jug the size of a newborn child, and swiped it into the lake. After it was filled, he used a strand of qi to establish a cork and shroud it to contain the world aura.

He knew that world aura couldn ’t be hindered by normal qi or matter. It was free, and only spiritual energy can grab, control, or refine it. It ’s this very reason why Qi Essence couldn ’t be formed unless one reached the Infused Spirituality Phase.

When Dai Fei saw Wei Wuyin ’s qi, her heart nearly stopped. ”God…lord! ” Her words came out subconsciously.

”! ” Su Mei ’s spiritual sense wasn ’t as powerful as Dai Fei nor was she as experienced or knowledgeable, but when she heard her nearly horrified words, her eyes drew towards the smiling Wei Wuyin.

A Godlord!

Now it made sense!

But…how? He ’s only thirty-six!!

She gulped, causing Wei Wuyin to glance towards Su Mei. ”Something wrong? ”

She broke out of her stupor and calmed herself down, ”No, Lord Wei. ” Her expression had returned to normal. Whether Wei Wuyin was a Godlord or not didn ’t change how she viewed him, just a momentary shock.

Wei Wuyin nodded his head, pulled out another jug, and filled it up. He continued until he had seven jars full of this white liquid. Let ’s call it Jade World Liquid.

While Su Mei was calm, Dai Fei, however, was completely stunned and stiff. A Mortal Godlord was a top-figure of the country. While there were hundreds of millions of cultivators in the Wu Country, only nineteen were Godlords. She didn ’t count the Helios Witch or external gods, but those bred by the Wu Country.

They were exalted figures, far beyond Mortal Gods.

”I think we ’re done, ” Wei Wuyin announced as he looked upwards.


He whistled.

Turning towards Dai Fei, he casually asked: ”How ’s Dai Qiuyue doing? ”

Dai Fei absentmindedly answered, ”She ’s imprisoned. ”

”Oh? ”

Breaking out of her shock, she realized she had said something inappropriate. However, after some thought, she explained, ”The truth is, she was caught up in a conflict with a Mortal God ’s Grandson, who took a liking towards her. She attacked him and was immediately imprisoned. Her only path left is to surrender herself to him or remain a prisoner. ”

”Oh? Isn ’t she a core disciple, does the Jade Lotus Sect have such practices? ” He felt it was odd. In the Scarlet Solaris Sect, Jiu Lang had attracted the desire of a Mortal God, but she remained safe and secure because she was a Core Disciple. Not to mention, it seemed that Dai Fei was related to Dai Qiuyue, so that felt illogical.

Dai Fei ’s expression turned somewhat ugly, ruining her pure beauty. ”… ” She seemed like she wanted to say something, but she didn ’t in the end.

When Wei Wuyin saw her eyes filled with complex emotions, he chuckled softly. He didn ’t know the full story, so he didn ’t have any right to feel disdain towards a sect ’s actions, but nevertheless, he felt disdain towards the Jade Lotus Sect.

”Do you know Jiao Ning? ” He asked.

Dai Fei ’s expression relaxed now that the subject had changed. She nodded, ”Mn. She ’s a core elder who worked for Dai Qiuyue. ”

”Worked? ” He frowned.

”Yes. When she was imprisoned, those of her faction were implicated as well. They ’ve all been imprisoned to pressure her to surrender. However, it ’s been nearly two years, so I ’m not sure of those members ’ conditions, ” Dai Fei calmly said. It could be seen that she viewed them with very little importance.

”Oh? Actually, I feel like going another round with Jiao Ning. Let ’s take a trip to the Jade Lotus Sect! ” He grinned, his eyes flickering with traces of fire. When he recalled his last desire ten years ago when she left and how he regretted not taking advantage of it, he decided to rectify that now.


Just as he said those words, a large, golden beak, white crane shot from the clouds downwards like an arrow. Bai Lin ’s arrival startled Dai Fei. She had seen crane mounts before, but this crane gave off an unfathomable aura.

She felt that, if they were to exchange moves, she may not come out on top. This feeling grew stronger as she approached.

Was this the mount of a Godlord?

When Bai Lin landed, her wings caused titan-like gusts that sent the world ’s wind currents into chaos. Bai Lin screeched, her tone arrogant and grand as she witnessed the stunned and awed gaze of Dai Fei. She loved to be outstanding.

Wei Wuyin walked towards Bai Lin as if the winds didn ’t affect him. ”Shall we go? ”

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