Paragon of Sin

Chapter 667 - 662: Live Or Die

Ascendant. This was quite intriguing. In fact, he would ’ve made sure that even himself was given one. He realized he was free to betray Wei Wuyin without consequence.

But when the thought hit him, it also made him realize that he never thought about it once. There were no shackles on his legs and arms, free to act as he wished. This included acting to kill that young master. Yet if he was restricted, he would think of any way to free himself and seek insidiously swift revenge on his captor.

His words that were about to dissuade Wei Wuyin against such self-imposed restrictions were abolished at his throat. To cultivate loyal subjects, oaths weren ’t needed. A belief of freedom helped pave the way forward for one ’s thoughts and will, making one toil for you of their own decision.

Wei Wuyin nodded slightly, settling on his decision. After making sure their spiritual senses were thoroughly restrained, Wei Wuyin asked Wu Yu to change the immediate environmental conditions to sustain life, and then withdrew his draconic transformation.

Returning to his silver-eyed, human-like appearance of unearthly handsomeness, he said: ”Wake them up. ”

Wu Yu sent a spiritual jolt through the chains, and the eyes of the three Ascended opened fiercely. They let out heavy heaving noises, clearly startled by the bout of unconsciousness and sudden awakening. As Ascended, it ’s been a while since they ’ve slept instinctively let alone being rendered unconscious.

The sensation was extremely foreign to them at this point. 

They opened their eyes to a pseudo-atmospheric layer that allowed them to breathe and speak out using their vocal cords. With their spiritual senses and cultivation bases restrained, if this wasn ’t established, they would only be able to look and listen. 

Venerable Bluecloud inspected the surroundings, realizing they were on a lifeless rock and held by Wu Yu, but most notably, a silver-eyed young man of astonishing visage and form was standing before him. He was quite acute in his thoughts, experienced, and wise, so he hurriedly settled himself. 

Kun Yiming ’s first instinct was to locate Venerable Slayingsword ’s body. After seeing him still tittering on the edge of life, her heart was pained yet calmed down. She too inspected the surroundings and found Wei Wuyin. Her heart shook. 

Who was this young man? 

Wei Wuyin gave each of them a look. Afterwards, he calmly and slowly said, ”I ’ll give you all a choice: Live or die. ”

Two choices.

One answer!

Kun Yiming and Venerable Bluecloud were elite experts with thousands of years of experience, and having their lives decided in such a manner felt humiliating, but also frustrating. Because no one would choose death!

Venerable Bluecloud frowned after hearing this, realizing something was out of place. ”What if we choose to live? ” He hesitatingly asked. In his view, this meant likely being enslaved by the other party via a Mythical Oath. This was what Wu Yu wanted to do. 

Kun Yiming frowned. Wasn ’t this old man ’s question redundant? It ’s not as if they haven ’t suppressed enemy cultivators and forced them to choose life or death, making them disposal tools that can act as cannon fodder? They were in the same situation!

However, Wei Wuyin ’s next words were shocking to her, to Venerable Bluecloud, Wu Yu, and even the barely alive Venerable Slayingsword as he spurted out a gurgle of saliva from his lips. 

”Then you ’ll live. I ’ll let you go right now. ” Wei Wuyin ’s eyes betrayed no falsehood, revealing that he would truly let them go if they chose to live. 

What nonsense was this?! 

Skeptical, Venerable Bluecloud asked: ”Why? ” 

”Because I can. ” Wei Wuyin answered with a faint smile, unconcerned that his answer came off as being incredibly arrogant and nonsensical! 

”You ’ll have us swear an oath of silence? If we refuse, you ’ll definitely kill us! ” Kun Yiming shook her messy hair, calling Wei Wuyin out. She didn ’t believe this one bit, but she was willing to swear an oath of silence. If it meant surviving, she would do anything. Cultivation was difficult, and she came all this way while facing extreme adversity. Who would choose to have all that sank into the abyssal drain of death?

But Wei Wuyin was undisturbed by her accusations. ”Nope. I ’ll let you go, no Spirit Oath, no Heavenly Oath, and no Mythical Oath. ”

”… ” 

”… ”

”Gurgle… ” 

The three were in disbelief. They turned to Wu Yu who held the faintest of smiles. He had an expression that said, ”He makes the decisions, not me. I ’m just here to listen. ”

Who was this man? They couldn ’t sense his cultivation but seeing how Wu Yu acted, he must be absolutely terrifying. However, just from his natural aura, he was certainly not a Mystic Ascendant. He reeked of the Mortal Dao. They sensed not a bit of mysticism on him.

Venerable Bluecloud eyed Wei Wuyin for a long moment, giving Wu Yu a few glances, and this lasted for a few minutes. In the end, he decided to test it out: ”I want to live. ” 

Then, as if on cue, Wu Yu exerted some force. A swelling sense erupted in Venerable Bluecloud ’s heart. Was this a trap? They were going to kill him for wanting to live?! Wait…that wasn ’t quite right…

Still confused, thrown off-kilter by the extremely strange sequence of events, he found that his innate energies started to flow properly. There was no sharp pain followed by his death howls. Instead, he was released, unbound by any spiritual chain.

Venerable Bluecloud was taken aback so heavily that his brain froze. Even Kun Yiming was shocked, but she remained observing the situation quietly. If the old man dies, then she could adapt and beg for life. She was ready to throw away her dignity. They all were.

”…I…it… ” Venerable Bluecloud regained his spiritual sense, and he swept his senses towards Wei Wuyin instinctively. If this was an Earthly Saint in disguise, then running would be useless. However, what he discovered baffled him. He couldn ’t determine Wei Wuyin ’s cultivation base!

He could sense that he wasn ’t a Mystic Ascendant, and that he was still in the Mortal Realms, but he couldn ’t determine what stage. This caused him to further hesitate. He turned to Wu Yu, eyeing him with vigilance. But the middle-aged quasi Demi-Mortal Lord was silent, just amusingly watching.

He turned to see that his subordinates were all fighting for wind energies behind him. The voidship that belonged to his pavilion was released too, the people onboard were still unconscious, however. The celestial rogue was gone. It was truly gone.

He brought his one-armed, one-legged form upwards with his remnant powers, and started to fly away. He left Wu Yu ’s sphere of influence, landing on his voidship. Shocking him greatly. When he activated their formations and arrays, he was sent into an even greater stupor. 

Kun Yuming saw this and couldn ’t help but tremble fiercely, both her heart and body. What was this development?

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