Paragon of Sin

Chapter 675 - 670: Dangers Of The Dark Void

ld with a few calculated moves, but this has to be the single most impressive feat a mere mortal has ever accomplished in their lifetime.

If properly managed…


Unaware of the true value of the mine, Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin floated several hundred thousand miles away from Wu Yu in the Dark Void. Wei Wuyin had his eyes closed as he rode atop Bai Lin. The duo were silent. Their auras were insignificant, as if dead.

Bai Lin had her eyes completely closed. Despite her recent breakthrough, her control over her aura was sublime. 


The space surrounding them faintly trembled. There were ripples, subtle yet largely noticeable if paid close attention to. It was like the movements of a fish within clearwater, producing a wake of ripples. The ripples buffeted the two, but their auras, heartbeat, and thoughts remained entirely silent and concealed as if one with space itself.

The wake increased in intensity, being only a few hundred feet from the two. If one were to observe this phenomenon, it would seem as if a creature was swimming within space itself, hidden within its folds. After a while, the wake ’s intensity tittered off as if the tail-end of a serpent was all that was left.

Soon, the ripples vanished altogether. 

Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin remained utterly silent For a split second, Bai Lin stirred a little with a heave of relief. 

”…! ” Wei Wuyin used his hand and tightly clenched her back and pressed down heavily as a warning. She grew taut, once more returning to her silent, auraless state.

The ripples returned, even closer than before. The surface of Wei Wuyin ’s hexagonal scales was indented by the spatial force, pressing inwards as if smashed by a fierce hammer. Even Bai Lin ’s feathers rippled as if in a gust, but they remained completely still despite being pushed by the waves of space.

The wake of ripples lasted for a few minutes before vanishing again. This time, they remained like dead statues floating in the void-blank space, like asteroids without life or purpose. This state lasted for three days. 

Then and only then did Wei Wuyin open his eyes, his Celestial Eyes cautiously peering into the void-blank space. The faint grey light of void energies flowed within. His heart was racing like a thousand horses and his entire body was taut to the extreme.

Bai Lin let loose a soft sigh. 

”What the heck was that? ” She sent a mental message, terrified. They had been traveling when Wei Wuyin told her with the greatest urgency she ’d heard since they came against the mysterious wall that tore earth and sundered the sky in the Myriad Yore Continent. 

”… ” Wei Wuyin was still shaken a little. He knew the Dark Void was dangerous, holding untold and invisible dangers, but he couldn ’t fathom how close he was to suffering a deadly calamity without the slightest bit of warning from the Heavenly Daos. 

Was it far, far above the level of his Karmic Luck Value? He was once again reminded that the Heavenly Daos had limits and weren ’t entirely reliable. The words said by the Black Skeleton of the Temporal Reincarnator ’s fate once again echoed in his mind including his own alternative fate. If one lacked sufficient Karmic Luck Value to overcome certain calamities, exacerbated by one ’s own choices, then death was their only choice. 

His cultivation was a little too low to be recklessly exploring the void-blank space, let alone the mysteries of the Dark Void. He was a mere mortal after all; he ’s not supposed to be outside a starfield and the natural protections of a Solar Star.

If it wasn ’t for Kratos ’ warning, he and Bai Lin would ’ve met their untimely end. He couldn ’t quite see the existence clearly, but it looked like a long, slithering serpent with a length of several hundred miles that was traveling between the folds of fixed and chaotic space. Chaotic space was a concept that even some Ascended hadn ’t properly comprehended yet. 

Just like Bai Lin had rarely heard the urgency in his voice, he ’d never heard the panic in Kratos ’ voice. It urged him to remain silent, still, and concealed, using his bloodline powers to hide his presence, mimicking the aura of space itself and suppressing their auras to the minimum. 

Wei Wuyin made an internal sigh. ”I don ’t know. But lets not test our luck again, ” Wei Wuyin mentally communicated. When he left Wu Yu, he wanted to travel the Dark Void and check out if there were other fortuitous encounters here before following the Heavenly Daos influence, but after coming this far, he was met with a strange creature and Kratos ’ panicked warning. If beings like Star-Devourers existed, then other terrifying beings must too. 

With that in mind, he no longer decided to act adventurous as a mere mortal. The Heavenly Daos had set-up conditions where his life wasn ’t forfeited by such existences, so he had taken his months of safety for granted. That being said, with creatures like this present, it was a wonder how Void Hunters acted. Perhaps they had specific means to repel such existences.

He was still too ignorant. 

After a hefty heaving sigh of relief in avoiding death, he began to establish a Void Portal.

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