Paragon of Sin

Chapter 65: Couldnt Save You

His words effused a boundlessly vast arrogance, and exuded a might that held no quarter for negotiation.

Qin Shui frowned, a tinge of anger in her eyes, but before she could respond, the elderly man calmly spoke: ”I hope you can forgive us for our confusion, but we don ’t know who these ’women ’ of yours are nor who you are. ” His words were polite and filled with a mild sense of respect.

Wei Wuyin was calmly regarding the old man on the surface, but in his heart, he held praise. Not many people who had the full backing of their sect would ever regard or react in such a manner, ensuring the situation didn ’t spiral or descend into an unfavorable situation. Firstly, he wanted to deduce his identity and purpose.

If Wei Wuyin decided to push his arrogant stance further, then they would fully understand that he was here just to cause trouble. In that case, they would deal with him appropriately.

”What ’s your name? ” Wei Wuyin counter-asked.

The elderly man was taken aback, but his eyes remained calm as he delivered a slight bow of respect and introduced himself: ”My name is Jun Tianchou. ”

”Jun Tianchou, ” Wei Wuyin repeated with a slight nod. ”My name ’s Wei Wuyin, the Saber Ascendant. ”

”… ” A wave of silence emerged, with many brows furrowed in thought. The name Wei Wuyin wasn ’t some uncommon name. In fact, there were likely people with that exact name in the Jade Lotus Sect. What they cared about was his title. After all, a title was often unique to a single person and declared their accomplishments and legacy. Not to mention, only Mortal Gods had one.

Even after several dozen seconds had passed, they came up with nothing. Even Jun Tianchou, who was the oldest and most experienced, came up with not a single clue as to who this man was. It could be a cover for his true identity, but that seemed pointless to hide considering he was literally uncovered before them.

His silver eyes, black hair, tall figure, and handsome visage would definitely connect to some figure if they looked into it enough. It was rather redundant to lie about the name.

”Who are you here for, God Wei? ” The elderly man once more took the lead, asking another question. Since they didn ’t know who he was, he could be a recently ascended Mortal God, and believed himself invincible. In fact, this is what the others thought as well.

A handsome man with freckles sneered, his eyes revealing a dense degree of disdain and contempt. He didn ’t feel that they needed to pander. It would be best if they did away with Wei Wuyin and regain some of their prestige as intolerable towards troublemakers.

Wei Wuyin started to arrogantly grin, ”Dai Qiuyue and Jiao Ning. Bring them to me. ”

”… ” Despite saying this, none of the elders took action to move. Instead, they looked at Dai Fei and their expressions were varied and complex. To them, this was a plot devised by Dai Fei to free her doted on grandniece. Many of them held pity in their gazes as they looked at her, others felt she had lost her literal mind, and a few others shrugged with utter indifference.

To the last group, they didn ’t care about political moves like this, but it was just laughable that Dai Fei believed things would work out the way she wanted.

The handsome man with freckles laughed loudly. He looked towards Dai Fei and snorted, ”You resort to this? Are you dumb or stupid? Or maybe you ’re an idiot or a fool? A pathetic and brainless idiotic fool! ” His words were sharp and stabbed towards Dai Fei relentlessly.

He was the Mortal God who had a son that took a liking to Dai Qiuyue, but she had attacked him in defiance. Therefore, he had her imprisoned and restricted.

Dai Fei ’s expression instantly turned ugly at the man ’s barbed insults, her eyes filled with discontent and hatred, but she swiftly concealed it, regaining a neutral expression and calm eyes. It was as if the world could no longer bother her.

The young man coldly snorted after seeing Dai Fei shut down. He looked towards Wei Wuyin and said with disdain, ”You thought bringing a buffoon like this to back you up would solve your issue? Truly brainless, the both of you. ”

All the Mortal Gods, including the Vice Sect Leader remained silent, but even in their heart, they felt that Dai Fei was being too stupid to bring outside help.

The only one who gasped in shock was Dai Fei. Only she knew that Wei Wuyin was a Godlord. She also knew his physical body contained unfathomable levels of power, sending a protective gate flying that even Mortal Gods would have difficulty dealing with.

If this young man beside her had a cultivation base at the Sublime Qi Phase, perhaps her reaction wouldn ’t be so intense, but he didn ’t. She deeply feared Wei Wuyin would do something drastic because of this insult! This was especially so due to his arrogant front. How could he accept this affront to his intelligence and self?

Qin Shui noticed her reaction and frowned.

Wei Wuyin was mostly observing everything, waiting for a response, but then he was insulted for absolutely no reason. His eyes flashed with a vicious light.

”End him. ”


Two words. That was all it took for Bai Lin ’s golden eyes to glow with scintillating light, her golden beak to radiate a sensation of profound power, and she screeched ferociously. This screech contained an ancient bloodline force that caused all the hawks to freeze, their eyes dilated, and their hearts came to a stop for a brief moment.

The abrupt change caused the expressions of all the Jade Lotus Sect ’s upper-echelon to shift. Before they could react!


A golden beam of fiery light condensed from golden energy originating from Bai Lin ’s bloodline shot out from her mouth. The air was ruthlessly penetrated, creating an odd hymn resembling a lance cutting through the world. The beam was only the size of a fist, but it ’s movement was beyond swift.


The handsome young man ’s eyes widened in disbelief, a wad of blood erupted from his mouth and threatened to spill over. He touched his chest in utter disbelief, realizing that where his heart should be, there was now a gigantic hole that burned with golden light.

For Mortal Gods, they were still mortals. A fatal strike to the head and heart could still cause death.


Blood started to flow from his mouth like a river. Only then did he realize that he didn ’t just suffer a piercing attack, but his entire body had been impacted, causing his blood to go awry. In fact, a sizzling sound was emitted from the hole and the scent of burnt flesh wafted in the air.


He kneeled on the hawk ’s back. The light in his eyes faded by the microsecond. He wanted to say something, but the blood had swelled up into his mouth that it only came out as the sound of a drowning man. The world slowly darkened as he last sight was of the crane that had ended his life, looking at him with unfathomably grand levels of disdain and contempt. It resembled his own just a few seconds ago.

He slumped softly into his sizzling death, the hawk still frozen in the sky. Only after he had passed, did the hawks regain their composure, but their eyes filled with reverence unlike anything they ’ve ever revealed before. It was as if they had just greatly benefited from Bai Lin ’s screech.

”… ” Everyone ’s mouth was agape, even Su Mei. Only Wei Wuyin and Bai Lin were calm.

Su Mei expected Wei Wuyin to take action, but she never thought that Bai Lin, the crane they were riding, could instantly kill a Mortal God level character!

Wei Wuyin didn ’t bother to allow them to comprehend what had happened. Instead, he directly demanded, ”Bring me my women. I will not ask again. ” His tone was like an emperor speaking to peasants, disregarding their entire existence.

A surge of fear emerged in all of their hearts. The thoughts they had before had been completely subverted, changed into something far more fearful. That bird killed a Mortal God from one hundred meters away without any of them being able to react!

A spiritual sense swept by. It was powerful, containing traces of qi. It reached the hawks and Wei Wuyin who calmly hovered in the skies.

Wei Wuyin noticed this spiritual sense approach, his eyes infused with saber qi. He sent his spiritual sense outwards and clashed fiercely with the incoming spiritual sense. It was like a saber collided with a steel lotus, but the clash didn ’t last too long as the foreign spiritual sense was decisively sliced apart. Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual strength was enhanced by three Hearts of Qi, two of which were of the divine-type, how could it not obliterate its opponent?

From inside the Jade Lotus Sect ’s Grand Jade Palace, there was a middle-aged man dressed in white robes, his expression suddenly changed as he coughed several times. He held his mouth for several seconds, removing it to reveal traces of blood at the corners of his lips. His heart pounded with heavy shock.

This was Qin Feng, Sect Leader of the Jade Lotus Sect, and a legitimate Godlord. His spiritual sense was empowered by qi, yet it had been destroyed so easily and even the feedback forced him to directly cough blood! Indescribable fear welled up in his heart as he started to panic.

He felt that only a Godking level character or a supreme figure at the Godlord level could do such a thing. When he felt the death of an elder, he sent his spiritual sense to investigate. He did not expect to encounter such a fearsome foe.

As the Sect Leader of a Grand Sect, how could he allow his emotions to capsize his thoughts and sanity? In moments, he calmed down and suppressed his wild emotions, contemplating various things rapidly. He swiftly retrieved his transmission crystal, and immediately sent a message: ”Welcome the new guest fully! ”

He was crafty. Unwilling to make Wei Wuyin an enemy, he decided to make him a friend instead, at all cost! As for the death of a Mortal God? While yes, it did damage their foundation, if they could befriend this newcomer, wouldn ’t the gains far outweigh the losses?

Therefore, he acted without any hesitation.

His sister, Qin Shui, received the message that broke her out of the shock she was under. When she read it, her eyes that contained deep fear had immediately calmed down. She knew how her brother was, his overly cautious personality hence their low-key state since his reign, and thus she didn ’t hesitate in the slightest.

She took the lead, finally, and said: ”We apologize if God Lei had offended you. I hope his death has eased your heart! We will also charge him for his crimes of imprisoning Dai Qiuyue, and his entire family as well as an apology to you. ”

Her words caused the grand elders ’ hearts to turn cold. Not only was God Lei killed, his entire family was implicated in his death, to appease a stranger! How heartless!

However, when they recalled those two simple words and that beam of golden light from a mount, this caused them to understand the present circumstances. To have such a powerful mount, the rider had to be far more powerful.

He could be a Godlord or a Godking. If he was the former, then while it could cause some discontent, it was still rational as God Lei had already died, and he died due to his own uncontrollable mouth. If it was a Godking, then this was completely acceptable! Even if God Lei wasn ’t in the wrong.

After all, while the sixth phase and the ninth phase was divided by three stages, they were as far apart as heaven and earth. Furthermore, a Godking could level their entire sect.

Wei Wuyin coldly smiled. He had purposefully destroyed the Sect Leader ’s spiritual sense to establish his supremacy. That being said, he wasn ’t stupid enough to enter the Jade Lotus Sect ’s territory. They had qi arrays and spiritual formations established that could pose a danger to him.

So, he nodded and waited at the boundary.

Seeing Wei Wuyin ’s stance, Qin Shui ordered the elderly man and woman to handle matters swiftly. They were tasked with bringing Dai Qiuyue here. While she didn ’t know why he had gained an interest in her, men were oftentimes savage creatures who acted as they wished. Having harems filled with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of women.

Wei Wuyin stood quietly on Bai Lin. Su Mei looked at the gazes of respect and vigilance in the eyes of all these Mortal Gods. They had faint smiles on their faces, as if wanting to reveal their friendliness towards Wei Wuyin.

Her heart fiercely trembled. He had just killed a member of their sect in front of them, weakened their foundation, and they smiled. They smiled!

Was this power?

She was only at the Fourth Stage of the Qi Condensation Realm, and she never believed she could see a scene like this. When she turned to see Dai Fei, whose eyes were shining with all sorts of emotions, she felt completely out of it.

Dai Fei, a respected Mortal God to the people, seemed like a normal woman at the moment, revealing an admiring gaze at a handsome man.

Wei Wuyin noticed the aura shifted behind him. He turned towards Su Mei and saw her eyes emit a form of disbelief and realization of the world. He sighed in his heart.

He had the same degree of reverence and respect built into him since young, but his beliefs of cultivators at that level had slowly dissipated, being replaced with realism. There was no true difference between them and others, only power and status. They were still human, still mortals, just ones they can live longer and punch harder.

No wonder Divine King Han Xei called them False Gods of the Mortal Dao. It was aptly put.

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