Paragon of Sin

Chapter 693 - 688: Ideas Freedom Warmth

The torrential wave of golden liquid infused with sparkling stars and endless gossamers took over the entire world. Wei Wuyin ’s entire view, even his spiritual sense, was unable to grasp the sheer enormity of its size. He was overwhelmed and its arrival was imminent.

It was as if he was seeing the blood of the heavens, rushing towards him as if it was seeking him out like a predator. It barreled towards him with such twistedly forceful momentum that his heart and mind stilled as if it had been influenced by its time stopping effects. If he hadn ’t come to the conclusion that this event benefited him, he would ’ve thought that the Heavenly Daos had learned of his existence as a Bloodline of Sin Inheritor and was using its everything to crush him out of very imaginable reality!

Yet the sight before him produced some doubt. Was this the moment of his death? When faced with the possibility, no matter how slight, his heart and mind still flowed smoothly. He had no fear. He had no regrets. The mental images of Su Mei, Bai Lin, Na Xinyi, Xue Yifei, and all the others that were connected to him entered his thoughts. Be it his subordinates, his women, those he had yet to court, plans he had yet to complete, there was not a single negative thought of leaving them behind.

From the moment he saw his life end by Long Chen ’s hands, forced to be confronted with the reality that his death could happen at any time, he had decided to live his entire life without the concept of regret in his heart. He had done everything he could at this time, and if time or events didn ’t allow it, he wasn ’t dissatisfied or frustrated. When he overcame the Second Calamity, he overcame the last fetters of such restrictions. Without a single iota of such negative, contrived emotion nestled his Heart of Cultivation, he stood firm and revealed a faint upward arc on his lips.

The glint in his eyes wasn ’t peaceful, however, but revealed a determined light. The light within those silver irises were blazing at an unimaginable temperature, effusing out an immeasurable level of self-confidence. While Wei Wuyin had no regrets facing the possibility of death, in the same vein of thinking: he wasn ’t one to surrender to fate. 

Never again.

Kratos and Eden echoed his sentiments. Even while facing this gargantuan scene of golden liquid that seemed ready to snuff them out, their thoughts matched his own. Ori and King rumbled slightly, threatening to shatter their bindings completely. 

A will to go against all, even the heavens, for a chance to never regret manifested. With his pride brought to the forefront of his existence, he was willing to face anything and everything! The Heavenly Daos couldn ’t suppress such genuine momentum! 

Sometimes, events that weren ’t meant to stimulate certain aspects of someone ’s existence would. The Heavenly Daos ’ attempt to reward Wei Wuyin had triggered something within him, allowing him to realize that he was always directly facing an existence far, far beyond him. But as if staring at the sun, he wasn ’t fearful of its radiance and dared to challenge it! Just the thought alone was boundlessly beneficial to his mental strength.

In the future, he knew as a Bloodline of Sin inheritor, the Heavenly Daos will likely be an enemy of his whether he wanted it to or not. Witnessing the slightest trace of its power, exposed to such means, he had come to the realization of that eventuality. So even today, as a mere mortal, he refused to surrender with his heart afraid or his thoughts in disarray.

Be it the First Sinner, the Heavenly Daos, Unseen Divinities, or the entire cultivation world, he wouldn ’t have any regret or fear facing them! To his last breath…


Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts were deeply interrupted after the golden ocean of liquid crashed into him. It didn ’t move him the slightest, flowing around him like slithering eels and entering his glabella as a continuous stream. The speed at which the golden liquid decreased in quantity increased alongside the funneling intensity. Wei Wuyin felt the Heavenly Daos ’ presence closer than ever before.

When he faced the Heavenly Daos before, his entire existence, especially his mind and senses, would always be protected by the Bloodline of Sin ’s abilities via a strange symbol ’s power. Today, there was no such thing. He had never once felt its overwhelming presence before! 

The Bloodline of Sin didn ’t activate if it didn ’t need to! After all, this was a reward, nothing detrimental to him. But how could it or the Heavenly Daos know that Wei Wuyin had broken through its temporal fetters thanks to the dual profoundness of the Alchemic Dao infused with the Mind Dao and the Void Dao infused with the True Dragon ’s Divine Presence! Freeing both his mind and body through two Daos that exceeded its control!

The Heavenly Daos ’ presence felt extraordinary. It was hard to describe. But it felt, to him, like the first time he saw a cloud-piercing mountain mixed with the first time he met the Patriarch of the Wei Clan as a child. A feeling of awe and reverence. 

However, this lasted for a brief moment, fueling a desire to know more. A desire to seize this nigh-impossible opportunity. His silver eyes emanated a spiritual light as he directly connected with his Eye of Truth ’s spell formation, trying to perceive into the trend, meaning, and purpose of the Heavenly Daos.

The silver eyes of his were instantly tainted with a golden hue. Then, his eyes directly exploded! It didn ’t turn gorey and bloody, but shattered and exploded into solidified pieces like glass. The pieces further deconstructed into countless minute dust-like particles that glimmered with a faint silver light. Just a single glimpse of the Heavenly Daos had obliterated his eyes!

A mere mortal trying to glimpse into the secrets of the Heavenly Daos? It was as presumptuous as a mortal trying to enslave a divine beast! Utterly outrageous! Absolutely impossible! The only result was death by one ’s own hubris!

”Hmph! ”

Wei Wuyin coldly snorted, sneering in disdain. This snort didn ’t sound like him. It was as if an ancient being had replaced him, even his facial expression had become contemptuous and contained an amused smile unlike himself.

The stream of golden liquid entering his glabella froze for a brief moment after this snort, then it trembled. It wasn ’t out of fear, excitement, or rage, but just trembled without an ounce of emotional stimulation. It was as if it was interacted with by some ungodly variable, a self-imposed restriction.

The Eye of Immortality ’s formation, one of the three formations of the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity, formed from the dust-like particles that were formerly his eyes. At an absurd speed, the particles reformed into a pair of perfectly shaped silver eyes. In the briefest of moments, they returned to Wei Wuyin ’s eye sockets and he blinked. When he reopened his eyes, the golden liquid had finished pouring itself into his glabella.

The space had returned to normal, even time had resumed.


Bai Lin cried out in confused shock, realizing that Wei Wuyin had instantly shifted positions in her view, giving her a very strange sensation. What just happened?

Wei Wuyin ’s eyes remained steady, but his expression was thoughtful. He uttered a single word: ”Fuxi. ” The world faintly trembled, and Wei Wuyin could visually see the waves through his Celestial Eyes, but not any of his other senses. It was as if it wasn ’t even there. Without his Celestial Eyes, he wouldn ’t notice a thing.

Wei Wuyin looked at his palm, ”Magi. ” 

On his palm, the strange character for ’Magi ’ formed out of his astral force, constructed exactly as he recalled from the Records of Fuxi, the same book where he learned the Celestial Eyes of Spiritual Divinity and grasped the Eye of Illusion, Eye of Truth, and Eye of Immortality. 

Wei Wuyin ’s thoughts were fueled by these two words. A mystery that even he couldn ’t describe. A benevolent divinity of legends that was said to have taught various intricate and necessary things to living beings to thrive and a single word that resonated with his very soul. A character that no one else could understand, just like the symbols on the Bloodline of Sin tattoo.

Just now, when he glimpsed into the Heavenly Daos ’ true secrets, he suffered. Yet at the final bit, when his consciousness had almost faded entirely, with only a single trace of it remaining, a warmth suffused his entire soul and he returned.

He felt that warmth like a gentle hand. It placed itself on his soul, protecting him from the Heavenly Daos instincts to protect itself. Wei Wuyin knew that it was Fuxi. He instinctively knew, and even a soft, kind warning was left in his mind: ”Not yet, little one. ” 

Wei Wuyin clenched his open palm into a fierce fist, shattering the ’Magi ’ character into bits. But he wasn ’t angry, in fact, his eyes reflected his genuine excitement. What just happened was the Heavenly Daos ’ instinctual action to protect itself and its secrets, but those four words indicated that one day, he would have the ability to view it all!

How could one not be excited?!

The Inheritor of Sin is about fighting against the Heavenly Daos, but he felt that Fuxi represented something far, far greater. His worldview had just gotten so much bigger. And this furthered his interest in the Tiangou, the Star-Devourer. What connections does it have?

That being said, he still had to take it one step at a time. As long as he didn ’t meet a premature end, he trusted that all these questions he held in his heart would be answered. And if he did perish beforehand, it was okay all the same. As long as he set foot on the path with courage and will to see the end, no matter what happened, he ’d strive to live without regrets.

”…! ”

Wei Wuyin had nearly forgotten about his Karmic Luck Value. Since there wasn ’t any sensation or indication before during the unnamed Commander ’s demise, he expected something similar here, but his mind had forgotten that after being filled with all sorts of thoughts.

With a vigorous pull of his right sleeve, he looked at the Bloodline of Sin ’s tattoo. Last he checked, it was 14,220.5. A very high Karmic Luck Value.

Ba-dum! Ba-dum! Ba-dum!

His heart pounded thunderously.

Karmic Luck Value: 43,053.0.

First Calamity: Survived – 7/7.

Second Calamity: Claimed – 1/1.

Third Calamity: Suppressed – 43 Years.

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