Paragon of Sin

Chapter 694 - 689: Trueborn & Si Yang


An electrifying jolt coursed through Wei Wuyin ’s mind and body, forcing his pupils to dilate from the sheer disbelief he felt from this value. If his arithmetic was correct, and he believed it was, this was a gigantic leap of 28,832.5! Even when he ’claimed ’ the Second Calamity, his Karmic Luck Value only increased by 15,699.4! This was nearly two-times that!

His heart was wild, sent spiraling by this discovery. He hadn ’t thought that the reaping of Sinners was such a lucrative venture. A glint of interest, greed, and desire flashed within his eyes. A Karmic Surge, a Karmic Luck usage of above 1,000 in value, was sufficient to bring about incredible developments. With the manner of his Karmic Luck thus far, with just 210.1, he had obtained three Ascended subordinates, their network and connections, alongside an entire planet of Terra-Mystic Ore of an indeterminate value. 

By just flying through the Dark Void, he had come across a strange mark in the form of the ’War ’ character leading him to some unique, strange location. It was barely at the cusp of a Karmic Surge, signifying its astonishing significance. The last two times that Karmic Surges had caused Lin Ming to jump to become a Chosen of the True Element Sect despite losing almost all qualifications prior, while his own was spread throughout his existing subordinates. 

”… ” Wei Wuyin ’s excitement died down slightly. He instinctively felt the Bloodline of Sin avoided conflict with Karmic Sinners. Since his status as an Inheritor of Sin began, they had never been driven his way by the Heavenly Daos. Even the Unnamed Commander, if his theory was correct, had been influenced by the Heavenly Daos so that he avoided him.

Wei Wuyin couldn ’t be certain that this wasn ’t due to the Bloodline of Sin ’s manipulative means. In fact, he had only met Huangfu Jinwei while observing Long Chen, and only because his spiritual sense could reach half-way across the planet ’s surface and the Karmic Sin aura was so heinously thick. 

Still, forty-three thousand Karmic Luck Value was unimaginable. He wondered if this was enough to justify a second chance like the Blessed Temporal Reincarnator. If not, how much Karmic Luck did that Blessed Temporal Reincarnator have? How monstrous were they? 

”Kree… ” Bai Lin nudged her beak towards Wei Wuyin ’s shoulder, grabbing his attention. Broken out of his thoughts, he looked at Bai Lin and gave her a comforting caress. When he did, he felt a distinct weakness within her. Bai Lin had exhausted an enormous amount of bloodline and mental energies during this period. She needed to rest. 

Bai Lin, however, thrusted the golden bead held in her mouth towards him and gestured. She wanted him to take it. 

”What is this? ” Wei Wuyin enveloped his hand in a layer of astral force, grasping the golden bead no larger than a children ’s marble. He felt a strange yang essence within. It reminded him of that soft body and squealing moans of Jiang Feilan, sect master of the Sacred Light Palace and possessor of the Yin Renewal Physique.

However, the degree of energy within and its aura was on an entire level. His eyes manifested eight stars, observing the mystic qualities floating within the bead. When he saw it from this perspective, his expression changed. 

”Is this Yang Source Quintessence? From a Mystic Ascendant? ” He turned to Bai Lin, curiosity abounded. This was a crucial, vital, life-required aspect of any cultivator. He had researched certain Evil Methods before, especially Yin and Yang extract methods in the Myriad Monarch Sect. To extract a cultivator ’s Yang Source Quintessence should be, theoretically, impossible.

This was because it was invisible, adhered to the soul and extremely difficult to locate. As someone who could actively sense his own soul since he obtained the Bloodline of Sin, he was extremely familiar with the Yang Source Quintessence. In the notebooks and details of others, it was vaguely described as the source of all yang, only glimpsed upon when one established their Spirit of Cultivation. 

Through this, a cultivator ’s Spirit of Cultivation even has a faint connection to it, just like the soul itself.

While the Yang Source was tangible and vital, the location of one ’s Primal Yang that emits and generates Yang Energies, the Yang Source Quintessence was its birth. It was the blueprint of one ’s developed Yang Source. 

There was once an Evil Cultivator in the Everlore Starfield, the Dread-Birth Emperor, an Alchemic Emperor and renowned pioneer, had once stipulated that all things had a Quintessence, especially innate physiques. He theorized that obtaining this blueprint could allow a cultivator to reshape their own physique. However, no mortal had the means to come in contact with their souls except during Spirit of Cultivation creation. At that level, even if you wanted to extract it yourself, you had neither the power or means. 

Even the Haven Heart Qi Method, also known as the Multi-World Exalted Qi Method, required one to split pre-existing Spirits of Cultivation.

Therefore, when Wei Wuyin grabbed the bead, his expression drastically changed. ”A Yang Renewal Physique ’s Yang Source Quintessence? And from a Mystic Ascendant? ” What type of events happened in this short period? Did these Evil Cultivators find a way to extract this?!

Wait…even a Mystic Ascendant shouldn ’t be able to do this, right? Confusion immediately overtook him.

Bai Lin softly hummed, then she explained what happened with faint traces of killing intent leaking from time to time. Wei Wuyin was rendered speechless. But this only furthered his internal confusion. Even if he wanted to pull out his own Yang Source Quintessence, he wouldn ’t be able to. If he did, Hlhe might outright die. Furthermore, it ’ll disperse alongside his soul eventually.

”Is this a true Yang Source Quintessence? ” This doubt emerged. When it did, he was now aware of a few inconsistencies this quintessence had when compared with his own, not just the intrinsic infusion of mystic qualities. ”There are a myriad of methods and means in this world, do not limit your thinking to what you know or have been told. Be open, be mindful. ” He had to remind himself to not fall into the trap of the ignorant, recalling some teachings from his brother.

Expand one ’s thinking.

Expand the possibilities.

If inconsistencies exist, then there should be reasonable explanations. With something as conventionally shattering as the Multi-World Exalted Qi Method existing, his own Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill, then the creation and cultivation of an artificial Yang Source Quintessence was plausible.

When his thinking reached this point, his eyes brightened to a considerable degree. His grip around the Yang Source Quintessence had invigorated some ideas, as electrifying as his thoughts were towards the Foundation Engorging Evil Method! 

These ideas spiraled until an outline of a product formed. With every passing second, the brilliance in his Sea of Conscious became brighter as his mental energies were viciously expended. He had exhausted a vast majority of his astral force, but the innate mental energies within him were still abundant, refined, and powerful.

Eden supported his rapid thinking from his Sea of Consciousness, and in a single minute, thousands of calculations, deductions, and mental experiments were conducted. 

Jiang Feilan and Na Xinyi ’s images flashed through his mind! 

”I want to leave. ”

Those two words shook Wei Wuyin out of his mind, snapping back to reality, cancelling his Alchemic Stars of Spiritual Transcendence. Despite that, there was no dissatisfaction in his silver eyes or body language, only a faint smile and a shift of his attention. He found Yue Songli who had wiped away her tears, her alluring countenance still marred a little by her faintly reddened eyes. Yet it made her seem more enchanting and beautiful.

She stood tall, a hint of innate pride returning to her bearing. This caused Wei Wuyin to be somewhat confused. The alluring and seductive woman formed a stark contrast to this noble and proud sight. 

Wei Wuyin looked at her in those pink irises of hers, and Yue Songli stared back. They stared for a moment. Yue Songli ’s eyes almost quivered, about to look away and acquiesce, but Wei Wuyin spoke out just prior to that moment: ”I ’m not your warden, nor will I ever be. ”

Yue Songli ’s heart trembled. Her mind trembled. Her soul trembled.

Wei Wuyin added with a bright smile, ”You ’re free. You never have to ask for permission from me or seek my approval for anything if you don ’t want to. ” He walked forward, arriving a single meter from her. Despite her being a Mystic Ascendant, a being exceeding the Mortal Limits, Wei Wuyin had no fear before her.

Yue Songli ’s eyes were affixed to Wei Wuyin ’s handsome visage. She hadn ’t even realized that she had asked him to leave, so when he said those words, her core was shaken and a surge of indescribable emotion emerged in her heart. She also hadn ’t noticed that her lips and hands were faintly trembling. 

”Yue Songli… ” Wei Wuyin softly spoke, but every word was as clear as if spoken from a speakerphone.

Yue Songli instinctively replied, ”…yes? ” 

Wei Wuyin smiled, ”I know you have a home to return to, people are likely looking for you, awaiting your return, so I won ’t be long-winded: I ’ve decided to pursue you, making you mine one day. After I ’ve done so, I really do wonder what painting you ’ll make then. ” 

”… ” Yue Songli was speechless, but her heart was pounding in her chest non-stop, even being betrayed by the jiggles of her two exceptional mounds of flesh. After several minutes, which to her felt like seconds, she regained her original self. A refreshing feeling of having a choice suffused her being.

”I ’ve heard countless prestigious figures amongst men say such things, but no man has conquered me yet. Let ’s see if you have what it takes for me to make a painting for you. ” Her hands and lips grew steady, enlivened by a strange, unfathomably amazing sensation. She hadn ’t even realized that she had subconsciously admitted to Wei Wuyin ’s pursuit, even betraying her acceptance of him.

After all, Wei Wuyin never said she needed to make a painting for him.

Wei Wuyin put on a surprised expression, catching even Yue Songli off-guard, and then he rubbed his lower chin and lowered his eyes in contemplation. ”It seems your background isn ’t so simple. There must be some obstacles, huh? I guess I ’ll have to work hard then. ” 

Yue Songli ’s surprise was transformed into a warmth, and she gave a gentle smile, ”Yeah you will. I won ’t be with anyone that isn ’t an Ascended, at least. And my family will not accept a nobody. ” 

Wei Wuyin nodded as if expecting those words, but he felt those words might not hold up, especially if he had anything to do about it. Yue Songli gazed at Wei Wuyin for a long moment. A silver-eyed mortal, with a bird of fire as a stead, strode into her prison cell and freed her from centuries of captivity. She felt this was a fantasy, a dream to which she ’ll wake up from tomorrow morning. 

When this thought entered her mind, she felt more and more uncertain. But a warm hand grasped her own, bringing her back to reality as she felt a pulsating yang energy of such magnitude that her cultivation became unintentionally stimulated, blushing from her arousal. 

”Where can I find you? ” Wei Wuyin ’s invasive actions, deliberate or not, shattered her doubts. She felt this was now as real as her own heartbeat. 

With a shy gaze, ruining her noble and proud demeanor, she quietly said: ”Soul-Saint Domain, Worldbreaker Lordhall. ” After saying this, her heart calmed down, but she didn ’t move her hand away.

Wei Wuyin nodded, ”Then I ’ll find you there. But remember my name, don ’t want you to forget me. ”

Yue Songli pouted slightly, revealing a fresh cute appearance away from her usual enchantress one, ”I know. Wei Wuyin. I ’m a genuine Ascended, so I won ’t forget. ” After saying that, she felt Wei Wuyin release her hand. For a moment, she felt an emptiness in her heart.

But then a wave of discovery filled it, she looked at her ring finger to find a spatial ring settled there unbeknownst to her. ”What ’s this? ”

”If you ’re ever in trouble, just shatter the spiritual crystal within. Okay? ” After saying this, Bai Lin walked over and gave Yue Songli a once-over in a close-up manner. 

Yue Songli was scared of this beast. She saw it unleash planet-sized flames and outright kill four Ascended…As for how many were killed in that flame-filled Shadow Egg, she hadn ’t seen a single masked figure while the two were escaping. Those flames were extremely precise. Terrifying!

Bai Lin saw the vigilance in her eyes, nodding contently. ”She already understands the pecking order. I like her. And she ’s even bigger than Little Da! ” 

When Wei Wuyin received that mental transmission, he didn ’t know whether to laugh or cry. Did you see all my women as mounts? Are you at the lead of that? And what do you mean bigger? In height and thickness, she was lacking, but maybe…yep, guess those things were a little bigger. Was he developing Long Chen ’s taste? He was truly unable to stop himself from laughing.

He turned to the puzzled Yue Songli, ”She likes you. ”

A soft sigh of relief left Yue Songli ’s lips. 

”Can you get home by yourself? Will that organization follow you or attempt to recapture you? ” Wei Wuyin asked with some concern. While he was certain that she shouldn ’t have any problems, even faintly expectantly preparing to find another base if those things did happen, he feared she might suffer further. She could even be…

Yue Songli shook her head with absolute confidence, ”I ’ll be fine. And the Trueborn won ’t be able to do a damn thing after I return home. I hope they try, though. Even if they don ’t, I won ’t let them off. ” Her eyes flashed with scornful killing intent. 

Wei Wuyin didn ’t doubt her. But his eyes brightened somewhat, ’Trueborn? Is that the name of the organization? ’ He felt that he had just embroiled himself into something huge. After all, they had captured at least two Ascended, tens of millions of cultivators, and had five stationed here while in the Ninestar Starfield. This organization didn ’t seem insignificant. But there was not a single trace of regret in his heart. 

Yue Songli soon left in a concealed and stealthy manner, leaving Wei Wuyin, Bai Lin, and the unconscious Yang Growth cultivator.

Wei Wuyin directed the Voidship away after watching her depart. ’Worldbreaker Lordhall? Huh. ’

Several minutes after their departure, a few figures emerged out of thin air by the melted and barely held together Shadow Egg.

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