Paragon of Sin

Chapter 710 - 705: Soldier Of War Dragonborn Saintess


Within the Soul-Rising Domain, outside the planet known as Blueglow ’s atmospheric layer, a white and golden winged creature of twenty-two meters in height.

”We ’re here! ” The exuberantly youthful voice of Bai Lin sounded out, causing the sleeping Wei Wuyin to awaken. He was laying on Bai Lin ’s back, hurdled into sleeping posture, and when his silver eyes revealed themselves to the world, the ever-flowing, explosively radiant spiritual light leaked. 

Those gorgeous eyes of his were hidden once again, sealed behind his eyelids and a uniquely flickering spiritual formation inscribed on his eyelids. Wei Wuyin softly sighed. Not even rising from his resting position, he said: ”Bring us directly there. ” 

Unlike before, Wei Wuyin had no intentions of stopping at a nearby city to seek out information regarding the ’War ’ character and any suspicious events lately. He was usually cautious, wanting to see if he could pry some clues to this karmic luck fortune. But with the influential urges the Heavenly Daos was sending to him, he decided to face it directly. There was no time for further detours.

Since he took the transcendent Soul Deity Invoker Elixir, an entire month had passed by. He couldn ’t delay any longer than he already has, and the thunderous and continuously pounding influential urges sent to him by the Heavenly Daos further his belief in this. If he waited any longer, he might miss this fortuitous chance entirely, so he left the Vanishing Colossus along with Bai Lin, leaving Yao Houyi cultivating on the Vanishing Colossus. They flew through the Dark Void at full speed for the last three weeks to arrive here.

He deeply wanted to open a Void Portal, but the distance was just too great with the restrictive means established by the Ninestar Starfield. He had drained himself earlier by transporting a few tens of thousands of miles with Bai Lin, himself, and Yue Songli before. He might outright fail and exhaust his Bloodline Source in attempting to do so. He couldn ’t risk either occurrence.

To prevent any uncertainties or conflict that might ruin his plans after leaving, he ordered the Vanishing Colossus to dock and focus on cultivating. He had to spend roughly a week of restlessness to concoct millions of fifth and sixth-grade alchemical products to provide for the crew. He hadn ’t realized it before because he mostly concocted ninth-grade products, but concocting fifth and sixth-grade products was absurdly easy.

He could even split his attention to dozens of cauldrons and simultaneously concoct using the Thirty-Three Heavenly Concoction Method, allowing him to produce thirty-three products in the span of his typical single concoction. For products of that grade, that was a few seconds at most. 

In a few seconds, he could, using dozens of cauldrons simultaneously, concoct over a thousand products. In a week, more than a few million products were made. While they were merely fifth and sixth grade products, the materials used for them being terrifyingly abundant, this feat would cause every alchemist in the stellar region to reel in horror. It was just a pity that fifth and sixth-grade products did not contribute to Utmost Purity Mist growth.

Regardless, he ensured that each crewmate swore oaths of silence regarding the products, and he left them all in the hands of his two lieutenants to be orderly distributed. Unlike the Mystic Ascendants from the Treasured Light Starfield, the sheer numbers of these pirates forced his hand in using oaths to regulate information and loyalties.

This was the first time that Wei Wuyin realized that his means to develop lesser-tiered forces was astoundingly high, and the abundant resources that existed, containing volatile energies and essences that couldn ’t be used effectively, allowed this to occur. While he had used products before to bribe and network his way through influence and authority, he had never concocted at full speed with the intention to provide for millions of cultivators before. 

He had only concocted what he, his Ascendants, his lovers, and those useful to furthering his goals, mostly focusing on advancing his own cultivation base or skills in the Alchemic Dao. This only reaffirmed his confidence of using the Vanishing Colossus and those Mystic Ascendants as the beginning of his plans. 

Bai Lin shot directly into Blueglow ’s atmospheric layer, piercing the planet ’s defenses. There was a faint flickering layer of light before it shattered like glass, her body ’s forward momentum was unable to be halted. Wei Wuyin didn ’t care about being low-profile or going through the arduous and lengthy task to gain official entry to the planet like before. 

The various forces on Blueglow were alerted, but considering the planet ’s defenses were shattered, those weaker forces only sent word to the Spiritwalker Hall, the ruler of Blueglow and the eight other nearby planets. 

Blueglow was a rich planet, in terms of resources and cultivators, being the home of numerous halls ranging from the lowest hall to a Mystichall, overseen by Mystic Star Phase cultivators. 

Bai Lin ’s flight soon took her to a specific location. It was a location without the slightest trace of living activity. A vast, grassy plain that stretched for hundreds of miles. However, it was seriously devoid of materials. Even the air itself felt odd.

When the closed-eyed Wei Wuyin arrived, his eyebrows abruptly lifted. Bringing his palm to his face, he observed it with his eyes still closed, using his spiritual senses as a substitute. The ’War ’ character was glittering with a star-like, almost cosmic radiance. It exuded traces of strange intent aura, a mixture of them. 

Wei Wuyin found it familiar, but he couldn ’t quite recall where or when he had felt something similar. ”It ’s here, ” he said. 

Bai Lin let loose a clarion cry, and landed with flapping wings. She twisted her neck here and there to observe the vast, open grassy plains yet found nothing in particular. She expected some grand location, probably a palace or gate of some sort. 

Wei Wuyin lifted himself from Bai Lin, his eyes remained closed as he swept his spiritual sense throughout the hundreds of miles in seemingly empty land. He couldn ’t find anything either, but the reaction from the ’War ’ character on his palm and the stellar map that led him here was true.

He did learn something interesting from the young-looking cultivator ’s memories about Blueglow. According to him, it was an ancient planet. One of the few known planets that had a long history dating before the Ninestar Starfield ’s founding. 

Moreover, it had no artificial makers on its surface or core. This indicated that it was a naturally formed planet developed after the stellar region ’s birth. Since roughly 95% of the planets in this starfield were created by Ascended, having either extracted the small amounts of Origin Essence within naturally forming planets or merging them into their own creations, this was a fascinating discovery.

It only furthered Wei Wuyin ’s belief that this ’War ’ character and its fortuitous chance had unfathomable implications. The only issue he couldn ’t understand was…why did it seek him out? 

It didn ’t make any sense, because it felt targeted. Even if the Heavenly Daos manipulated it, these karmic luck deductions are results of its influence, not downright created out of thin air. 

”… ” Wei Wuyin walked around, Bai Lin next to him, as he held the ’War ’ character out. He wanted to see if any reaction would happen, because he didn ’t know how to activate or use this. 


A deep, droning sound erupted, causing the wind currents to grow sporadically violent. Wei Wuyin ’s robes were lifted and fluttered about, and in moments, he was surrounded by a twisting hurricane of raging winds. Bai Lin cried out, but she found herself being pushed back by the winds.

Her golden eyes blazed with nirvanic flames, her feathers showed signs of igniting into flames! 

”Wait! Bai Lin, retreat! I ’m okay! ” Wei Wuyin shouted to Bai Lin, feeling the temperature of the area start to rapidly increase. He didn ’t want her to force her way into this or cause her to suffer from this unknown event. 


Bai Lin let loose a soft cry, her feathers receded their flames, and her eyes dimmed. She shot backwards and watched patiently from the skies. Within her gaze, she saw a hurricane engulf Wei Wuyin. But there was no eye, the entire hurricane was just twisting winds. 

”Be safe! ” She sent a mental transmission, but it was ripped apart by the wind. She felt uncomfortable and even winced a little. Her heart felt pressed by a heavy weight, but she trusted Wei Wuyin, so she listened. 

Wei Wuyin was enveloped by the wind, but it didn ’t harm him. There were streams of light emitted from his palm and they protected him like armor. Wei Wuyin ’s eyes remained closed, but his senses were still exceptionally potent. They brought him to an object within his spatial ring. 

It was a sealed box and it was currently glowing with white light. He instantly recalled this box ’s origins. 

”Long Chen? ” 

Just as he was about to speak, the ground beneath his feet glowed brightly with a multi-colored light. If he had his eyes opened, he would ’ve been blinded by its incredibly high radiance. He felt his entire body be enveloped by a unique spatial power, and it was very active in a similar manner as his own Spatial Shift! He was about to be transported!

Bai Lin watched it all from the skies, and her golden eyes widened as she observed the white light forming beneath Wei Wuyin. While Wei Wuyin couldn ’t tell, she saw the character formed by the light. It read: ”Soldier. ”


A cylindrical pillar erupted, exploding upwards with the thickness of a mile! Bai Lin was pushed back powerlessly, sent flying off and heavily smashed against the ground. The entire world experienced an earthquake!

When she regained her bearing, the pillar was gone, the hurricane was gone, and Wei Wuyin was gone….

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