Paragon of Sin

Chapter 723 - 718: Soldier Of War Jing Jiu

The Infinite Void Wings lifted, shaking once, and then expanded to fifteen meters in length. The expansion caused space to tremble, causing the nearby soldiers to feel as if they were swept by a breeze. They glanced at Wei Wuyin ’s scaled form, yet they weren ’t too startled by his appearance, but the gushing spiritual sense emitted from his body. 

”Its really a Spiritualist! ” A soldier of that strange race exclaimed from over six hundred meters away, disengaging from battle against a titan and retreating. The titan was almost killed by the soldier, their tendons severed by the quick, agile movements of its daggers. Unable to move effectively, their deaths were all but decided just then.

However, when the titan soldier realized that its life was spared, it felt the gushing wave spiritual strength descend. Unable to contain its shock, a wisp of fear emerged on the soldier ’s expression as they turned to note Wei Wuyin and the congealing space.

”A Spiritualist! ” However, unlike the star-pupil race ’s fear and horror, there was excitement and elation within their voice. This type of event wasn ’t abnormal either, with many non-titans retreating in unison after noticing Wei Wuyin ’s spiritual sense sweep against them. Under the assumption that a Spiritualist had noted them, they outright retreated as if priorly instructed, as if they were trained to do so with an extensive regiment. 

Their hectic and hasty retreats prioritized themselves, giving all the losing titans within a kilometer or so range some reprieve. This allowed the entire Company of titans that Wei Wuyin descended with to breathe out sighs of relief after seeing Wei Wuyin ’s existence. While those from other battalions were awed and used this time to group amongst themselves. 

The female titan was already injured, suffering a blade wound to the neck that threatened to sever her head from her shoulders. However, she was still standing while a corpse of a star-pupil race was lying beneath her feet. She was triumphant, and her eyes were blazing with fighting spirit. When she noticed the frightful retreats of the other races, the female titan glanced at Wei Wuyin and clenched her fist. 

Wei Wuyin ’s body has unleashed the limits of his Spiritual Strength that King and Kratos could release, and it allowed him to fix to the archer in the distance. However, he was internally shocked by the conclusions that the others were reaching. Moreover, the titans everywhere were completely unafraid, even those not from his company. 

He was slightly confused. Did the titans have a way to differentiate allies and enemies? Because he couldn ’t! Despite his spiritual sense being pushed to the limits, he wasn ’t able to sense any form of difference except racial auras, but he wasn ’t emitting a titan race ’s aura, so this led to his confusion.

Unable to figure it out, he decided to set it aside for now. After all, he had a clear differentiation: those who ran were enemies! With a heavy breath, he accepted the pain emitting from his body due to the elevation of his spiritual strength. With a flap of the Infinite Void Wings, he lifted into the air by a meter, and then bent slightly. With an explosive push, he flew towards the archer!

The human archer too noticed this strange development, having just ran away after failing to down a scaled enemy that might have been a Spiritualist, already establishing a fair bit of distance between them rather quickly. However, he felt the torrential outpour of inspective spiritual sense sweep past him and his expression paled. 

He saw the grey-scaled soldier blitz towards his direction, its sense focused solely on him. The other human soldiers noticed this, and their expression grew incredibly tense, especially those from the same unit and company as this human archer. He, too, was a squad leader. 

”Prepare the Anti-Spirit Pulse Flags! ” The human archer shouted out, keeping his composure despite his fear. Those within his squad hesitated for a moment, but they reacted with renewed vigor. There were five human soldiers that acted, both male and female, dressed in green robes, not in the strangely designed armor of the human archer. They gathered together in a pentagonal shape, forming a single hand-seal while facing Wei Wuyin ’s approaching figure. They each held a small, two inch flag that was black with a cyan-colored edge.

The archer was at the center, his bow in hand, and an arrow nocked. The fires of battle ignited within his eyes. ’If I can kill an enemy Spiritualist, I ’ll be greatly rewarded by the War Spirit! ’ He pulled his bowstring back with an arrow, forming a full crescent-shape. The arrow ’s shaft was silver in color, emitting out interesting spatial fluctuations, but its tip was void black, like it reflected all light.

Wei Wuyin had just commenced his flight, soaring past the three races without hesitation. While some ran, the titans cheered and their morale was lifted. These Spiritualist cultivators must be extremely powerful, or outright troublesome to deal with.

When he sensed the pentagonal formation with the archer at the center, at the ready and not retreating in the face of his pursuit, he was intrigued yet his expression darkened. If they weren ’t afraid of him, then their means to deal with him must be reliable! 



He wasn ’t an actual Spiritualist.

Almost losing himself in the hype, he sped forward even faster, nearly doubling his speed. He was just a hundred or so meters away from the squad of six, and his claws glinted with saber light. 

”Activate! ” The moment Wei Wuyin reached just shy of fifty meters, still soaring fairly low to the ground, the human archer barked out this order. The humans in his squad roared, causing a series of explosive booms as a raw, unrefined spiritual strength pulsed outwards from them. It formed a sphere that expanded continuously, causing the area it engulfed to darken.

Wei Wuyin immediately realized his spiritual sense was being consumed, outright destroyed and he was unable to glean any information regarding their existence. This startled him and he faltered slightly. They had ways to negate spiritual sense?! He felt his Spirit Units dissolve at its foundation, as if it met its absolutely bane. 

He was unable to gauge why this was happening. Yet was soon engulfed, and his Spiritual Strength within his body felt as if it was shut down for a moment. When this happened, effectively blinded, his senses felt unprecedented danger.


While his spiritual sense was eliminated, his spatial awareness was completely there. Without any hesitation, he halted his forward momentum and lifted his hand, clenching his fist fiercely before his face. 


A gust of spatial winds smashed against his face. If a normal cultivator were to be brushed by these spatial winds, the violent currents of spatial energies, they would have their flesh severed thoroughly in numerous, uncountable pieces. Yet the spatial winds merely battered his Draconic Void Form and caused only a slight breeze to be felt. 

”An arrow? ” Wei Wuyin had caught the shaft of an arrow. It had somehow merged with fixed space, arriving before him in the same manner as his Spatial Shifting. It was locked onto him through a Spatial Lock, so it would only come in contact with him and nothing else. This was an extremely terrifying object that could bypass almost all defenses and strike its target. 

If it wasn ’t for his extremely high Spatial Resonance and Void Dragon instincts, he would ’ve had his head pierced through! In this location where spiritual sense was hindered, astral force was suppressed, and one could only rely on their physical abilities, this arrow was king. There was likely no cultivator here that wasn ’t an Ascended being that could survive. 

”H-he…he…STOPPED IT! ” A female human amongst the group of six shouted in flustered terror in her voice. She was fully aware that the Void Slaying Arrow was not an object non-Ascended beings could hope to survive when targeted, and even Ascended beings caught off-guard would lose their lives. 

If its a Spiritualist, they would certainly notice the movement of fixed space through their spiritual sense, even impede the trajectory of the arrow naturally through their spiritual strength, but they had used the Anti-Spirit Pulse Flags! These were Mystic-Graded Talismans that were one-time consumable items that could establish an area completely dissolving spiritual strength and sense! To ensure it succeeded, they even used six at once!

She was terrified as the small flag crumbled like dust in her hand. Without any hesitation, she ran away! Her legs were in full sprint as she hadn ’t even awaited the order to retreat! From how she moved, she might be wishing she had four legs.

The others were still in awe and shock, unable to believe that Wei Wuyin dealt with this move so easily, so they were slower. Were Spiritualists this terrifying?! No wonder they were given run-on-sight orders! With scrambling haste, they fled in different directions.

However, their Squad Leader, the human archer, was breathing heavily, his expression pale, and his eyes dim. He had released that arrow in this strict environment, causing him to be entirely drained of strength. He wanted to scream out for them to take him with them, but he didn ’t even have the strength to speak. 

He regretted hiring outsourcing for an elite squad and not nurturing a set of his own deathsworn, but there was no pill for regret. Moreover, it wasn ’t easy to cultivate five peak Astral Core Realm experts of suitable strength that wouldn ’t be a hindrance here. 


Wei Wuyin soon arrived before the human archer with a steady landing.

”So this is how I die? In this godforsaken Battlefield? Me? Haha, ” the human archer had seemingly given up as he chuckled. He directly kneeled on both knees, causing a slight stir in the dirt, and lowered his head as if in total defeat, letting his helmet fall powerlessly to the side. Without a shred of energy in his body, without a will to fight, it seemed this enemy had truly surrendered.

Wei Wuyin, however, kept five meters of solid distance between them. He thought for a moment. Then, his body trembled slightly. He started walking forward to arrive before the human archer with his claw glinting with saber light.

Just as that claw was about to fall, the human archer lifted his head in a rapid fashion, his eyes glinting with lively light that foretold no surrender. Without his helmet, his handsome countenance was in full display, including those green eyes of his that contained an unfathomable charm. Those eyes were definitely filled with the utmost self-confidence, not defeat or weakness. 

”I win. ” The human archer grasped a small flag, this one three inches in height, with a triangular shaped flag covered in blue light.. The human archer activated the flag, causing the entire area of ten meters with him as the center to be inundated by blue light.

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