Paragon of Sin

Chapter 747 - 742: Soldier Of War Crucial Questions

possibility of this occurring nor formulate a response.

”So it ’s never been considered. There must be some way to declare war. There ’s no item limited to Commanders for it, so it doesn ’t seem restricted to them. Can you tell me how? ” Wei Wuyin deduced with a contemplative expression. 

The War Spirit was still dazed by the question, unable to grasp a reason as to why this question even existed. However, it was trained to respond to Soldiers and Commanders of War, and there had been Commanders who had asked about this detail in their ignorance or to see if they could take advantage of the initiation. 

”To begin the Nexus War, one must issue a declaration of war to the Obelisk of War. Then, the 10,000 War Spirits will be summoned. Afterwards, they ’ll fan out to the Zones of War. There is no restriction on the established rank to do so. ” The War Spirit ’s answer caused Wei Wuyin to frown. 

He wondered if ancient members of the Battlefield tried to launch an assault at the time of their summoning. But that wasn ’t actually very smart at all. An army was at its strongest together, so it was foolish to face them as a singular whole. It would be better to divide and conquer if one had a proper army.

However, this meant Commanders had a choice. They could face them in direct battle or launch all types of warfare, such as guerrilla tactics, subterfuge, environmental manipulation, and various fielding movements of forces to gain an advantage. 

It verified his own assumption, causing him to sigh with relief. If the Spirits of War were automatically dispersed through spatial shifting to populated locations, equalizing the battlefield like the original Battlefield, then summoning the Spirits of War would be a death sentence to everyone here and he ’d be forced to escape.

He had two plans; neither worked if the Spirits of War were segregated from each other. This meant he had a window of opportunity. 

”Next question: the Spirits of War, are they real beings? Are they subjected to exhaustion, confusion, frustration, incorrect decision making, real-time decision making, or vulnerable to energies, poisons, and hazardous environments? ” This question was absolutely critical. 

The War Spirit wasn ’t foreign to this question either. While most of the time it was divided, it hadn ’t skipped a beat before answering: ”The Spirits of War are designed to react as Ascended beings would. There is no difference between them and yourself in the foundation of your weaknesses and strengths. ” 

Wei Wuyin nodded elatedly. ”Two more questions: Eliminating Spirits of War accrue War Souls, correct? And will I have the opportunity to use my War Souls after I observe the Obelisk of War? ” 

”Yes, to both. ” The War Spirit answered succinctly. It further added, ”Claiming victory also rewards War Souls. ” 

Wei Wuyin expected that, so he delved into his last question: ”How many acts of killing allies forfeit my life? ” 

”… ” This was the first time the War Spirit was asked this, and if Wei Wuyin could see its expression, he would be quite amused. On the Nexus Battlefield, all Soldiers of War were allies, and typically, killing your allies was a sin punishable by summary execution in an army. However, accidents occurred and friendly fire happened. 

Thus, there was certainly leeway to the act. In the chaos of the battlefield, in the thick of the bloodshed, accidents were bound to happen. 

The War Spirit, however, answered after recomposing itself: ”The act of fragging is limited to eight times. Not counting accidental, honestly judged upon mistakes. However, the life of a Soldier of War and Commander of War has value on the Battlefield. They will not be subjected to punishment as long as they contribute to the Nexus War. In the case of their departure prior to earning contribution, upon submitting one ’s leave of the Battlefield, one will be judged. Then, the Soldier of War will be executed promptly. ”

Wei Wuyin wryly smiled. This was consistent with his own assumption. That sadistic woman or Guan Yu will likely be executed upon attempting to leave, but those outside would just assume they were killed by others. It was the distortion of the Nexus Battlefield, suffused with desperation, that led people to do this. That said, it didn ’t mean it was allowed. 

”Most would escape, however, ” Wei Wuyin commented to himself. Killing the sadistic woman was sufficient to depart without any issue. As long as someone killed one or two soldiers that had killed two or one soldier respectively, one would be beneath the threshold even if they killed minimal War Soul new arrivals.

However, those who actively hunted others, such as Guan Yu and the sadistic woman were going to die. Considering Guan Yu hunted newbies, having over a thousand War Souls, chances are he was marked for execution. 

Unless…he contributed to the Nexus War, fighting against the 10,000 Spirits of War. Which was another death sentence in and of itself. 

”I seek to return to the Nexus Battlefield, War Spirit. ” Wei Wuyin hadn ’t bought anything, merely gaining knowledge of what was available. Why? Because he had too little War Souls at the moment, and the things on the Soldier ’s List weren ’t worth it in his eyes. 

”Leave? ” The War Spirit was stunned. It had spent all this time explaining things and listing out all the available items, then he sought to leave? Just like that? It was a little peeved. It harrumphed out, and this would ’ve certainly induced a massive headache to Wei Wuyin, but due to the filtering, all he heard was an adorable little girl harrumphing in a minor tantrum.

It was unbearably cute. 

Before he could react, he was engulfed by multicolored light.

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