Paragon of Sin

Chapter 770 - Afterword & Alternative Event

”How frustrating, ” Wei Wuyin scowled as he sat in a beam of light, traversing through the fixed space at an extraordinarily swift pace. At the moment, his current emotions were fueled by anger and vexation, cursing at his Sea of Consciousness. 

”You couldn ’t have been a little clearer on what ’return ’ meant? ” Those words were mentally spoken. To be exact, it was sent directly to a golden-colored egg that resembled a pigeon ’s. It had strange silver characters of an unidentifiable, undecipherable nature, greatly resembling an Obelisk of War. These characters were etched on its smooth surface, and it was enveloped by seven-colored roots that was Eden ’s Spirit of Cultivation ’s form. 

This egg was nestled firmly within his Sea of Consciousness, floating within the refined mental energies of his and slowly absorbing bits of it. It was like a thirsty bird as it somehow sipped at his mental energies with a strange gusto. The egg acted as if his mental energies were an exceptional delicacy for it.

”… ” Wei Wuyin was left with no response, in spite of his discontent. The golden egg was the so-called Heavenly War Spirit that cost a whopping 5,000,000 War Souls. After obtaining it, the War Spirit had asked if he was ready to return very excitedly, furthering Wei Wuyin ’s assumption that the Heavenly War Spirit was the War Spirit itself, likely one of many. He decided to stay for a while and made a series of pricey exchanges. The three lists still had many things he wanted, such as the War Talisman and Seed of War, the genuine article. 

Wei Wuyin had spent the vast majority of his War Souls on various exchanges, leaving quite satisfied. While the second life was enticing, he decided against using 8,000,000 War Souls on the purchase. There were far too many other things he could exchange and actually use. 

That said, he was currently ’returning ’ to the location where he had departed from—Planet Blueglow. Supposedly, after finishing a war, unless one was selected to participate in a greater battlefield, like the Nexus Battlefield, returning meant the end of service. A retiring soldier. 

This meant he ’d lost his chance to make last-minute contact with Guan Yu and the mysterious woman. He still hadn ’t learned her name either. Fortunately, he had given Guan Yu a spatial ring and informed him to keep it on his person or in a safe location at all times. If Guan Yu lived in another Galactic Zone than the Azure-Prime Galactic Zone, as he expected, then that would serve as a beacon to locate him. 

The reason why he didn ’t bother asking more questions about Guan Yu ’s homeworld and circumstances was purely due to his thoughts being hyper-focused on maximizing his benefits in the Nexus Battlefield. He had also assumed that after the Nexus War, they ’d have time to talk for a long period of time. 

It was unfortunate that he was wrong. Additionally, when he saw the Obelisk of War and understood what it was for, then Guan Yu and that mysterious woman could be cultivating for years, perhaps even decades. He didn ’t doubt this possibility. Thus, he decided that this might be best. 

Moreover, returning to the titan ’s camp might cause him to be interrogated about his purpose in the original Battlefield. After all, he had detonated far too many pellets.

”It is what it is, ” Wei Wuyin finally calmed himself down long enough to reflect on all these events. Even if one expected to do something, it didn ’t mean they would be able to. Life was just like that. 

He began to assess his gains in this trip, finding himself quite satisfied. The most significant and readily apparent benefits were certainly the mystic-graded spatial rings. He knew from Wu Yu that these things were practically non-existent in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. This was clearly different in the Azure-Prime Galactic Zone.

Then, his learned knowledge was the second greatest benefit. The most notable of this category was cultivation knowledge, including knowledge of Astral Idols and requirements for certain stages of the Mystic Ascendant Realm.

For the Worldly Saint Phase, one of the keys to reaching it was World Heart Intent. 

Thanks to the Z.E.O Method—Forsaken Zenith, Unto Origin—he obtained from Jing Jiu, he knew that an Origin State was needed for the Heavenly Saint Phase and the benefits it offered. With it, he would have an easier path to the Earthly Saint Phase. 

The next were the methods themselves, such as the Z.E.O Method that could be used to establish an Origin State with one ’s Spirit of Cultivation. He had also acquired numerous methods of varying grades from the War Soul Exchange that he fully intended to explore, including the Mystic Methods that he intended to have Wu Yu decipher.

Since they were written using characters of Mysticism, a strange language meant for Ascended, only Ascended beings used it. Still, he was baffled by why Wu Yu or Wang Yutian never mentioned it. He knew there might be more to it. After all, he could barely understand some of it. This might have to do with the Mystic Runes within his World Seas. 

Lastly, the materials and treasures, including the War Souls themselves. Despite going on a massive shopping spree, Wei Wuyin decided to keep a little over two million War Souls for his own uses. The use of a War Soul was not to be underestimated, especially its ability to induce a unique state of enhanced comprehension. That ’ll go a long way to developing a strong force and nurturing talents. 

After all, they can be used to elevate a cultivator ’s Mortal State, the same as an Everlore Ascension Pill, a ninth-grade product. They can also be used as forging materials or a concoction ingredient, so he was ready to experiment freely. Not to mention the most important aspect: It was a rare Soul Nourishing Material! 

Ever since he obtained his Nascent Saber Soul in the Myriad Dao War Palace from Wang Yutian, he hadn ’t developed it since. The severe lack of soul-nourishing materials was a glaring issue that stumped him. Regardless of where, he couldn ’t find anything of use in the Everlore Starfield. While the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region might have something, he didn ’t believe it would be as effective or numerous as two million War Souls. 

”The Essence of War is the true treasure, ” Wei Wuyin caressed his gambeson and the hilt of his saber. He had kept it! They both were his. He didn ’t expect to be given such incredibly flexible and high-quality essence so cheap. That said, he wasn ’t a fool; the level of Intent heavily affected the end result, and it couldn ’t effectively be used by others. However, Mystic-Earth materials for any World Heart Intent was quite mind-blowing. 

However, he didn ’t care much about this. He cared about its ability to go from mortal to mystic. This ability was incredibly fascinating and had given him many unique ideas regarding the Dao of Alchemy. He was thrilled to experiment and test his wild ideas. Since he had plenty to supply, he could surely be a little reckless.

While all these gains were massive to his path of cultivation, the greatest benefit was the refinement of his physique through that unique power in the Nexus Battlefield. While it wasn ’t remotely close to being his maximum potential, it had allowed him to bring out his full strength, albeit temporarily. 

He felt that this karmic luck deduction was beyond worth it. Content, he decided to enjoy his ride with some light reading of materials. No longer in that restrictive place, he could now utilize his spiritual sense freely. Thrilled, he began to read the Dawnbreaker Swordlight Method. 

He muttered thoughtfully to himself: ”This method truly seems suitable for her. So detailed. But is this 7th Rune Seed Ascension a hard limit? And what is it? Can alchemical products elevate this chance? I really need to see if there are any unique alchemical products in this stellar region. ” 



A cascading beam of multicolored light impacted the surface of Blueglow. Its range was much narrower than before, not extending for a mile, a necessary size to carry an expected army, but accommodating for a single individual. The beam quaked the planet.

After a brief period of rumbling ruckus, a figure could be seen in the cylindrical pillar of light. As the light started to dissipate, a pristinely white-colored dressed figure was fully revealed. An extremely powerful spiritual sense expanded in a rushing wave of inspection.

Wei Wuyin ’s heart stirred. What he saw of Blueglow was not as he last saw it; it was scorched entirely—a barren planet. There wasn ’t a single life signature on its surface. The air was crispy, and the atmosphere was devastated. This planet lacked the ability to host life.

Wei Wuyin furrowed his brows heavily, ”Where is she? ” 

Just as he said this, he felt a tremble from beneath the planet. Cracks formed, pieces of large earthen pieces lifted and twisted, and a clarion cry shook fixed space!


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