Paragon of Sin

Chapter 777 - Into Fire Scorched Earth


”When you figure out what that means, you ’ll become an even greater fighter and a better tactician. No one, not even the most prepared enemy, will be able to gain an advantage against you. Especially if they ’re prepared. ” After saying this, the silver-eyed youth revealed a relieved smile. 

Han Yu thought for a moment, realizing it was a little too profound for his thoughts. He left with haste, no longer dwelling. Regardless of what led to it, they had survived and claimed victory. As for their enemies? They were either corpses or at their mercy.

When Han Yu left, the silver-eyed youth closed his eyes, petting Bai Lin ’s neck with a quivering hand, ”Plans are rigid. Choice is fluid. ” Those words lingered in Bai Lin ’s thoughts, and while she wasn ’t able to understand them, she felt that those words carried some importance.


Those memories resurfaced. In particular, those words of Wei Wuyin. She hadn ’t understood what that meant before or why Wei Wuyin wasn ’t direct with explaining, but as she recalled all the events that happened on that day, reminded of their perilous situation turned into a miraculous victory, and facing this terrifying situation, she was enlightened! 

The reason why Wei Wuyin had overcame such a situation, claimed victory in the end, wasn ’t because he was so overwhelmingly powerful that his opponents couldn ’t react or respond, but that they had expected him to act and operate in a certain way. It was a flaw in their thinking; they were rigid. A direct result of their own formulated strategies and plans!

He didn ’t do anything that he couldn ’t do, but he did everything they hadn ’t expected him to! 


She grasped this profound detail of combat. Since those above were expecting her to act in a certain way, follow a certain planned route, then she would flip the script! 

The Tang Matriarch was already shocked that Bai Lin was abnormal, feeling concerned about their plans, but as Highlord Scarletflame had mentioned before, they were fully prepared with various plans in place to subdue this Fire Phoenix. This was not a simple matter of spending a few weeks but an endeavor that had been devised for centuries. 

They wouldn ’t fail. 

Her inner confidence resurged. 

They couldn ’t fail. 

Yet as man makes plans, the Fire Phoenix laughs. 

Abruptly, the temperature of ten thousand miles in every direction, even the Dark Void ’s chillness, was rising at an extremely rapid rate. The air distorted within the atmospheric environment of Blueglow and fixed space started to become hazy and indistinct in certain areas. 

The Voidships had gotten into position and, with a few more seconds, were ready to deploy the array to entrap the Fire Phoenix, ensuring them the most favorable and advantageous circumstance to subdue the Fire Phoenix and claim it for themselves.


Simultaneously, all the Highlords, including the Tang Matriarch, had their pupils contract! They directed their gazes towards the same location, noticing that the restrained Fire Phoenix that was struggling to escape, about to perform Nirvanic Segregation in a state as textbook as could be, had changed. The color of her flames was no longer scarlet-gold but dark red. She was burning her blood essence to stimulate her strongest state!

”IMPOSSIBLE! ” Tang Matriarch ’s mind erupted in disbelief as she realized Bai Lin ’s near-suicidal actions, and her heart raced without warning as she hurriedly shot forth from the ship with haste. Her speed was exceedingly fast, and she arrived beside Highlord Scarletflame in the blink of an eye. Her beautiful countenance was incredibly pale as the spatial aura emanating from her body was extremely wild, fluctuating with tremendous power.

Highlord Scarletflame hadn ’t expected this, still taken aback by the abrupt rise in temperature and the dark red flames of her target. Her eyes widened as a hand unceremoniously grabbed her shoulder. She felt the chains vanish from her back, forcefully severed by a foreign power, and her vision blurred as spatial power enveloped her. 

She had just expended 90% of her mystic and spiritual power using the Eternal Shackles, seeking to severely restrain Bai Lin for an extended period, perhaps sufficient enough to be captured; furthermore, all of her fire energies was extinguished, so she couldn ’t divert any of her attention or redirect her power, and neither could the other two. She was unable to do anything but watch.

The timing was horrendous.


Without warning, Bai Lin ’s dark red flaming form expanded like a balloon, and then…

「Fire Phoenix Bloodline: Nirvanic Outburst」


In a matter of moments, the entire planet was flooded by dark red flames, including the two Highlords. And those two? With their fire energies gone, their mystic and spiritual power focused on restraining Bai Lin; they had no defenses to guard against such a violent, torrential flood of Nirvanic Flames.

The flames exceeded the atmospheric limits of the planet, reaching a few Voidships that were too close, that were too slow in their retreat, and they were enveloped in those dark red Nirvanic Flames fueled by Bai Lin ’s strongest energy source!

Everything was scorched.

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