Paragon of Sin

Chapter 793 - Because I Must


Unexpected events that toppled views, shattered dreams, and crushed ideas; the existence of chaos was abhorrent to the sane man. While Wei Wuyin planned to leave, his wake within the Ninestar Starfield hadn ’t yet ceased affecting others. A few days ago, without warning, it was spread widely across the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region that the World Prison True Queen, the last Earthly Saint of the Ravenous Edge Starfield was dead.

She was killed! 

Her ravaged corpse was like a hardened comet that crashed into the United Source Starfield ’s capital planet without warning. This was unable to be concealed. When others sought to verify this, seeking proof through the life talisman of such a prestigious figure, the Ravenous Edge Starfield went abnormally quiet. 


Without an Earthly Saint to guard their starfield, the non-aggression agreements established by the neighboring forces collapsed. The Ravenous Edge Starfield became a heavy piece of bountiful fruit ripe for the picking, and few could ignore it. Not their neighbors nor the top starfields; they all wanted a piece of that pie.

The Ninestar Starfield and Aeternal Sky Starfield ’s Mystic-tier forces reacted without hesitation, trying to station forces, make agreements, cut out a portion for their own. The planets, the immovable World Realms, the boundless mystic-graded formations that nurtured rare, difficult to cultivate materials. The unique forging recipes, products, materials, and treasures they possessed was desired.

It was a mad scramble for unclaimed resources and wealth. Discussions, agreements, disagreements, conflict, and tension arose without end as this occupied numerous forces ’ attention. Some of these Ascended beings of the Ravenous Edge Starfield understood their situation, escaping alongside their disciples, family, and friends. They sought refuge in starfields that would accept them.

That said, these Earthly Saints were not beings who wouldn ’t capitalize on the situation presented before them, issuing out various Mystic Oaths requirements to these Highlords attempting to find a new home. Others unwilling to subordinate themselves to forces with binding oaths took to the void-blank space, surviving off what they could. If they become rogues to maintain their freedom, then they will! 

In two days, over half of the forces that ventured into void-blank space vanished without warning, with corpses and devastated voidships of various circumstances littered throughout. Many had forgotten that the void-blank space was a lawless, uncontrolled, unprotected location with unknown, extremely dangerous threats. How could such a massive movement not disturb certain beings?

Picked apart, in just a few days, the Ravenous Edge Starfield was almost unrecognizable from how it once was. The once flourishing starfield feared by others was reduced to a divided mess, even its status as one of the twenty-three starfields of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region was at risk. In fact, as the news spread, the idea of their removal was slowly accepted. 

These events had caused the suspicious reasons surrounding the deaths of two Earthly Saints to go ignored, and no force amongst the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region was investigating it on the surface. Whether this was purposefully done or just not as important, only the upper-echelon of cultivators were aware. 


In the Aeternal Sky Starfield, the Nine Worlds Domain, the exquisite set of nine medium-sized planets were orbiting in a strange trajectory in accordance to an even stranger rhythm. At the core of which was a planet that lacked any movement, staying perfectly in the center with an everlasting stagnation. It lacked an essential rotation, more like a spherical mountain rather than a planet. 

The stagnated planet was far smaller than the nine other planets, and its surface lacked all signs of plant and animal life. Despite this, it had a thick and rich natural atmosphere. The only evidence that lends credence to its statement as a planet. There were nine, sky-piercing pillars positioned in nine different locations around the planet, each pointing towards a specific location.

If one inspected these pillars closely, they would notice that as the orbiting planets moved, the pillars faintly emitted a deep golden color glow for a brief, almost instantaneous moment. The width and length of these pillars exceeded entire cities, spanning hundreds of miles. 

At the peak of each of these pillars was a wall-less moon gate of exceptional design and on its flat surface were abnormally large black-colored characters ranging from ’one ’ to ’nine ’. 

At the pillar marked with the ’four ’ character, two figures stood while gazing into the moon gate ’s empty opening. The two figures had eyes with irises of deep gold, within this deep gold were sparkles of brighter-shaded gold light. It was an absolutely mesmerizing sight to behold. 

The two figures were both women, and they were exceptional beauties garbed in white with golden trim robes. As their golden irises dimmed, slowly allowing their eyes to return to their original colors, their looks weren ’t diminished in the slightest. With the light fading, one of the women ’s appearance was clear. She had blue eyes and straight, shoulder-length golden blonde hair with straight bangs. 

”…Do you know why? ” The woman asked, her tone calm yet curious. She sent this question towards the other woman beside her. The woman had full, oval-shaped pink lips, short-styled light-brown hair with golden highlights, a bright complexion, and a pair of strong, firm eyes that denoted strength and intelligence. She was none other than Wen Mingna! 

Wen Mingna stared at the moon gate with a slight frown. She didn ’t answer. Between her brows was an indistinguishable series of unfathomable thoughts.

The other woman, Ming Shufeng, pouted slightly as she decided to seek out the answer herself. She performed a hand-seal, her fingertips lit with faint golden light that emanated a heavenly hymn in the surroundings. A gush of air escaped her robes and caused them to flutter wildly about. 

Wen Mingna ’s frown deepened. She slowly reached out and broke Ming Shufeng ’s hand-seal. The hymn and light collapsed into a distorted reverberation and glossy bits. Ming Shufeng coughed heavily, a bit of blood leaking from her nose. 

Her eyes didn ’t hold any anger, but a fearful glint in her eyes. She looked at Wen Mingna with abject shock for a moment, and then coughed heavily into her hand. A splash of golden blood tainted her skin. 

”…Thank you, ” Ming Shufeng said gratefully.

Wen Mengna sighed as her eyes flickered with wisps of white light, ”the Grand Seer will arrive soon. Make yourself decent. ” After saying this, Wen Mingna closed her eyes as she pondered. 

Ming Shufeng glanced at this woman before her, softly sighing as she hastily cleaned herself up, consuming a vitality-recovering elixir suited for Heavenly Seers. Her attempt earlier had cost her roughly twelve years of her bodily lifeforce, and if Wen Mingna hadn ’t interrupted her, she could ’ve lost much, much more. 

She was rather quick, seemingly experienced with her hasty clean-up job. It was as if she had performed the act numerous times already. 

Suddenly, Wen Mingna ’s spatial ring on her left finger flickered with spiritual light. Her eyes shot open, looking at the ring with a faint tremor flowing through her heart, mind, and memories. She softly gulped as she lifted her hand to her eye-level. 

Ming Shufeng had finished, looking at Wen Mingna with a wisp of disbelief. ”A spiritual transmission? How is that possible?! ” She was immediately questioning Wen Mingna. After all, they were locked within the unique space of the Elusive Fate, the tenth, stagnated planet of the Nine Worlds Elusive Heavens Array. Not only should they be outside of spiritual transmissions, they couldn ’t be inspected by external spiritual senses, Heavenly Seers, or Oracles. 

Wen Mingna ignored Ming Shufeng, a faint smile formed on her lips. If it was him, there was no way he wouldn ’t have the means to send her a transmission. This was just who he was—a figure of unimaginable means.

Suddenly, her smile was wiped from her expression as she lowered her hand, and slightly bowed with her hands behind her back. ”Grand Seer, ” Wen Mingna greeted. 

Ming Shufeng was briefly taken aback before adopting the same form, greeting the Grand Seer. Unknowingly, a middle-aged woman with a peaceful aura arrived. She had white eyes without pupils or irises, and despite the abnormal appearance, her mature charm and beauty took the forefront in one ’s thoughts at first glance. 

Beside her was a young man with light-grey hair, but it didn ’t diminish his youthfully good looks. If anything, it heightened them and set him apart from the common man. While his looks leaned towards the gentle side, almost feminine, even could be considered beautiful, it was clear that he was a male. 

He wasn ’t very tall, roughly five feet and three inches, the shortest of all those present, yet he carried himself with a degree of self-confidence that made it seem as if he was the tallest person in the room. His figure was neither slender nor muscular, but he perfectly fit into his azure robes with golden trim. His aura was impeccable, and while it was still nestled in Mortal Limits, there were faint signs of being beyond.

Wen Mingna and Ming Shufeng before greeted at the same time, ”Fourth Prince. ” Their actions caused the young man to give a faint smile, giving Wen Mingna a longer-than-needed look. 

The Grand Seer looked at Wen Mingna, but for a seemingly different reason, her eyes lacked irises and pupils, so it was difficult to determine what she was looking at exactly. After a short period, she said: ”Rise. ”

The two extremely gifted disciples of hers lifted their bodies. The Grand Seer moved her head towards the moon gate, then said: ”Peering into secrets beyond your realm is dangerous, but having the courage to seek answers at all cost is essential for us who cultivate fate… ”

Ming Shufeng started. She knew the Grand Seer noticed her attempt, but she didn ’t expect to be praised for her failed attempt. A slight smile of glee couldn ’t help but form. 

The Grand Seer continued, ”…but do not seek answers your mind is sufficient to seek out. Your life is not limitless; choose your answers carefully. ” 

”… ” Ming Shufeng ’s heart shivered. She realized that while she was praised, the Grand Seer believed her actions reckless and unnecessary. And she knew this was true. If Wen Mingna hadn ’t halted her actions, she would ’ve lost more than just a dozen years of her bodily lifespan. Or even worse, she could ’ve lost soulspan. The latter was far more difficult to recover. 

The Fourth Prince faintly smiled, ”Young Seers like yourself always wish to know more, and this isn ’t a detriment of character. Your actions today are signs of your promising future, and I ’m looking forward to it. ” His words were clearly meant to console Ming Shufeng ’s emotions. 

”… ” The Grand Seer remained silent. 

Ming Shufeng ’s heavy heart was lifted. She gave a firm nod, thanking the Fated Prince of the Fourth Gate for his words. 

”… ” Wen Mingna remained silent.. But this didn ’t last for long as she bowed towards the Grand Seer once again, asking: ”Grand Seer, I request a leave. ”

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