Paragon of Sin

Chapter 797 - World Genesis Elixir

ould even begin warranted all his feelings. There was a famous saying in the Imperial Heaven Starfield, one of the former names of the Tri-Vision Starfield, that said: “Heavens fury is a Seers scorn.”

Wei Wuyin didnt hesitate to reveal all the details surrounding Wu Yus revival, including the Ever-Rebirth Pill, Long Chens connection to Wu Yu, and their current relationship. Want to see more chapters? Please visit panda-novel ,co.m Wen Mingna was an intelligent woman, a former princess of the Wen Country, so she understood how to digest shocking news with relative quickness and adapt.

It took her a few seconds before she respectfully greeted Wu Yu with a deep bow as she was a member of the Myriad Monarch Sect. Wu Yu felt flattered and hurriedly helped her up, giving Wei Wuyin a glance. One of the few things powerful men disliked was their women paying respects to their subordinates. In his mind, Wen Mingna was his boss woman, especially considering how liberal he was with his identity.

Wei Wuyin didnt react. Whether it was due to the ambiguous state of their relationship or he didnt mind Wen Mingna acting as she wanted, lacking any insecure feelings towards these bothersome nuances of interactions, Wu Yu wasnt certain. That being said, he felt like it was the latter.

After handling this matter of etiquette, Wen Mingna turned to Wei Wuyin and asked: “Shall I perform further divinations?” There were a few topics she could glimpse into. Of course, they had to avoid interacting with Ascended beings. While she could peek into some things regarding these beings, they were extremely well-protected against all sorts of divination. She could try to garner a bit of intent the True Element Sect has towards Wei Wuyin, but this would likely reveal what they already speculated.

Wei Wuyin heaved a faint sigh, “No.” He stood up and stretched his arms lightly, giving Wu Yu alook and casually stated: “I think its time for you to ascend to the next stage.”

“…” Wu Yus eyes instantly contracted. “What do you mean by that?” The act of ascending wasnt so easy that a cultivator could simply decide to do so whenever. While he could attempt his Third Ascension, he didnt have a full guarantee of success. Moreover, he had a faint shadow lingering on his heart from his last devastating failure. There was no need to explain why.

Wen Mingna was similarly taken aback by Wei Wuyins words, but she was more tactful and understanding of his character from his reputation and experiences that the other Valkyries shared. If Wei Wuyin said this, then he was absolutely confident of Wu Yus success!

“You said that the cultivation method I gave you can assure your ascension, no?” Wei Wuyin asked with a lifted brow. While he couldnt understand the language of Mysticism, Wu Yu could explain it in a rough manner, only including the very simple details. For example, how it would guarantee his success if he could cultivate it. Moreover, he needed Origin Essence, vast amounts of it.

“Yes, but itll take me-” Wu Yu halted his own words as he stared at Wei Wuyins calm complexion, hearing his steady heartbeat, and remembered who he was. His eyes gradually brightened with considerable light of realization, excitement, and anticipation.

Wei Wuyin revealed a smile, “During my travels to the Ninestar Starfield, my detour allowed me to obtain a few things. One of which is surprisingly very suitable for your cultivation, and I can expedite it.” After saying these words, Wei Wuyin touched his spatial ring, the same spatial ring that Cai Liuyang had once worn, and took out an alchemical product that she possessed.

It was a vial of white, milky liquid. Within the liquid, strange crystalline runes circulated. It only totaled a single ounce, but none with eyes would think less of it due to its low quantity.

Wu Yu and Wen Mingnas eyes widened after the vial was revealed. Wen Mingna unhesitatingly said, her eyes flashing with glossy golden light, “Peak Mystic-Earth elixir!”

“What?!” Wu Yu had never seen Mystic-Earth grade alchemical products before, so he was given a heavy shock as he gave the vial of liquid a piercing look with spiritual light erupting from his gaze. He saw hundreds of minuscule mystic runes swimming within it, but they only consisted of three types of complete mystic runes. They heavily resembled two of his own Mystic Runes formed after his Ascension, but he couldnt recognize the third type.

He grew lost for a while, his mind stirring endlessly, and his mental energy was being rapidly consumed with every passing second as he observed the vial. Unfortunately, he reached a certain point and was shocked out of that state. His now-pale expression contorted as a bout of mental weakness overcame him.

“This is a World Genesis Elixir. According to the description left on it, its a peak-tier, high-grade Mystic-Earth elixir that contains an abnormal amount of refined Origin Essence of a high quality. It was meant to be used to create an exceptionally stable and mystic-grade World Realm, but it could also be used to cultivate certain methods,” Wei Wuyin explained with a faint shake of the vial. This was merely one of the numerous other Mystic-Earth grade products Cai Liuyang possessed.

Her status was not low at all.

Wu Yus heart was like ten thousand horses running endlessly through the fields as he observed the elixir. The Blood Origin Method actually mentioned this exact product in its description of how to accelerate its cultivation. The World Genesis Elixir didnt just have high-quality Origin Essence, but as a peak Mystic-Grade elixir, it contained high quantities of mystic essence and Mystic Intent in the form of those runes.

“You have one year,” Wei Wuyin stated. But this caused Wu Yus expression to change heavily. While cultivating the first stage of the Blood Origin Method can be sped to be completed in a few weeks, let alone a year, refining a Mystic-Earth grade elixir wasnt going to be so easy.

Yet Wei Wuyin didnt allow Wu Yu the opportunity to voice his concerns over his seemingly unrealistic timetable. Instead, he waved his hand, and a tiny saber emerged in his palm, and it rapidly expanded to roughly a hundred meters in diameter that sealed the area in its saber aura. Then, a cauldron was summoned from his spatial ring.


The All-Elemental Eclipse Cauldron slammed against the ground. The lake rippled endlessly, and waves were generated that toppled Bai Lin, causing her to sink into the lake in a ruffled and surprised manner. Instantly, the trio was engulfed by the Utmost Purity Mist Domain. The pure mist overwhelmed their senses and caused their spirits to unhesitatingly roar with excitement.

The formerly sixty-three meters spherical domain had increased in diameter to a total of sixty-five meters! Due to its thickness, the Utmost Purity Mist was borderline becoming liquid in state due to its thickness.

“Only one year,” Wei Wuyin said with a firm tone that brokered no negotiation or excuses.

Wu Yu and Wen Mingna were thoroughly awed by this astonishing development, their jaws both gaping and their eyes roaming the mist. A former ruler of a starfield and Ascended being alongside a former princess of a country and Heavenly Seer were both amazed to the utmost!

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