Paragon of Sin

Chapter 807 - Wu Yus Mystic Runes

Chapter 806: Dawn of the Grand Knight

The Roar of the Earthly Monarch!

It resounded throughout the world, spreading a distance that engulfed the entire Everlore Domain and its immediate neighbors, causing almost every living soul to lift their heads, lower their stance, kneel, kowtow, or flat out lay flat upon the ground! Unwillingly, their Natal Souls, Astral Souls, or Mystic Souls experienced massive upheavals from this tremendous force.

“How could this be…?!” Tian Muqiu was on one knee, unable to lift his head as his Mystic Soul was thoroughly cowed into obedience. There was faint wetness at the corner of his eyes, and the fierce struggle within his gaze was extremely apparent. Yet it was futile; Tian Muqiu remained kneeling.

San Luoyang was unaffected. With his Demi-Mortal Lord Phase cultivation base and the shadow protection of the Ever-Knights, he was capable of remaining standing, but even his Mystic Soul trembled in his dantian. His facial expression was dignified to the utmost limit.

The Roar of the Earthly Monarch was a unique phenomenon exclusive to the Imperial Clans signature cultivation technique, the Ruler of the Aeternal Sky Method. This method was renowned for its ability to cultivate an extremely rare Qi, the Imperial Sky Qi, during the Qi Condensation Realm that can be used to transform a Heart of Qi into a Heart of Imperial Sky Qi.

This brought them incredible power, sufficient to become rulers of the Aeternal Sky Starfield and sweep across the forces, becoming the globally accepted strongest force in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. However, this method was extremely restricted, with only a few cultivators in existence throughout the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region that knows how to produce Imperial Sky Qi naturally.

Mu Yura and Shao Jing felt so stifled despite the protections of the Ever-Knights. They could only scrunch their expressions as if constipated. They resisted the urge to kneel before this roar.

But they both were startled beyond belief from this development, glancing at the red-faced, trembling, and teary-eyed Tian Muqiu in his humiliating state. They had never heard of a Roar of the Earthly Monarch affecting Ascended beings!

From Tian Muqius grunts through gritted teeth, it seemed the effect was so strong towards him that even the Ever-Knights couldnt protect him. They looked at each other to see the surprise in the others expression, unhesitatingly and simultaneously turning towards the epicenter of the roar with abject shock in their eyes.

Who was this cultivator?!

On planet Rainbow Sky, Wei Wuyin held an exhausted and ashen-faced Wen Mingna in a bridal carry. Just earlier, she seemed to have executed a powerful divination spell to glimpse at the oncoming possibilities. In this environment surrounded by Ascended beings, this was a tremendously difficult feat for a mere mortal Heavenly Seer.

But she succeeded; She saw turmoil.

Wei Wuyin was pouring more unrefined lifeforce into her body, replenishing the roughly two hundred years she lost as a due to her divination. If it werent for her exquisite cultivation method and incredible foundation bestowed upon her by Wei Wuyin, she likely wouldve lost far, far more. Seeing her current state, Wei Wuyin became concerned. He held her softly, placing her head once again on his shoulder, looking at her weakly fluttering eyes.

‘…Such a heavy cost. Is it worth it? Wei Wuyin felt that the difficulties of a Heavenly Seer were becoming more apparent to him. It was a tortuous path to sacrifice lifeforce to obtain a glimpse of insight beyond ones knowledge. He felt a tinge of uncertainty whether Wen Mingna should continue cultivating this path. If you want to read more chapters, visit panda-novel,co,m It wouldnt be difficult to reset her cultivation with his abilities.

Just as the thought emerged in his heart, he felt a tight clench of fingers against his chest. Wen Mingnas body was extremely light, and she slowly whispered out: “Leave…three minutes…only chance…”

Hearing this cryptic warning, Wei Wuyins heart was seized by surprise. He stared at this exceptional woman in his arms that was seemingly willing to give up her life for him. He held her a little closer. While he wasnt one to trust others too quickly, typically giving most a wide-berth until a natural growth, towards this woman, he held a trust in her. Not her abilities, but her intentions.

That was enough.

He suppressed his aura and rushed off towards Bai Lins hiding place. In one hundred and seventy-seven seconds, hell leave to avoid this turmoil that Wen Mingna had seen. He didnt send a spiritual transmission for fear of alerting others of his presence or connection with Wu Yu. Right now, the priority was to leave with Bai Lin quietly, avoiding alerting the various organizations about her or his existence here.

One hundred and seventy-seven seconds later…


A thunderous explosive boom echoed throughout the world, rippling outwards endlessly, spreading beyond the Aeternal Sky Starfield! Not a single living existence hadnt been shaken by this boom, and this caused a few people to receive a jolt that caused their eyes to gloss over; their senses towards the Mystic Intent had risen, entering a state of enlightenment.

This was restricted to Starlords, cultivators at the peak of Mortal Limits. Those lucky enough to enter this state had an extremely high chance of entering the Soul of Mysticism stage if comprehension of Mystic Intent was the only factor they lacked.

“…” San Luoyangs eyes sharply narrowed as his spiritual senses were thoroughly impacted by the sound and its aura. While he remained silent, he contacted the other five Mortal Sovereign Alchemists, and his expression eased slightly. The Ever-Knight no longer concealed himself, standing directly upon the atmospheric layer of the Voidship. His glistening emerald-colored armor radiated a tremendous and steady aura.

The location where Wu Yu vanished earlier began to unleash a colorful light that was unidentifiable and invisible to mortals, true Mystic Light. It was like a minor solar star that had spontaneously burst into existence.

Soon, the light dimmed, revealing a distinct figure. The figure was upright as if his back carried the backdrop of the Dark Void, imposing and mighty.

Those Ascended beings were all focused on this figure, their eyes unblinkingly inspecting every detail. From the figures tall stature, exceptionally chiseled cheekbones, sword-like eyebrows that emanated an innate authority with the slightest movement, and those eyes that carried unfathomable serenity that carried a kings grace.

His healthy and luscious head of black hair was combed back with a touch of wizened grey at his sides. While the grey color indicated prime age, it accentuated his identity as knowledgeable and experienced. This was accompanied by an exquisitely groomed royale mustache with a trimmed chin strap, it gave off an extraordinary charm that elevated every ounce of his masculinity.

This was all tied together by black-colored, tight-fitting robes with a multi-colored trim that seemed to contain endless stars within. This was an outfit generated by the Essence of War, so while it lacked inscribed formations, its quality was extremely high. Before, it was at the peak Mystic-Earth grade, but with the infusion of his current Awakened Mystic Intent, it had elevated fully to low Mystic-World grade.

Handsome. Incredibly handsome! This was the thought in the superficial minds, but towards the others, they had but a single thought: Imposing!

Wu Yu ignored those roaming eyes, closing his own and feeling the changes inside his body and Mystic Soul. He lifted his hands and felt all the Mystic Intent that lingered everywhere. It wasnt as obedient as mana or pervasive, but it was heavily present. He couldnt sense all of it before, but as an Earthly Saint being now, he could.


One word, but it was enough to encapsulate everything he felt and experienced. The mystic energy flowing through his body was far, far more powerful than before. Furthermore, he felt as if his entire body was perpetually in a Demi-Mystic State.

“Gran-Grand Monarch Wu Yu!” San Luoyangs eyes bulged outwards to an extreme degree; memories of his past were dredged forward with a merciless pull, bringing his time as a little servant back to his mind. That figure that scared him with just a single sweeping glance, causing him to feel outrageously inferior, had once again reappeared.

Wu Yu? The two Mortal Sovereign Alchemists beside San Luoyang and the Ever-Knights all inspected San Luoyang with abundant curiosity. Did San Luoyang recognize this Earthly Saint?

At this point, the Roar of the Earthly Monarchs effects began to dissipate, causing Tian Muqiu to burst out of his shackles, standing upwards with an unsteady stance, but his eyes revealed a wisp of furious rage that couldnt be concealed. To be forced to kneel by a cultivator, how humiliating was this? As a member of the Imperial Clan, THE Tian Clan, how could he accept such humiliation?

San Luoyang took a heavy step back, “Impossible! This is impossible!” Wu Yu was dead! He died! He failed his Third Ascension and vanished from the world thousands of years ago, how could this be?



Wu Yu noticed a turbulent aura, and his eyes opened, focusing on the nearest Voidship with an emerald armored knight standing protective over it. His eyes flashed with spiritual light that easily pierced through the wards, locating San Luoyang, who seemed to have an aghast expression painted on his face.

Wu Yu lifted a slight brow with surprised curiosity, touching his face to notice his concealments had dissipated. “You recognize me?” After meeting Ma Sujiang and Exalted Purewhite, he had decided to conceal his facial features, especially when participating in the Golden Life Pavilions competition and completing Wei Wuyins three tasks. He hadnt expected to be caught when he visited planet Immortal Yin, so he took precautions to avoid unnecessary troubles.

While his current cultivation base might have elevated, his concealments had faded due to its instability and he had just realized this. He could regain those concealments at this moment, but they werent needed any longer. Since his face had been exposed, then there was no need to hide anymore.

San Luoyang paled, recalling Wu Yus reputation and domineering personality, including all his terrifying feats. He felt as if he had become that little mortal servant again, delivering fruit and pouring wine for those heaven-eclipsing figures. They treated him how he was then, as a lowly servant.

While his personal power, status, and means were now far, far beyond that, the trauma from before caused him to relive it all.

Wu Yu immediately recognized San Luoyang, despite his aura that had changed upon switching cultivation methods and ascending. It was none other than that snot-nosed, wide-eyed brat that once served him. Prior to this, a wisp of regret had been born in his heart, but after successfully ascending to the Earthly Saint Phase, a nostalgically amused smile was born.

Tian Muqiu was fearless. He pointed at Wu Yu with trembling fingers infused with hostility. He was just about to speak, accusing Wu Yu of being a disgusting thief when a voice echoed throughout the world that caused his words to be stifled in his throat.

“Who are you, Earthly Monarch?” The voice was incredibly soft, downright feminine, but it rippled with immense authority and power, audible to every Ascended being present. An Ever-Knight appeared a few hundred meters away from Wu Yu; a pair of tangerine-colored eyes revealed themselves behind their helmet. The tone was not speaking with friendliness or aggression, just imposing indifference.

Wu Yu moved his gaze away from San Luoyang, inspecting this Ever-Knight with keen curiosity. His eyes contracted slightly after realizing he was an Earthly Saint. Not only that, the other Ever-Knight patiently watching was too. He swept his gaze around, feeling a few similar auras as well.

His beating heart throbbed from this discovery, realizing his unexpected ascension had brought about all sorts of high-level attention. When he didnt feel Wei Wuyins presence or receive a spiritual transmission, his mind stirred even further in a slight panic as his spiritual sense swept all over, including the planet Rainbow Sky. He heaved a sigh of relief in his heart after a while.

Wei Wuyin was long gone, but he didnt leave behind any traces. In the area he previously inhabited, there were etched words in the ground, extremely soft and made with a simple stick. If a cultivator wasnt searching, they wouldnt be able to find it.

“Speak!” The other Ever-Knight was more aggressive, explosively shouting that caused the nearby celestial bodies to tremble slightly. They wanted Wu Yu to identify himself, state his origins, and if they find it unpleasant, this newly ascended Earthly Saint could be short-lived. Their intent was clear.

Wu Yu settled his thoughts as he revealed a faint smile, “Me?” He asked with a hint of playfulness in his confident tone, seemingly unafraid of the two Ever-Knights. While the truth might be different, his display held no flaws. He continued: “I am Wu Yu; the Grand Knight of Neo-Dawn!”

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