Paragon of Sin

Chapter 821: Stellar Nest Unyielding & Smart

Chapter 820: Stellar Nest, Controlling the Situation

Venerable Bluecloud, Venerable Slayingsword, and Kun Yiming were all gathered, discussing their currently perilous and unknown situation with solemn facial expressions that perfectly reflected their hearts. If this followed their internal feelings, a thorough silencing would unfold, and their lives were likely to be dealt with in accordance with the United Source Clear Palaces will.

This feeling of awaiting judgment was an abnormality for Ascended beings. Still, they had the surprise card namedAscendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn; they just wished it wasnt a dud, and the United Source Clear Palace wasnt dead set against displaying mercy to the ignorant and innocent.

Within the enclosed barrier, they werent the only genuine Ascended beings present, and some of them had already sent them letters of invitation to further discuss their current predicament. However, Venerable Bluecloud felt that such actions were useless and likely to provoke a stronger response if the United Source Clear Palace saw such a united front. This was even more so if they acted preemptively.

Venerable Slayingsword was all for joining the others, concentrating their power to find an escape path, and Venerable Bluecloud reacted with an urge to slap him on the side of his head. Since Venerable Slayingsword was a relatively newly Ascended being, he hadnt fully grasped the difference between a Soul of Mysticism Phase cultivator and a Demi-Mortal Lord Phase expert.

Due to their high talents and powerful abilities, many of these Ascended beings once had the means and power to challenge those a stage or two above their cultivation level at the Astral Core Realm. Some of them were Chosen, such as Kun Yiming, who could fight Realmlords at the Fourth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, a full three stages above. This inflated sense of confidence often followed them, which allowed their thinking to be a little flawed.

Venerable Slayingsword hadnt learned his lesson when Wu Yu, a quasi Demi-Mortal Lord, dominated them with swiftness, and this frustrated Venerable Bluecloud. Fortunately, Kun Yiming was far more responsible and insightful, and they stayed together, avoiding interacting with the others.

Despite this, those other Ascended beings gathered the Mystic Star Phase and Soul of Mysticism Phase cultivators sealed within the barrier in a spiritual transmission network, communicating together at rapid speeds. They were soon about to take action to escape, regaining their control. Their plan was simple: if they could break the barrier and release information to everyone in the United Source Starfield about this phenomenon, they would have a chance. After all, the United Source Clear Palace couldnt silence the entire Starfield.

While most might find this plan flawed, as the United Source Clear Palace might not spare them after the fact, it was their only way to regain the initiative. If not, the crawling sensation on their skin will soon manifest into the worst-case scenario—their deaths. Some argued in favor of swearing oaths of silence, even thoroughly submitting to the United Source Clear Palace. This created a divide.

Unfortunately, the barrier sealed them in thoroughly. Despite being casually conjured by an Earthly Saint, none of them could breach it or even cause any ripples. The difference in strength was abundantly shown. This only served to reinforce that the United Source Clear Palace wasnt seeking to negotiate.

The tensions grew.

The Ascended, both false and genuine, readied themselves to launch a concentrated attack to breach the barrier in a united effort.

Then, the Void Portal manifested.

Venerable Bluecloud started, looking at the darkness that had appeared out of thin air. Venerable Slayingsword grabbed his hilt, and sword light flared within his eyes. Kun Yiming furrowed her brows, and her thoughts immediately recalled how Wu Yu emerged before.

In truth, they had never seen someone or something leave a Void Portal. Typically, Void Gates just send those who enter them to the set coordinates without warning. There was no phenomenon, just them appearing as if they manifested out of thin air. To see a Void Portal spontaneously manifest without a Void Gate only brought ones thoughts to the Void Voyage Sect. These were their first thoughts too when Wu Yu had made his sudden appearance near the rogue planet containing the Terra-Mystic Ore.

Suddenly, four figures walked out of the Void Portal. A young man dressed in white was at the lead, his eyes closed, and his visage was immaculately handsome, absolutely otherworldly. Slightly beside him was a gorgeous, clear-eyed girl that gave one a feeling of profoundness that exceeded mortal means, and a twenty-two-meter-sized white and gold feathered beast. She gave off an exuberant lifeforce and innate pride.

At the far back stood a middle-aged man with a naturally domineering air. All felt oppressed by his existence as he breathed and looked about. It was as if he was the ruler of Heaven, Earth, and Man.

The three Ascended beings and their crew gawked as they observed the four.

“Lord Wei!” Venerable Bluecloud exclaimed in surprise. They had just sent the message a few minutes ago, yet this man had just emerged before them in such a shocking fashion.

Kun Yiming and Venerable Slayingsword reacted just as intensely, not expecting Wei Wuyin to arrive so suddenly. Their gazes turned towards Wu Yu, and their hearts shook. Few knew that Wu Yu had been a quasi Demi-Mortal Lord just a year or so prior, and now he was a genuine Earthly Saint that escaped from the clutches of the Everlore Association. The event was so widespread that even they heard all the details.

Kun Yimings eyes, upon seeing Wu Yu, shone with an intrigued light, carrying all sorts of emotions. This caused Venerable Slayingsword, who was beside her, who began looking at her to confirm her similarly shared shock, to feel strange inside. He tightened his grip around his sword hilt, turning to Wu Yu with a vigilant gaze.

Wei Wuyin sent his spiritual sense outward to grasp the situation, and he touched upon the sealed barrier that encased them.

“…” He realized that the urgency of their spiritual message was honest. However, he was curious as he walked forward. His step caused some of the crew to retreat backward, a wisp of fear in their eyes as they observed the newly arrived group.

Venerable Bluecloud was also swift in his thinking and reactions, so he hastily walked forward, clasped his hands together, and deeply bowed: “I greet the Ascendant Emperor.” Despite being a genuine Ascended being, he was standing before Wu Yu, an Earthly Saint, and he had already thrown his lot into Wei Wuyins camp.

Kun Yiming hastily gathered herself, also greeting Wei Wuyin in the same manner. Venerable Slayingsword eyed Wu Yu for a bit before following along. This caused the crew to relax, but curiosity abounded amongst them. None of them were aware that the three were subordinates of Wei Wuyin.

Wei Wuyin gave them a slight nod, but he got directly to the point: “Why are you three still alive?”

This question shook the three. The crew was startled as well. Was this a hostile force? They stared at Wei Wuyin, stunned by his words, but for Venerable Bluecloud, it was only momentary as he realized the hidden question within the question. He hurriedly responded and explained the situation, “The United Source Clear Palace, leaders of our Starfield, headed by the United Source True Queen, sealed us away after we came to inspect a strange spatial phenomenon. I believe they dont wish to attract more attention by slaughtering us and causing a commotion, at least not yet.”

Wei Wuyin frowned slightly but eventually nodded. This caused the crew and the other two to realize what Wei Wuyin meant, feeling relatively embarrassed that they hadnt caught it.

“Whats the phenomenon?” Wei Wuyin started to take control of the situation and ask a few questions, and Venerable Bluecloud took the lead to answer, with Kun Yiming responding when prompted. Venerable Slayingsword explained bits that involved him, but he kept sending glances toward Wu Yu.

Soon, Wei Wuyin grasped the entire extent of their knowledge and situation. These trapped forces were all organizations that acted in this area of the United Source Starfield, or were coincidentally hunting at the edges of the starfields void-blank space, and most of them sensed the spatial fluctuation.

Venerable Slayingsword had been the one to discover this, and he informed Kun Yiming, who later told Venerable Bluecloud. They jointly met at the edge of the starfield and flew to investigate as a unit, only to be trapped alongside the others here. Due to their delay, they were amongst the last caught. Besides one other voidship belonging to a developing Void Pirate group, no one else had fallen to their curiosity, caught within the restrictive barrier to await their fate.

They were ignorant of what the phenomenon was, but their instincts told them that whatever the United Source Clear Palace was trying to keep a secret was likely extremely valuable.

Wei Wuyin said, “Find out what this is from the source.” Those words caused the three Ascended to be taken aback, but when they saw Wu Yu respond, they immediately realized the order wasnt for them.

“Yes, Young Lord.” Wu Yu lifted his gaze upward to inspect the world beyond the barrier. Those eyes of his suffused with starry lights. Right at this moment, the Ascended beings began their attempt to escape. They gathered their forces strength and Mystic Auras, alongside the cannons on their Voidships began to charge a concentrated assault towards a specific location of the barrier.

Their effort was valiant.

Wu Yu noticed this; his eyebrows moved slightly.

“Handle that,” Wei Wuyin causally ordered. He didnt want to feel the backlash of an escape attempt. If the barrier had rebounding properties, then these cultivators were courting death by attacking in this manner.

Wu Yu nodded, floating upwards as the activity of several voidships and Ascended beings was rising in intensity. Wu Yu lifted his hand and then pushed it outward. A burst of mystic power instantly filled the barrier. This wave carried tens of thousands of mystic runes.

The activity instantly ceased as the Ascended beings were sealed by thousands of mystic runes that settled into their bodies; unable to resist, they groaned and cried out as they floated where they were. The Voidships immediately deactivated, and all but their life support formations were destroyed.

Now, they couldnt run even if they wanted to.

Witnessing this domineering move, the three Ascended beings mouths were gaped with astonishment. What type of power was this?! Is this an Earthly Saint?!

Wu Yu didnt waste time, soaring upwards until he reached the barrier. He touched the barrier with the palm of his hand and then pressed against it forcefully. Instantly, it began to fracture like glass until it shattered into bits of light. Then, he performed a hand-seal, and a similar barrier was constructed that enveloped the group, protecting Wei Wuyin and the others, similarly not allowing those inside to send out any spiritual messages.

If this led to something valuable, then it would be in Wei Wuyins best interest to keep it hidden as well. Just like the Terra-Mystic Ore, treasures werent meant to be advertised. Any form of a leak could lead to devastating consequences.

Bai Lin looked at Wu Yu, her eyes brightly lit. She sent a mental transmission to Wen Mingna and Wei Wuyin, “I couldve done that too!” She proudly snorted, feeling that Wu Yu was showing off a little too much.

Wei Wuyin chuckled, giving Bai Lin a soft rub on her nap, instantly calming her down. Wen Mingna smiled silently at the side. She quickly got familiar with Bai Lins personality, so she was aware of that prideful streak of hers.

She, however, sent Wei Wuyin a spiritual message. “Should we leave Bai Lin exposed?” The world hadnt linked Wei Wuyin to the Legion Commander or the Fire Phoenix yet. If this was leaked by the crew, it was bound to elicit a response from Trueborn, the Everlore Association, Tang Clan, and others.

Wei Wuyin shook his head almost immediately, replying: “If it was before, then maybe, but not anymore.” He wasnt foolish enough to rely on Wu Yu alone, but he did have some assurances. The act of keeping Bai Lin squared away for who knew how long felt unreasonable and unnecessary. In fact, bringing her identity and their relationship to the forefront might serve to help him.

The world currently believed that the foreign Earthly Saint who dealt the Tang Clan heavy losses and fought against three Earthly Saints, winning with two escaping and one dying, belonged to a strange, unfathomable power.

With Wu Yu by his side, if Bai Lin revealed herself to the world, then his reputation could only skyrocket. The world would be aware that he had at least two Earthly Saints of elite quality at his beck and call. Itll shape a mysterious image thatll protect him a little longer. After all, whos to say he didnt have three, four, or seven?

This question: Who was Wei Wuyin? It will propagate an identity thatll cause pause to all who heard it, even the Everlore Association and Trueborn. He would no longer just be a talented mortal but someone who controlled legitimate power.

While this wasnt far from the truth, he still needed more time to develop if he intended to push any concrete plans. He had just dipped his toes into the dark waters of the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. If it wasnt for his eyes, he might have been be as aggressive as he had been in the Myriad Monarch Sect. Unfortunately, his greatest means of gathering influence, power, and wealth—Alchemy—was hindered by this issue.

“Who are you?!” An explosive, domineering voice suffused with authority erupted above them.

Wu Yu had just confronted the greatest source of information, the United Source True Queen!

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