Paragon of Sin

Chapter 834: The Source of the Rumor

Chapter 833: Elementus Domain; Enter Lin Ming

The happenings across the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region could aptly be described as turbulent and scandalous, with many top-tier forces such as the Ninestar Sainthall, Tang Clan, and Everlore Association experiencing all sorts of controversies, developments, and shocking revelations.

From the Tang Clans disastrous failed attempt at capturing the Fire Phoenix eventually leading to a shocking reveal of the Soul-Rising Saints abrupt disappearance and subsequent betrayal, and the descent of a foreign Earthly Saint. Shortly after, the fall of an entire Starfield arrived. The Ravenous Edge Starfield had publicly lost both of their Earthly Saints, falling from grace and was picked apart by the vultures that were the other forces.

Later, the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawns Alchemic Knight, a long-forgotten, presumed-dead figure by the name of Wu Yu reemerged within the Everlore Association while initiating his Earthly Ascension. Not only did he dominate upon his ascension, but he escaped the clutches of the Everlore Association.

A new powerhouse had been introduced that made most uncomfortable, and the brewing undercurrents of his existence were still flowing.

Despite all this, the most shocking occurrence was the eradication of trillions of lifeforms on the planet Rainbow Sky, caused by the Everlore Association and further brought to light of the Ever-Knights purposeful actions. The question whether the Everlore Association was actively against this new, talented, and greatly mysterious alchemist by the name of Wei Wuyin was repeated endlessly. No matter their attempts to douse the raging fire, to control the damage, it was already done.

These werent the only events that were making the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region far more active and chaotic than it was a decade ago. The Spiritquake that occurred kept making ripples. It was believed to be a sign of the Sky Zenith Alchemic Saints successful concoction of a Mystic-World grade product. The event had many top-tier forces, both of the Aeternal Sky Starfield and outside of it, to make various moves against the Imperial Clan.

Right now, no one was certain what was going to happen next.


In the beginning of the relocation of the Everlore trillions, the True Element Sect had once been the absolute focus of the entire Grand Cyclic Stellar Region. After the Grand Demonstration, they announced to the world their link to the Ascendant Emperor of Neo-Dawn, the talented and elusive Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist and creator of the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill.

This had brought their precarious situation and financial crisis some breathing room. However, the situation of their declarations began to spiral out of their control. When Wu Yus identity became known, so was his link to the Divine King Han Xei, Guardian of Elements Han Yuhei, and King of Everlore. There wasnt much general understanding about their relations, but with Wu Yu being Wei Wuyins publicly announced Alchemic Knight, a new, untainted Earthly Saint by various restrictive oaths, and the reports of Wei Wuyins identity as a Chosen of the sect, the situation truly exploded beyond their control.

That rumor of Lin Xianxeis, the Saintess of the True Element Sect, being engaged to Wei Wuyin sparked unpredictable responses. Firstly, the parasites were visibly silent and passive. The Lin Clans rise seemed undisputable if so.

After all, Wu Yu had dominated two freaking Ever-Knights! He had unhesitatingly become one of the top Earthly Saints of the Aeternal Sky Starfield, and if the Lin Clan now had this sort of expert, who was unrestrained by restrictive oaths, this put them in a very dangerous and terrifying position. A nightmare that could descend at any time.

Worse, Wu Yu was backed by Wei Wuyin! One of the three requirements for the Lin Clans freedom negotiated by the King of Everlore was if an Alchemic Saint was a Dao Companion of a Lin Clan member. Considering that rumor, this could actually happen if true.

If one were to describe their hearts as tense, itll be the understatement of the millennia. The only reason those from the True Origin Faction and those parasitic clans hadnt escaped out of dodge was solely due to their inability to verify the truth of any of this. Theres been no movement by Wei Wuyin towards the True Element Sect, and as time passed, it seemed unlikely that those announcements and declarations bore any real truth within.

While the upper-echelons were worried about their futures, the disciples and elders were enthralled in the various events within, especially surrounding one such figure known as the Archaic Chosen. The one and only Lin Mings reputation and value had suffered considerably since the reveal of the truth. With his title gained through dastardly methods, he was relegated to an unwanted underdog with barely any support.

Every day was a day that he had to prove himself, fight back against the disdain, mockery, and disgust of his peers. It took him five years before his reputation began to level out as he defeated challengers, facing all sorts of challenges, and obtaining a stable ranking amongst the disciples. While he was still mocked openly and in the shadows, his actions were beginning to reveal the shine that was his brilliance.

When he reached the Gravity Emission Phase, the Sixth Stage of the Astral Core Realm, the various elders concertedly acted to oust him as a Chosen by forcefully demanding another Three Chosen Aspects Tribulation to be held due to his swift leap of two stages. Most believed he would fail, their desired amusement provoked an audience of roughly half the sect.

He, with his white spear in hand, proved them all wrong as he dominated his opponent during the War Tribulation. Unlike before, he wasnt forced to face a Timelord and resist attacks, facing the standard procedures. He hadnt just lasted against the Realmlord in charge of being his opponent, but he defeated him into absolute submission. The number of dropped jaws at that moment was stupendously high.

The Archaic Chosen had redefined the beliefs of the crowd, proving himself thoroughly to all observers. Of course, most still questioned his qualifications. After all, the standards of Chosen were changing. But that topic wasnt actively spoken about because then most current Chosen would lose their qualifications due to expected changes. Why offend them all for Lin Ming?

At the moment, there was a gorgeous azure palace on Origin that was sealed by several formations. To enter, one needed permission from the Lin Clan. This wasnt their main residence, but the location that Lin Xianxei, the Saintess herself, was relocated to after the rumor spread about her engagement to Wei Wuyin.

It was reasoned that her year or so of punishment was enough for failing to uphold her duties as an Overseer. The other crimes placed on her head, all involving Wei Wuyin, were completely and thoroughly removed as if they didnt exist. They werent even brought up.

Yet the True Origin and Shattering Element Factions hadnt just let the Saintess go, they placed her on house arrest for the remainder of her sentence. There was even talks about removing the house arrest after Wu Yus identity was revealed. There was an ongoing debate happening at this very moment at a far off hall.

The Lin Clan retained visitation rights. But those that wished to visit must be vetted and approved by the Shattering Element Faction. When Lin Ming placed his request, the Lin Clan hadnt reacted due to their prior relationship, but they were shocked by how swiftly his application was approved. Furthermore, he had unrestricted access and could come any time he wished for as long as he wanted.

Clearly, both the Shattering Element Faction and the True Origin Faction did not want Lin Xianxei to have any relationship with Wei Wuyin, for all sorts of reasons. When the Lin Clan tried to rectify this by pulling Lin Mings visitation right, but both factions fought against it. There wasnt a man alive that would feel comfortable knowing another man visited his woman on a frequent basis with no witnesses, and their relationship wasnt that of family.

At this very moment, in a picturesque and beautiful courtyard with a small-sized freshwater pond with various fishes of enchanting colors. At its edge, with bent knees, a blonde-haired female weaved her slender fingers across the ponds surface. The fishes danced around her fingers. She was dressed in a sky blue sundress with dark blue trim. Her defined curves and tantalizing features were brought to sight.

A white-robed male walked into the courtyard, with bright grey eyes and a youthful vigor that accentuated his handsome visage, he carried a faint smile.

“Senior Sister Lin,” he softly called out. This was none other than Lin Ming. As for the woman, while she no longer had her scarlet-hair or concealed her true facial features, she was unmistakably the Lin Xianxei that was the cause of incredible stress for every high-level elder in the sect. A plague, some might say. A blessing, others would debate.

When she turned around, Lin Ming was transfixed by her looks. He had always been familiar with her scarlet-haired, disguised face that was beautiful, but not even one-tenth as beautiful as now. Looking at her limpid gaze and golden blonde hair, he was mesmerized instantly.

“Lin Ming,” Lin Xianxei revealed a soft smile. Her days had been quite lonely. Besides those with probing intentions, and occasional visits of Bai Yuxi, only this Junior Brother of hers had shown up without any other desire.

At the entrance, seemingly walking Lin Ming into the palace, was a woman in a white priestess gown. Her eyes were absent of focus, gleaning no light, and further stepped into everlasting darkness. Despite this, her eyes contained a strange, attractive alluring feeling to them. Her silvery hair was long, reaching her bottom, styled in a braided-ponytail. She no longer wore her holy tiara, yet her hair and appearance was only elevated, seeming even more pure.

If Wei Wuyin was here, he would instantly recognize this beauty that was quite wild in the sheets despite her pure appearance. Only he would know of her feisty nature, completely unlike her delicate and holy demeanor.

“Thanks, Sister Si De.”

Si De nodded, leaving promptly.

Lin Xianxei stood upright, revealing her exquisite curves in her sundress. She smiled, looking at Si Des departing figure. This woman had been her caretaker in the Traceless Regret Valley, assigned with keeping her alive. They struck up a friendship despite her punishment and their roles. Such a holy and strict figure decided to maintain her role, taking care of her needs during her house arrest.

She was the only other person that blew away the loneliness of her position.

Lin Ming gave Si De a brief look, returning his focus onto Lin Xianxei only after he was certain she was gone. “Senior Sister Lin, has Master contacted you yet?”

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