Paragon of Sin

Chapter 840: At A Disadvantage; Fighting Against Worlds

Chapter 839: A World Sects Power

Wu Yu scoffed. Han Yuheis aggressive roar barely affected him. The power of a World Sect? Show it then.

And Han Yuhei fully intended to do so. The Elementus Domain had two core arrays, it was the Nine-Divine Elemental Star Array and the Ultimate Elementus, Paramount Jade Array. The former was a full-scale planetary array that drew upon the essential power of Origin, the main planet of the entire Elementus Domain. The planet has existed since their beginning, continuously empowered by successive generations and contained stores of mystic-graded power.

The latter was a domain array that drew on the core energies of two secret realms—Ultimate Elementus Realm and Paramount Jade Realm. The two secret realms were thoroughly cultivated over millennia, enhanced to act as secondary homes for the True Element Sect. They were no less powerful than Origin, if not more so.

These two secret realms absorbed refined astral essence and mystic essence of all planets in the Domain, funneled to nourish their environment, a hefty reserve of which was infused into their Realm Cores to strengthen their stability and overall environment. The entire Domain, every last lunar satellite and every planet was connected to these two realms.

At the moment, Han Yuhei was holding absolutely nothing back, exhausting these stores of energies refined, enriched, and channeled through various formations. This included astral-graded supportive formations and mystic-graded empowerment formations.

He held the key, so he also controlled the direction of all this power. Within his Dantian, he was tethered to all this transmitted energy, elevating his Mystic Aura to absolutely horrifying levels!

At the moment, Han Yuhei was a tempest of raging power. The sclera of his eyes merged with his nine-colored pupils, becoming eyes that were just a sea of nine-colors. His skin was coated in a glossy white light that looked as smooth and refined as jade.

“…” Wu Yus eyebrows furrowed slightly. The aura emanating from Han Yuhei was torrential and oppressive, joined with the entire Domain. The ninety-nine pearls released ferocious radiance that could blind mortals at the mere sight. The entire Domain was flooded in this light.

Fortunately, the planets were shielded by multiple Sky Layers that filtered the intensity of this radiance. The light was brilliant, but the mortals and lifeforms on their surfaces were protected.

Gong Lau steeled his racing heart. Wu Yus identity as a 8th Runic Ascendant had caused vast inner-turmoil within him, but seeing how far Han Yuhei was pushing this, had determined he was, he knew there was no going back here. He could either decide to retreat and let Han Yuhei handle this alone or act in unison, lending his Earthly Saint Phase cultivation base against a terrifying opponent.

He served the interests of those external clans, and he liked the status quo. However, if Han Yuhei fails to kill Wu Yu, a being of such great strength, chances are, Wu Yu will upend all of their diligent efforts. But most pressingly, there was Wei Wuyin! If even a modicum of his rumored talent was true…

A person like that would grow into an existence that could determine their fate, just like the King of Everlore once did. If it wasnt for the King of Everlores indifference, they wouldve been ousted with ease.

Since they were going to offend, it was best to be thorough, pulling all roots. Moreover, the benefits earned from accomplishing this would be astronomical if done correctly. After all, if they could obtain Wu Yus body, there were certain methods that could be executed for their benefit.

“Guardian Han!” Gong Lau shouted. Han Yuhei gave Gong Lau a look, reading the decision on his expression, and an excited glint erupted from his eyes. He couldnt be sure if the two Earthly Saints would join him, but if they did, this would increase his chances of successfully slaughtering this bastard for good! He formed a hand-seal. The ninety-nine pearls rotated slightly.

Gong Lau felt it all; a surge of immense power flowed through his entire body, infusing into his Mystic Soul. His eyes became nine-colored, his skin became jade-like, and his Mystic Aura intensified by several levels. This caused the planets to quake chaotically. Their Cores were being siphoned of their energies.

The losses for those planets will have century-long consequences.

Zhang Ziyi was the one who felt the most isolated and confused. She was floored by the rapid development, unable to make a decision on her own. This felt too much. But her instincts towards preservation and establishing a united front against outsiders remained, so she reacted nevertheless. “Guardian Han!” Since Gong Lau was acting in this way, a notoriously selfish existence, this meant Han Yuheis actions might have a justifiable reason, right? If not, he wouldve stayed back and watched.

Her thinking speed was extremely swift as an Ascended being, but the situation didnt allow much time to understand or consider all angles. She was left with either abandoning her sect against a perceived enemy or fighting alongside them.

This wasnt much of a choice.

Han Yuheis excitement grew. He hurriedly formed another hand-seal, and Zhang Ziyi entered the same state as they did.

When a cultivator becomes an Earthly Saint, they no longer needed to unleash their Demi-Mystic State, they were constantly in that state, but the incredible power from it inspired numerous Architects; as such, mystic-graded arrays that could simulate a greater version suitable for Earthly Saints was created. The act of using planets and secret realms to act as main defenses were only suitable for forces that didnt have top-tier experts. For those with Earthly Saints at the helm, they were the best defense and offense.

Wu Yus eyes reflected the images of three Earthly Saints in their empowered state. While the time to describe their thoughts and actions were long, the actual event happened in less than a second.

“You done?” Wu Yu hefted his halberd.

Han Yuhei saw the overly confident posture and expression of Wu Yu. Such ignorance, does he truly not know of their power? Did he think an 8th Runic Ascendant State meant he was invincible?! When he recalled some of Wu Yus actions, his teeth clenched, reminded of his incredible level of arrogance.

There was a time where the Demonic Abyss Master was forced to kneel for ten days for being too loud. The reason? He was disrupting his sleep. Cultivators barely slept!

There was a time when Wu Yu brought his wife along to his cousins diligently refined and curated planet, an absolutely beautiful environment that took two decades to create, and then reserved it for his vacation. He relocated everyone and stayed for three whole days, but in the end, he kept it. Why? Because his wife liked it, he decided to give it to her as a gift!

It wasnt even his to give!

There was a time when, as a young Realmlord, he met Wu Yu with his cousin. It was their first meeting, yet because of a tiny mistake, he was imprisoned for three months in the core of a lunar satellite! The experience was hellish, like being in solitary confinement without light or sound. It was such a small, insignificant, and honest mistake! But he did it because he could…


A tyrant.

‘Now, I can kill you because I can!

There were many, many more stories to tell. But just thinking of them was causing his blood to boil with hatred. He wouldnt allow such an existence reign terror in his home.

The three Earthly Saints Mystic Auras united together as one. It pressed towards Wu Yu as a barreling storm of violent power that distorted fixed space and the flow of time.

Wu Yu nodded, gripping his halberd tighter, feeling quite relaxed despite the outpour of threatening power incoming. But if he knew that Han Yuheis hatred was so great, and the reasons for it, he might be unable to contain his amusement. Well, events were determined by the point-of-view of the one experiencing it.


Wu Yu bravely met the combined Mystic Auras with his own. The clash further shook the Dark Void, causing all sorts of phenomena, ranging from vortexes of the nine elements and jade-like starlight streaking across the skies. The ninety-nine pearls kept emitting their blinding radiance. Despite three against one, fueled by two arrays, they were evenly matched!

Wu Yu took the initiative immediately after the clash. He kicked off against the Dark Void, explosively flying towards the three Earthly Saints. His speed was mind-boggling, traveling hundreds of miles in milliseconds. In the eyes of the weak, it was as if he had teleported from one location to the other with each passing moment.

He entered their Mystic Aura, using his tens of thousands Mystic Runes to fight off theirs. Their Mystic Runes were tainted by nine-colored light, the infusion of nine Elemental Intents via the formation. Wu Yu saw this; his eyes flashed with an intrigued light.

He instantly entered the 1st Grand Transformation. His Imperial Pressure was jointly empowered by his Mana Mysticism Rune, reinforced by seven other Mysticism Runes. The oppressive power forced the trio of Earthly Saints Mystic Runes to tremble, fracturing at areas, and their expressions drastically changed. The vast majority of these belonged to Zhang Ziyi, so her nose leaked two streaks of glaring blood.

“Hold!” Gong Lau was aghast. How the hell?!

He drew his weapon from his black baldric, a white dagger with a length of eight inches. Gong Lau shot off, meeting Wu Yu in close-range combat. Unlike Zhang Ziyi and Han Yuhei, he specialized in this form of combat, so with his empowered form, he was confident in holding his own.

Wu Yu had entered their range, roughly only a hundred meters away from them. They had kept him at bay with their joint Mystic Aura. This was extremely close, and Gong Lau took charge. He flew towards Wu Yu with a dagger in hand, a high Mystic-Earth grade armament with various formations, and with a stab, he vanished in a streak of silver light as he vanished.

Wu Yu didnt panic at his disappearance, brandishing his halberd as he fixed his stance. With an aggressive horizontal sweep to his right, a metallic clang resounded as Gong Lau shimmered into existence. His expression was pale, and the arm that held the dagger was twisted back at an extremely odd angle. His arm had been broken!

Wu Yu didnt give Gong Lau time to adjust, clenching his fist tight as he lanced it towards Gong Laus chest. His fist was enveloped in a starry blaze and seemed to be reminiscent of a meteor entering an atmosphere.

Gong Lau hastily reacted. He used his remaining arm to match the incoming assault. The best defense was the greatest offense, and he poured all his available power into it.

Wu Yu inwardly sneered. He followed through with, meeting fist against fist. The outcome was as expected!

Gong Laus arm directly exploded! The splash of blood, flesh, bone, and power was enough to push Wu Yu back. The spiritual power within it was chaotic, disrupting his spiritual senses. When Wu Yu felt the repulsion force, his pupils contracted instantly. He clenched his halberd, punching behind him without hesitation, and then struck with the halberd above him simultaneously!




A domineering aura was unleashed that could cause hearts to chill, pushing everything away. Wu Yu stood in the Dark Void with his hand on his right chest. His chest was punctured! It bled out sanguine blood with sparkling starlight and white streaks within in uncontrollable gushes. A large hole pierced through and through, and from the sharpness of the wound, it was produced by a dagger!

Wu Yu lifted his eyes, focusing on the three Earthly Saints that stood together not too far away. Gong Lau was unharmed, having both arms, but Zhang Ziyi still had traces of blood leaking from her nose.

“What the hell was that?” Suddenly, Wu Yus eyes widened as the three figures became three thousand, each with a nine hundred and ninety nine copies. They surrounded Wu Yu from every conceivable angle.

“Now its getting a little interesting,” Wu Yus excitement was reflected in his grin.

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