Paragon of Sin

Chapter 848: Relieved

Chapter 847: Meeting Again

Zhang Ziyi looked at Wei Wuyin; this person was far, far more incredible than she originally assumed. It was unlikely that his reputation as a Grand Mortal Sovereign Alchemist was fake when an Earthly Saint like Wu Yu, an 8th Runic Ascendant with the ability to face a World Sect, was his Alchemic Knight.

Furthermore, the Fire Phoenix suggested that he didnt just have one elite Earthly Saint as a subordinate, but two, and the Fire Phoenix was already a powerful and extraordinarily rare beast that had Demi-Mortal Lord combat prowess. Additionally, that girl beside him had an extremely stable and robust cultivation base, and her innate aura was lined deeply with the essence of fate and time, so she was undoubtedly a Heavenly Seer and definitely not an ordinary one.

The traces of time energies at her cultivation stage indicated a link to the upper echelon of the Grand Gate Pavilion or an abnormally strong independent backing. Only a few Heavenly Seers had cultivation methods with such qualities.

While she didnt expect Gong Laus death or Wu Yu trouncing them all so ferociously, this still worked in the Shattered Elements Factions favor. A slight, sly smile couldnt help but lift on her lips.

The rumor about the Lin Xianxeis engagement was as fragile as it was untrue—incredibly. Others might think of it as real due to the long stay of Lin Xianxei inside the Everlore Starfield, or because of her capacity as the Overseer for the trial that Wei Wuyin was decided as a Chosen, or even because she was a wanted nation-toppling beauty by all, but how could she not know?

The mother-daughter duo were liars that sought to capitalize on Wei Wuyins elusiveness, reluctance to enter the True Element Sect, and aversion to making any statements about all the various rumors spreading, hoping to play on this for their own benefit. All for the sake of that Archaic Chosen, a loser whos already lost to Wei Wuyin, not once, not twice, but three times.

The first time that so-called Chosen lost was a draw with Wei Wuyins subordinate! The second time he lost to Wei Wuyin was a fair contest of battle, and thus, the Archaic Chosens qualification to become a genuine Chosen was effectively taken from him. Then, even despite being stacked and cheated against by unfair methods, Wei Wuyin exhibited exceptional talent at the last moment, gaining an exception and becoming a Chosen, claiming the entire Elementus Cache for himself.

With her means and status, how could she not know about all these details?

But Wei Wuyin seemed to be unconcerned about this rumor, so all Zhang Ziyi had to do was find a time to bring it up, and she did! Zhang Ziyi was teeming with endless anticipation. The Lin Clan had sunken the True Element Sect to the lowest depths, forced with all sorts of internalized conflicts and financial crises due to their idiotic decisions.

While Zhang Ziyi was in her thoughts, Wei Wuyin and Wu Yu were exchanging messages spiritually. The contents of their conversation were a brief overview of the True Element Sects situation.

“The entire sect is at its wits end. That fight has cost them an absurdly high price that they could barely afford. Their planets were drained, setting them back centuries if not reversing millennia of arduous efforts of those who lived in them.” Wu Yu commented, discussing what they could loot from this decaying corpse of a sect. But it was truly lacking in every way. The only saving grace might be the vault, but considering how horrible the situation was, that might not be enough to pick their teeth.

Wei Wuyin surmised his thoughts: “If whats said is true, and from the look of it, it seems so, then the majority of their resources should belong to the external clans.”

Wu Yu agreed, adding: “Youre likely right. But if their Earthly Saint from the Nansi Clan has an Internal World, they might keep it with them.” An Internal World was a spatial dimension within an Ascendeds body that could be used to contain mystic-graded materials. Without one or a specially crafted packaging carrier, it was impossible to transport them spatially. However, it was extremely difficult to cultivate, and most Earthly Saints lacked one.

One of the main reasons was that cultivators had to comprehend four out of the nine Mystic Runes—Mana, Spatial, Temporal, and Oceanic—to naturally generate one. There were a few cultivation methods that could overcome this stringent requirement, allowing certain Demi-Mortal Lords to cultivate one as well if theyve reached a certain Rune Ascension involving these four Mystic Runes.

Wei Wuyin frowned slightly, “Your Internal World didnt seem very big.”

Wu Yus expression couldnt help but become a little strange, “It can get bigger. Im still adjusting.”

Wei Wuyin didnt know whether to laugh or cry hearing that very familiar tone, “I meant the size didnt seem to be able to contain a lot. Furthermore, shouldnt there be a limit to its spatial stability?”

Wu Yu hurriedly corrected his thinking. “Right. There is a limit to the amount of mystic-graded materials I can place within it or living beings. Its not an unlimited space. Are you suggesting…?”

“Yes. If they have a vault, find it. You know what to do after,” Wei Wuyin sternly said. Wu Yus eyes brightened. Its been a while since he last went on a heist. With a joyful grin, he looked toward Zhang Ziyi, who tried to hide her gleeful emotions, and Han Yuhei, who was stone-faced. He said, “Ill be right back.”

With that, his body emitted a faint silver light, exuding dense spatial energies as he vanished as a streak of light with a cosmic trail glowing with multicolored stars. His movement shocked the two Earthly Saints, sending them into a brief confusion.

Han Yuhei halted mid-flight, contemplating following him, but at that moment, Wei Wuyin shouted: “Leave him be, lets hurry along.” With that, Bai Lin released a cry and flew faster with a heavy flap of her wings. Zhang Ziyi was stumped for a moment. The Alchemic Knight was leaving Wei Wuyin?

Her first thought was: what if they decided to act against him? But then she recalled those Mythical Oath that prevented that and the fact that Wu Yu wouldve likely left behind several protective means that couldnt be breached in a short time. Considering Wu Yus power, they would be hard-pressed to break through them to seize Wei Wuyin before he returned.

A feeling of inferiority swelled within her heart.

Han Yuhei looked at the disappearing Wu Yu, heavily frowning, but he could only heave a helpless sigh in the end. Since Wei Wuyin was leading this after their defeat, he could only comply. Whatever Wu Yu was up to, it wasnt something he could stop, so why bother?

He chased after Wei Wuyin and Zhang Ziyi.


In an idyllic courtyard, beautiful and calming, four cultivators were gathered, their eyes looking at the Sky Layer above with varying expressions. They were none other than Lin Xianxei, her mother—Lin Xianxian, Lin Ming, and the blind Si De. They were observing the Sky Layer, how it was currently thinner, a little gloomy, and without any activities beyond its limits.

Its been this way since the array had been deactivated. When it was activated, the white gloss of elemental power that encapsulated the planet had blocked their senses, visual and spiritual, and it felt like peering into the radiance of a Solar Star.

“Is there no news?” Lin Ming asked the Sect Master of the True Element Sect, Lin Xianxian, who held a transmission jade in her hand. She had sent messages to many departments, acting upon her authority as Sect Master and what little power afforded to her. They were all waiting for her to receive further word.

The events were deeply unexpected. First, Wei Wuyin arrived alongside his Alchemic Knight, announcing his presence, and then the various arrays and formations began whirling into full activity as if facing a great enemy. The sects experts mobilized into position and handled their duties with a sharp focus.

Yet it lasted for only a dozen or so seconds, then the booms and rippling waves that they felt from various collisions of vast, unfathomable power ceased at roughly the same time. It was surprisingly quick, but the outcome left them baffled.

“Theres no word from the Grand Elders…” Lin Xianxian tensed, folding her arms against her stomach, lifting her ample chest slightly. She would be lying if she said she was calm!

“What about Wei Wuyin? Is he okay?” Si Des anxiety was at a ten relative to everyone who was at a solid five. She was fidgeting in place; her facial expression was painted with worry and concern. She was aware that Wei Wuyin was a mere mortal, and the True Element Sect was a grand World Sect. If they intended to harm him, chances were that he might not make it out alive. The fact she could feel the waves from combat while on a planet shielded by an entire array left her feeling all sorts of emotions.

She bit her lower lip anxiously, looking at Lin Xianxian with her sightless eyes.

“…” Lin Ming gave this blind woman another curious look, shocked by her frantic reaction. Why was she so worried?

“I dont know; theres no word except that the Domain-sealing formation is still active,” Lin Xianxian answered truthfully. “Wait,” she suddenly blurted out, causing all their expressions to shift. “The Earthly Saints auras are approaching!”

Her heart was racing. She used her Soul of Mysticism level spiritual sense, catching a glimpse of the individuals approaching along with the Earthly Saints, and her thoughts grew still. She turned to Lin Xianxei, “Wei Wuyin is with them.” The panic in her eyes was growing increasingly greater, and when she felt Zhang Ziyis aura, her heart knew that that bitch wasnt going to let them have peace.

Lin Xianxeis slender fingers clenched into fists for a short moment before she relaxed completely, her face significantly eased, revealing a faint smile. It was clear that she thought this through, likely having some sort of plan.

Si Des expression similarly grew relieved; a slight smile formed on her expression.


Bai Lin arrived at the airspace above the courtyard, and with a beautiful arc, she perfectly landed at an empty space, lowering her wings to the ground, and then lifted her body to flourish her wings.

The two Earthly Saints landed to Bai Lins right and left; their unfathomable aura added to her already impressive appearance. They were forced to serve as side characters for this. Wei Wuyin floated upwards, the edges of his robes and hair fluttering about from the winds. Paired with his otherworldly handsome visage, he established an mythological Immortals presence.

When he rose above Bai Lins head, looking down at the four, they lifted their heads to observe him.

“Youre here?!” Wei Wuyin spoke, his voices presence as impressive as his countenance, causing the four of their expressions to change.

Furthermore, Zhang Ziyis eyes began to change. She turned to see the shock and elation on Wei Wuyins face, and her heart dropped a few degrees in the depths of her unwanted thoughts.Does he actually know Lin Xianxei?

She began to panic. If the rumors held any truth, then…

Lin Xianxian, however, was even more panicked. Wei Wuyins presence for a mortal fit his identity perfectly, and even she couldnt help but be moved! If she was just a few centuries younger, she might…

Unfortunately, their house of cards was about to crumble, and seeing Zhang Ziyi arrive with a satisfied and hateful glare hidden behind a small smile, she knew the situation was about to turn for the worse!

Lin Xianxei remained calm, facing Wei Wuyin with a steady gaze. She had seen Wei Wuyin a few times, so his handsomeness hadnt shaken her. That aside, she couldnt help but think of the words from the Grand Seer on that day:

“You should not want to find this man. He is everything you seek, foolish girl. All your dreams turned into reality, aspirations fulfilled, and even your future will be abundantly rich in happiness as long as youre with him; there is nothing you cant achieve. But…”

She didnt think about the latter half, looking at Lin Ming, who was seemingly calm, staring at Wei Wuyin directly as if in direct challenge. It was hard to resist clenching her fists or showing a reaction. She just kept repeating in her heart:Remain calm. Remain smart. Remain flexible.

Lin Ming, on the other hand, was indeed staring at Wei Wuyin directly, and when he heard those words from him, that he was here, he faintly smiled. Damn right he was here! And he was determined to prove that Grand Seer wrong! They would have their rematch, proper and fair.

“HOLY SON!” A voice filled with an emotional overflow of excitement, yearning, and happiness resounded. A figure moved with extraordinary swiftness, traveling the courtyard and approaching the voice at incredible speeds!

The Earthly Saints and Lin Xianxei clearly saw it, but those at the Astral Core Realm only saw a blur. As they focused their eyes, they finally knew who that blur was!

Wei Wuyin held Si De, the blind woman, in his arms, her head resting on his chest as she clenched his robes with her arms. “So it was you,” Wei Wuyin gently caressed her hair, feeling her heavy breathing that revealed so much pent-up emotional stress.

That familiar aura that he felt before? That was none other than the Grand Priestess Si De!

“…” Everyone.

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