Paragon of Sin

Chapter 861: You Set The Price

Chapter 860: Tian Xiaolu

The illuminating form of Bai Lins fire phoenix transformation reflected extremely clearly within Tian Muyangs eyes. At the sides of which, two strong auras of Earthly Saints.

Zhang Ziyi turned to see Bai Lins approach. She was a little startled by Wei Wuyins arrival. She didnt really think the Imperial Clans investigations were linked to Wei Wuyin, unless of course their cause for action was feeling threatened by Wei Wuyin. If that was the case…

Her expression gradually grew dignified. Suddenly, the Domain-sealing barrier began to reveal an opening, large enough to accommodate those three gigantic-sized Voidships. It was as if the gap was beckoning the three Voidships to enter.

“Come in, Imperial King Muyang.” A voice that contained tremendous Spiritual Strength resounded. It wasnt at the mystic-level, still within Mortal Limits, but its power caused faint ripples to ceaselessly generate within the Domain-sealing barrier and the three Voidships artificial atmosphere.

Tian Muyangs gaze experienced a slight shift. Suffused within his starlight eyes was a wave of shock, and it kept increasing as Bai Lin arrived in full glory, her twenty-two thousand meter form burning within the Dark Void as if she was a queen of flames. Her aura was terrifyingly impressive. She was certainly stronger than the typical Demi-Mortal Lord cultivator.

“…” Tian Muyang looked towards Zhang Ziyi who was still a little solemn at Wei Wuyins arrival and invitation.Has he gained control of the True Element Sect? This thought circulated through his mind, sending his train of thinking to all sorts of conclusions.

Then, he gave a slight smile. “Okay,” he gestured with his right hand and the Voidships began to move. It didnt take long before they confidently and unhesitatingly entered, the Domain-sealing barrier sealed behind them.

Tian Muyang first caught sight of Wu Yu. The Grand Knight of Neo-Dawn had a presence as great as rumored. Despite being an Alchemic Knight, his entire being exuded an innate kingly feeling. It was as if the heavens, earth, and man were his to command.

Yet with all this power and presence, he still stood a few paces behind the Fire Phoenix, clearly indicating his status as the lesser in this interaction. Han Yuhei had also taken this action, but it was mostly subconscious. Since Wu Yu had taken a few steps back, allowing Wei Wuyin to lead, he had taken the same steps.

Soon, Tian Muyang saw a silver-eyed youth on the back of the fire phoenix, engulfed by scarlet-gold flames that only highlighted his already phenomenal looks.

Tian Muyang calmly stood at the forefront of the three gigantic-sized Voidships. In the far distance, to an observer, it was as if a fire phoenix faced these three vehicles of war without fear, creating a startling yet invigorating image.

‘Silver-colored eyes… Tian Muyang hid his emotions strongly, but there was clearly something about how he spoke that both Han Yuhei and Zhang Ziyi found different from earlier. If before, he exuded absolute confidence and a noble presence, as vast and grand as the sky, then now he felt more…subdued?

They were shocked by the difference in attitude. Considering the Sky Destroyers were absolute domain devastating tools, even Wu Yu wouldnt have it easy facing one, let alone three.

Wei Wuyin mentally communicated with Bai Lin. Her nirvanic flames began to slowly reduce in intensity. He was fully revealed. At his side, Si De had her Worldly Domain unfurled to simulate a life-sustaining environment while Wen Mingna stayed behind him. Without a Worldly Domain, Wei Wuyin would have to enter his True Dragon Form to resist the Dark Chill of the Void.

Wu Yu slightly frowned, looking at the three Voidships. He sent spiritually to Wei Wuyin, “I feel five auras at our level in those ships.”

Wei Wuyin kept an outward calm appearance, but he was deeply shaken internally. “Five Earthly Saints?” This was a little too outrageous, no? Were they truly gearing up for war?! If Imperial Monarch Tian Muyang was counted, wouldnt that mean they fielded six Earthly Saints to come here? What a show of strength!

Moreover, they clearly werent hiding from Wu Yus senses. It wasnt just him who sent him that message, Han Yuhei had warned him too. Why did Little Yu decide to do so? It was definitely because a fight might cause the total collapse of the Elementus Domain. He was telling him that the Imperial Clan of the Aeternal Sky Starfield, the Tian Clan, wasnt a force that should be provoked.

In truth, Wei Wuyin was a little worried about this.

“You must be Wei Wuyin; Ive heard many things, and what I can see, they all seemed to do you great injustice,” Tian Muyang said, regaining his calm and noble smile. If he were to tell anyone in the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region that a mortal being at the Gravity Emission Phase was capable of commanding two Earthly Saints and an ancient Fire Phoenix as a mount, they would be in utter disbelief. Even the Aeternal Princes had to be an Ascended before getting any real authority over other Ascended beings.

Yet here he was.

Moreover, Wei Wuyin had a terrifying spiritual strength, and his bodily concealments were so strong that even with his Ocular Spell, Tian Muyang could only gauge his cultivation by how spatial energies reacted to his presence. If it wasnt for that, Wei Wuyin couldve been a true mortal for all he knew.

Wei Wuyin smilingly replied, “Youre too polite, Imperial King Muyang. Ive heard about you as well. Its why I felt the urge to meet you, and see these legendary Sky Destroyers up close. They truly are beautiful creations.” Wei Wuyin sized up the Sky Destroyers. Wu Yu had mentioned these things once. Ma Zheng said that they were undoubtedly the greatest combat-type Voidships in the entire stellar region.

They cost a fortune and a half, multiplied by three, added with a thousand years of effort, design, and construction. Wu Yu described them each as individual powerhouses, rivaling elite Earthly Saints. This meant that with the five auras, Tian Muyang, and three Sky Destroyers, the Imperial Clan effectively sent nine Earthly Saints!

“Indeed, they are.” Tian Muyang seemed like he wanted to say something, and there was an air of awkwardness developing.

Wei Wuyin found this to be a little surprising, so he decided to no longer hold a casual conversation. If Wei Wuyin knew that his decision to seize the initiative had broken Tian Muyangs momentum, he wouldnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Ive heard from the True Element Sect that youre here for an investigation regarding the Imperial Clans interest. So I wont delay such an important matter,” Wei Wuyin lightly patted Bai Lins flames. She released a low cry before soaring upwards and out of the Voidships path towards Origin. Wu Yu followed along beside him without hesitation.

Tian Muyang stared at Wu Yu.

“Our sect will uphold our agreement with the Imperial Clan. Youre free to do what you need to,” Han Yuhei said, never even asking Lin Xianxian regarding the Imperial Clans entry, so clearly her opinion on the matter was inconsequential. He gestured while moving to Zhang Ziyis side.

Tian Muyangs eyes glinted with a piercing light, giving Han Yuhei a fleeting glance. He swiftly returned his gaze to Wu Yu and Wei Wuyin. “Actually, Ive heard much about your amazing Alchemic Talent, reaching the Grand-level as a Mortal Sovereign Alchemist before the age of a hundred, and without entering the Mystic Ascendant Realm. Youve become somewhat of a mythological legend among the talented youths among the starfield.

“I was wondering if youd have time to show my little niece your extraordinary talents. Shes one of the many skeptics, and I feel she needs to understand that theres always a mountain beyond a mountain, a sky beyond a sky.” Tian Muyang flew upwards, arriving at Wei Wuyins eye-level.

“I hope you can teach her this important lesson of life,” Tian Muyangs words were calmly spoken, but Wei Wuyin and Wu Yu could hear a hint of threatening within his tone. Wu Yu frowned. He couldnt tell what level of Runic Ascendant state Tian Muyang was in, but his natural aura was robust and vast.

Wei Wuyin replied, “I wouldnt want to delay the Imperial Clans matters.”

“You wont,” Tian Muyang blasted back instantly. “We can handle it after, trust me.” After saying this, he revealed a friendly smile and gestured towards one of the Voidships. A figure flew from the central ship, engulfed by a Worldly Domain that was extremely solid looking. It was clear that despite its current limit of fifty meters in diameter, it was far, far larger if fully unleashed.

The Worldly Domain had streaks of seven intermixing colors that perfectly flowed together. A harmless and harmonious aura emanated from it.

This was Wei Wuyins first time seeing an Alchemic-type Worldly Domain!

“Alchemic Astral Soul?!” Han Yuhei and Zhang Ziyi were deeply astonished at the sight of this Worldly Domain. The figure arrived beside Tian Muyang, revealing their figure entirely.

It was a woman.

And what a woman it was.

Sleek, long, and wavy navy blue hair adorned her head, full and flowing with a healthy, gleaming sheen. It cascaded like a miraculous waterfall down her back, almost touching her perfectly round, plump, and curvy rump that was a handful and a half. She was slender, but not skinny; her figure filled out her white and golden robes with impeccable curves, lending her a voluptuous form that was clearly well-trained and fit.

She wore a large blue belt under waist, and it accentuated her modest yet shapely breasts. She didnt lack in any department. This included looks. Her countenance was nation-toppling, from her big, bold eyebrows, exceptionally light-blue eyes, thin, confident lips, and warm, golden complexion, it was hard to find any imperfections, if there were any.

“…” Wei Wuyin was stunned. And it wasnt just him. Wu Yu and Han Yuhei as men were shocked by her appearance. She was a little too gorgeous, no? But what truly took them by surprise was her rich and pure aura of alchemic energies.

She had a neutral gaze; it wasnt too fierce or too gentle, and it caused one to feel as if they were being seen through and through.

Tian Muyang proudly smiled after seeing their reactions. “This is my little niece, Tian Xiaolu. Shes the one who vehemently disbelieves my words. I hope you can enlighten her.”

‘If he truly has the skills he says, then he must be his descendant. But if hes not… Tian Muyang thought while maintaining his smile, giving Wu Yu a slight glance.

“I see,” Wei Wuyin said distractedly. But he wasnt absentminded because of Tian Xiaolus gorgeous looks! No, he was shocked by three things!

One, she had an Alchemic Astral Soul and was at the Realmlord Stage!

Two, he once again felt that strange feeling that occurred whenever he saw a Blessed. She was Blessed! Not only that, the feeling was absurdly strong, even eclipsing Jing Jiu!

Three, and most importantly, while her gaze was seemingly ordinary, he was extremely sensitive to emotional fluctuations thanks to Eden, and from her neutral gaze, he felt nothing but pure, malicious killing intent! It sent shivers down his spine!

Wu Yu sent spiritually at this moment, “Young Lord, he wants to test you before acting against me.”

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