Paragon of Sin

Chapter 868: Slow and Steady

Chapter 867: Congratulations From All


Ma Zheng had succeeded!

Unlike the rest, accepting of his failure after the waning and subsequent vanishing of the Earthly Ascension, Wei Wuyin felt the strange, ever-expanding ripple through Kratos and his Void Dragon Bloodline. It was absolutely phenomenal, exceeding Mortal Limits with ease, and stimulating his innate instincts.

The claps infused with his spiritual strength was solely to attract the cause of the ever-expanding ripple. Whatever it was, it had slipped into the folds of fixed space, seemingly lost as it traversed through the world in that state. Its raw movement was shifting through fixed space, causing a tsunami of softs as it stalled in certain isolated spaces.

Like a homing beacon, those claps served to highlight their current location. It seemed to be quite effective. The space where Ma Sujiangs body vanished earlier began to ripple intensely, vibrating at an incredibly high frequency, emitting ear-grating sounds.

This was obviously caused by Ma Zhengs unfamiliarity with his newfound power, affecting both Fixed Space and Isolated Space at the same time unintentionally. There were very few who werent aware of Ma Zhengs cultivation base, being one of the oldest, his strength was extremely well-known.

He cultivated a Nexus Soul tempered with Spatial Essence—a Nexus Spatial Soul!

Thus, when he ascended to the Earthly Saint, his phenomenon affected the various states of space, even causing him a little bit of trouble. It didnt take long until a figure followed the linger claps, breaching out of a location as a spatial scar formed nearby.

“Father!” Ma Sujiang shouted with raw emotion. Her existence had felt nothing but despair just moments earlier was now filled with indescribable disbelief and excitement. She shot off towards Ma Zhengs figure unhesitatingly. No one stopped here now.

Ma Zheng no longer seemed to be in a hectic, brink-of-death state. Whether it was his Life Source or Soulspan, they regained some normalcy, enriched by his recent advancement. He was still absentminded, looking at his hands that seemed to grow a decade or two younger. While he was still old, he wasnt as withered and fragile as before.

There was a youthful vigor coursing through his veins.

“For millennia, I-” He halted his own sentence, feeling as if this was all incredibly surreal. It felt as if he was dreaming. Was he dreaming?


The soft slam of a warm body into his embrace caused his eyes to grow brighter. Ma Sujiang hugged Ma Zheng tightly, as if unwilling to let him slip away from her grip. It was so hard that if he hadnt reached his current cultivation, entering into a perpetual Demi-Mystic state, this would definitely feel incredibly uncomfortable.

It took him a while to settle into the reality of the situation, finding himself grounded by his last daughters presence. Her emotions seeped into his heart and proved that it was all real. He replied with a hug. Its been so long, so, so very long since he hugged this daughter of his properly.

The father-daughter duo stood in the Dark Void, tightly embracing the other as Earthly Saints watched in astonishment!

“It worked,” Wu Yu was awed. He wasnt the only one, but he was the one who was aware the most that Wei Wuyin had no mysterious backing that existed. If he had these products, he most certainly obtained them himself. Were they from Divine King Han Xeis legacy? He couldnt help but grow curious about Wei Wuyin once again.

Yang Chaoyue flew towards Ma Zheng. Her actions caused the other Earthly Saints to snap out of their shock. They just saw how the once half-dead Ma Zheng became vibrant and entered the same stage of cultivation as them. This was the miracle that they hadnt expected!

There were decades, sometimes centuries, where Earthly Saints werent born. Now, without warning, two were created all connected to a single cultivator—Wei Wuyin!

When Yang Chaoyue arrived before Ma Zheng, the embracing duo cut their moment short. Ma Sujiang tidied her attire, regaining some of her honed composure that was very professional. However, the gleam of unreserved happiness was clearly there within those eyes of hers.

She earnestly said: “Congratulations, Third Manager Ma. Your success will surely bring the Golden Life Pavilion to new heights.” Yang Chaoyue was quick to hop onto an opportunity, but Ma Zheng wasnt the focus. She turned to Wei Wuyin, similarly congratulating his resounding success. “Ascendant Emperor Weis means are unfathomable, worthy of your title. I was wonderi-“

Suddenly, Yang Chaoyues expression changed as she felt a strong mystic aura emanate from behind her. She swiftly recognized it as Tian Muyang, and her expression changed once again, but this time it seemed to be the result of new information.

She took a deep breath, gave Wei Wuyin a smile that accentuated her looks, and fell back without hesitation. She returned to her group alongside Tian Muyang and Tian Lingyu. The latter sneered slightly.

Wei Wuyin could tell that the Imperial Clan had varying differences in opinions, and their caution towards him likely had elevated it to the highest imaginable limit. As for why Tian Muyang likely threatened Yang Chaoyue to return, it was because she was clearly overly ambitious, trying to seek out an opportunity directly in front of them without their permission. After all, she was a subordinate to the Tian Clan.

Wei Wuyin decided to not delve into the hot mess that was politics right now, especially after this all took place. He did, however, send congratulations towards Ma Zheng. All the Earthly Saints present, at some point, had relations or dealings with Ma Zheng, so he received their earnest congratulations for clawing back from death and reaching new heights.

If there was anyone with the longest time as a Demi-Mortal Lord, it was Ma Zheng. Some were happy, some were jealous, but they were all excited at this potential prospect. Because this meant that, even if they were at the brink of losing it all, there was always a chance to take a step forward and grasp new power.

There werent many that could say they were at the brink of death and reversed their fate. And what a fate that was reversed! They didnt understand it all, but they were aware that a Mystic-World grade product was involved. That was enough.

Wei Wuyin didnt linger. In fact, he didnt say goodbye. He merely gave a departing clasp of his fists towards Tian Muyang and the rest, and then Bai Lin once again took off back to Origin. Even Ma Zheng was left there, only given a spiritual transmission with a few words of congratulations at his success and this message:

“When youre ready, Ill be on the planet Origin.”

Wu Yu and Han Yuhei followed along, while Zhang Ziyi decided to stay and accompany the Imperial Clan just in case they needed anything. But the feeling of shock that everyone felt at these events was explosive, rippling through their hearts as Wei Wuyins attitude and feats collided inside their imaginations.


A name that had floated about during the King of Everlore Era, when the Earthly Saint boom happened following his rise as an Earthly Saint Alchemist! Now, that title was resonating within their minds. None of these events were sealed through oaths, but the Imperial Clan wouldnt casually spread what happened here today.

Of course, this wouldnt stop Ma Zheng from doing so. The world will soon think of Wu Yu and Ma Zheng, learning that their ascensions to the Earthly Saint Phase were directly related to Wei Wuyin!

Once again, the world was going to experience a heavy, chaotic change!

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