Paragon of Sin

Chapter 889: Neo-Origin!

Chapter 888: Origin ’s Fate;Stunning Trillions

Three kilometers!

Wei Wuyin could feel the expansion of his Worldly Domain, the sensation of total control of the area it encompassed. At the center of his Worldly Domain, he felt like a deity! As it continued to grow, so did his feeling of power. The remnant energies within the air, the elemental forces, all the flushed ambient mana, including chaos mana, they were all subjected to his will and the will of his Astral Soul.

The growth of his Worldly Domain was taken slow at first, immersing him in this miraculous feeling of control and reign. But as time continued to pass, he decided to urge his Ori further with a thought. The result was beautifully impactful!

Ori released a vibrant light of exhilaration and jubilance, pouring its spiritual strength into the Domain Seed. When this occurred, his Domain Seed stirred his astral force, absorbing it to summon greater strength. Wei Wuyin now realized why the Worldly Domain ’s size was a result of a cultivator ’s will.


The Worldly Domain of Elemental Origin explosively inflated, augmented by Ori ’s elemental origin force. Four? Five? Ten! Twenty! Forty!! FIFTY!!!

In the briefest of time, the three kilometers had grown to fifty kilometers, or 50,000 meters in size, and its growth wasn ’t coming to a stop at all! Wei Wuyin felt the devastated Origin, the lingering and pathetic wisps of remaining energies left behind. When he encompassed the saber energies converted by the Worldly Avatar of King, he could feel wisps of his will integrating within these uncontrolled energies.

Even without his Intent, he felt that he could replicate its feat by exerting the will of his Worldly Domain, executing a form of pseudo-Intent. He was now aware why Worldly Domains had similar powers as Intent, borderline World Heart Intent. While not quite like World Heart Intent, the ability to control ambient energies of every source was distinctively beyond normal Intent, but lesser than World Heart Intent.

The more he experienced, the more he understood about cultivation, and the more he realized why Realmlords were so terrifyingly powerful, completely different from Gravity Emission Phase cultivators. This degree of control, unique present of ’will ’ originating from the Astral Soul, not the cultivator, and the ability to tap into most sources of energy, such as gravity, light, mana, and elemental energies was extremely miraculous.

Wielding this power now, the concept of fighting his Gravity Emission Phase self himself felt as if it ’d be less than a breeze in difficulty.

The Worldly Domain ’s expansion seemed unstoppable! Wei Wuyin understood that a Worldly Domain ’s size was representative of the cultivator ’s foundation. When Tuo Bihan, a re-cultivated Purist, reached the Realm World Phase, his Worldly Domain roughly extended 700 meters in diameter. This was decent, because the Realmlord in the Four Extreme Continent had 600 meters.

From what Wei Wuyin remembered from various records, the Worldly Domain ’s size was determined by three aspects: Astral Core, Spiritual Strength, and Cultivation Attainments—Soul Idol, Spatial Resonance, and Primary Light Source.

The primary aspect was size, which reflected quality and quantity of the four energies of an Astral Core, such as physical, mental, essence, and spiritual energies. Wei Wuyin ’s Astral Core had reached the maximum limit that he could feasibly attain, eighty-one meters in size!

As for Spiritual Strength, Wei Wuyin had four Astral Souls, jointly combining their Spiritual Strength, two of which were originally ’Divine ’ Souls, a mandatory requirement to become a Spiritualist! It wasn ’t an exaggeration to say that his Spiritual Strength vastly, vastly, just outright humiliatingly surpassed some Ascended beings!

With thirteen Soul Rings, Grand Convergence Spatial Resonance, and Primary Light Source at the Soul-level, there was no further need to discuss how outrageously strong his cultivation attainments have been on this path. Moreover, Ori was at the Zenith Origin State, elevating its quality to an entirely different level than typical.

All of these factors were exceptional alone, but when combined, the resulting Worldly Domain wasn ’t just shocking, it was heaven-shaking, world-toppling, and convention-breaking!

The spectators from above, those trillions of inhabitants who sorrowfully watched their home be split in two, drained of its liveliness, and left in a decaying state as the Chaos Mana, the Chill of the Dark Void, invaded without any atmospheric protections or refinement. The radiance of the Mystic Radiance Belt of the Supermassive Solar Star of the Aeternal Sky Starfield smashed against the surface, scorching its unprotected crust.

”Mo-mommy, look! ” A young girl with a keen sight, talented and possessing a unique spiritual sense, noted a change on the lifeless surface of Origin. She tugged at her mother ’s sleeve, a Timelord of great renown, who was sullen and seemingly lost.

The mother lifted her head and squinted her eyes. Within those eyes were sparks of spiritual light, and then her eyes widened in shock!

Due to the tribulation ’s unique properties, it was very difficult to peer into the depths of the Origin or its surface, finding it difficult to determine what exactly was happening. However, the tribulation had ended, and Wei Wuyin had fully obtained his Domain Seeds. Without the concealments from the heavens, the scene changed.

In her senses, who was extremely far away, she could see a small white light growing in size and intensity. She couldn ’t help but feel her heart shake. Its size was relatively massive, like some of the smaller cities, but its brilliance was extremely noticeable.

She wasn ’t the only one, just the first amongst the populace. Before long, numerous exclamations resounded as they pointed out the abnormality occurring.

Han Yuhei and Zhang Ziyi were observing the incoming Imperial Clan members, not focusing on Origin. But when the commotion began to become a little too active, their attention was snagged away and they couldn ’t help but look towards Origin.

”A Worldly Domain! ” Han Yuhei instantly noted its existence.

”OH MY HEAVENS! ” Zhang Ziyi reeled. She was an illustrious Earthly Saint, an Ascended being at the top of the powerhouse pyramid, yet her reaction was unimaginably explosive.

Amongst the riled populace, Wen Mingna and Si De were also observing Origin. Unlike the others, they didn ’t feel very emotional. They didn ’t consider Origin their home, and their home had already been destroyed long ago, decimated by a Star-Devourer that they ’ll likely not be able to seek vengeance towards in their lifetime.

That said, Wen Mingna did understand the intense emotions they all felt. She was a former princess of a Kingdom, with a large family, some good ones, and kind-hearted citizens. When she learned her country was destroyed, she was devastated. She had even cried.

”What ’s that? ” Lin Ming couldn ’t help but ask as he pointed out the growing white-colored radiance. The drained planet, almost greyed out, made the pure white radiance stand out like gold in coal.

”… ” Lin Xianxei was stunned silent, and her expression was abnormally complex. She had just accepted that the Grand Seer ’s words were deliberately performed to mess with her in Wei Wuyin ’s favor, acting as if he was her own choice, but she had internally rejected that notion, believing her fate and future were determined by herself, not some biased words of a Seer.

Yet when she saw the growing light, the devastated planet, and recalling all that she had just witnessed. She was startled to the utmost! Was that a genuine Realm World Astral Tribulation? Did a Realm World Astral Tribulation actually decimate a large-sized, thoroughly refined planet like Origin?!

How was that possible?

As for why she felt that it wasn ’t a Realm World Astral Tribulation before, despite feeling its aura, experiencing it herself long ago, was mostly because it was too intense! Since almost every Realm World Astral Tribulation exuded the same aura and intensity, this must be an anomaly that was provoked due to a treasure.

Her thoughts weren ’t unexpected; it was too ludicrous to think otherwise without having all the available information like the Imperial Clan, Han Yuhei, or Zhang Ziyi.

’Is this ’his ’ Worldly Domain?! ’ She could sense the distinct World Pressure from here, her violently heart racing as she saw it continue to grow without stopping.

Wen Mingna released a soft sigh of relief, grabbing hold of Si De ’s trembling hand, the blind priestess ’ concern leaked even through her sightless eyes. ”He succeeded, ” Wen Mingna stated.

Si De ’s eyes widened, and then a smile, beautiful and genuine, manifested on her beautiful face as she breathed out a breath of relief. The stress she had built up during Origin ’s devastation was unprecedentedly heavy, but those two words had caused it to blow away like sand in the wind.

”He? ” Lin Ming was stunned. Since they were in close proximity, he instantly heard every word. He was baffled for a second, but then it struck him as his eyes widened!

While this was happening, Wei Wuyin was down below and a little shaken. Why? Because his Worldly Domain wasn ’t stopping its expansion!

That ’s right, it kept growing! Larger and larger! Bigger and bigger!

It wasn ’t long before it had already reached 108,000 meters in size, roughly the same size as his thirteen-ringed Soul Idol ’s manifestation! However, that was illusory with some tangible means, but his Worldly Domain was entirely different! Furthermore, this was just the ’initial ’ stage of his Domain Seed. Due to the Neo-Dawn Eclipse Pill ’s Domain Seed, he had only consolidated his Domain Seed through absorption, not improved it!


It kept growing!

160,000 meters!

180,000 meters!

Zhang Ziyi could see it at this point, realizing the Worldly Domain was growing to the point that it could legitimately be a small world!

She exclaimed in disbelief, ”How can it be so BIG?! ” Her breathing was speeding up, her chest falling and rising at a fast pace, and her eyes were impossibly wide.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

The Imperial Clan ’s Earthly Saints reached the edge of the Elementus Domain, they were observing all of the changes from their distance with absurd ease.

Tian Muyang was taken aback by the Worldly Domain forming in the far-off distance. As Earthly Saints, they were extremely perceptive, and they grasped the vast majority of cultivation knowledge of the Astral Core Realm. It would be like a mathematician not noticing the plus or minus sign, it was too easy!

Yang Chaoyue was right beside him, her eyes widened. ”So BIG! ” She exclaimed immediately. She had never seen a Worldly Domain so massive, even for Starlords.

Tian Lingyu stopped by Yang Chaoyue, her lips twisted with dissatisfaction. No matter what, she couldn ’t let this slut use her body to shamelessly garner favor from Wei Wuyin. She refused to let her gain anything from this, no matter what. While she had her own dislike, when she felt the Worldly Domain growing in the distance, she couldn ’t help but say: ”My heavens! Is that a Worldly Domain? How can a man ’s seed be so powerful?! ”

Tian Muyang ’s eyebrows twitched, ignoring her wording. He could only respond, ”A lot of pre-preparation. Otherwise, how else can it be so thick- ” Tian Muyang instantly found himself in an awkward wording, coughing lightly, continuing: ”thick in Worldly Pressure. ”

The thickness of Worldly Pressure controlled its translucent nature, yet this Worldly Domain was entirely white, with not even a glimpse of a shadow within.

Exceptionally Thick!

Unimaginably Big!

Immensely Powerful!

Tian Muyang was absolutely certain now more than ever before that Wei Wuyin had cultivation methods so profound that their Aeternal Sky Scripture and Myriad Monarch Canon ’s cultivation method was trash, less than trash, and likely disgustingly low.

His eyes blazed with more ambition than he ’d ever had before! It wasn ’t just him. All the Earthly Saints at the border of the Elementus Domain burned with fervor in their eyes, especially Yang Chaoyue, the Sky Monarch of the Imperial Clan, and she seemed ready to move.

Unfortunately, they were bound by oaths, unable to invade or enter a territory without permission! Where the hell was HAN YUHEI and ZHANG ZIYI!

Wei Wuyin was unaware of the kindling of blazing ambition that his Worldly Domain was generating. He was heavily immersed in the developments and unfolding of his cultivation base! While in the grand scale of a Starfield, his Worldly Domain wasn ’t that large, even the Four Extreme Continent spanned 810,000 miles, but in terms of Worldly Domains, he was at an absurd size!

300,000 meters!

320,000 meters!

At this point, it rapidly began to slow down to a crawl.

330,000 meters!

331,000 meters!

332,000 meters!

333,000 METERS!

It stopped!

At 333,000 meters in size, a full 333 kilometers or a little over 200 miles! A sphere of pure white that extended for 100 miles in every direction! Wei Wuyin felt that this was merely the limits of his cultivation, but the Domain Seed was at its most initial state or growth, leaving incredibly spacious room for continuous growth.

In a range of 100 miles, he was like a god!

Wei Wuyin felt as if he could control all the energies within, even the light pelting the planet mercilessly. He was a little shaken by this, feeling that this unfiltered light energy was of the mystic-graded, that it should exceed his limits. Not only that, mystic-graded mana and energies should be outside of his control.

But as he felt it within his Worldly Domain, mana, energies, or light, no matter what, they were all within his control!

He was astonished!

His expression changed as he inspected his Domain Seed, seeing it being orbited by 81 Mystic Rune Seeds and 1 World Rune Seed. He was rendered speechless as the Mystic Light was being poured into his Domain Seed, fueling it the same as his astral force. And his Domain Seed didn ’t reject it!


He could control mystic-graded ambient forces?!


Wei Wuyin unhesitatingly tested this out, using the Worldly Domain ’s unique power of control, infusing it ’s unique ’will ’ into the light energies emitted by the Supermassive Solar Star, filtered by the Mystic Radiance Belt, and he felt a semblance of control.

It wasn ’t as great as mortal-graded light energies, and he wasn ’t able to convert it into pseudo-Soul Light, but he could control its flow and direction.

”Incredible! ” Awed, he felt it to be unbelievable!

It was only then that Wei Wuyin could feel the devastated state of Origin so clearly. While meters wasn ’t enough to cover a hundredth of the planet, not even close, he could see the remnants of his tribulation. Moreover, the two halves of the planet were slowly splitting apart.

He couldn ’t help but lift his head, seeing the vast number of living beings in the far distance, standing upon platforms of mystic power, watching.

”… ” He recalled the feeling he felt when the Tiangou had erupted with power. The helplessness he felt, the destruction that felt as if it had ripped into his heart, and all those indescribable emotions of loss. He had just established himself, the inhabitants changing the name of the starfield to honor him!

The Neo-Dawn Starfield!

He had grasped that.

A new home.

But shortly after, before he could even bask in this achievement, it was ripped away from him mercilessly. It truly was an indescribable emotion. He had only been able to be happy to obtain such recognition for a few days.

”…Maybe we can? ” Ori softly asked. She was the most emotional out of the four, whether excitement or sadness they all felt it, but she exhibited far more emotions than King who kept his thoughts reserved behind his edge or Eden who was calm and collected most of the time.

”It ’s a planet, ” Wei Wuyin shook his head. Origin was a large-sized mystic-graded planet. It was split in half, siphoned of its energies, and collapsed in certain areas. Most of the cities had been scorched by the hot radiance of the Solar Star or infected by chaos mana. What could be done?

”… ” Ori was saddened.

”Let ’s try, ” King firmly stated. Wei Wuyin could feel that King was doing this for Ori. He couldn ’t help but sigh a little, but then warmly smiled.

”We can try, ” Wei Wuyin nodded. His silver eyes radiated a bright, pure white-colored light. Before long, wisps of nine different colors gathered within his iris, circulating in a profound spiral. At the very least, he could try to put the planet back together for future reconstruction efforts.

”Allow me, ” Eden spoke up at this moment.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

Wei Wuyin felt his heart rapidly throb as the Mark of Eden glowed abright. His expression changed as he asked, ”You sure you have enough? The Calamity is soon… ”

”We have enough, ” Eden assured, using ’we ’. With confidence, Eden interfaced with the Mark of Eden. Wei Wuyin knew that the Mark of Eden was unique, capable of absorbing external essences, converting it into unrefined and pure lifeforce and wood energies. However, it was so profound that he never knew how to use it or activate it. The entire process was passively performed.

Even Eden had no clue how to manipulate the mark outside of expelling the stored energies and lifeforce. They could only measure that the wood energies and lifeforce was absolutely absurd. It was Wei Wuyin ’s greatest trump card.


From Wei Wuyin ’s chest, copious amounts of wood energies flooded the world. It kept spewing out ceaselessly and endlessly without a known limit. As it gushed out, from the white domain, a deluge of green power swept Origin. It was so massive, so fast, that in the matter of a few minutes, both halves of Origin were tainted green!


Han Yuhei was at the edge of Origin. He had received a message from Wei Wuyin, and it carried a very simple order: ”Create a Sky Layer for Origin! ”

He didn ’t know what this was about, but expectations aside, he wanted to find some way to redeem himself in Wei Wuyin ’s eyes, become a little more useful, a little more important. If so, he wouldn ’t fall behind Wu Yu.

He formed a hand-seal!

The observing crowd was stunned as their planet was tainted in a rich, green color.

Those Earthly Saints of the Imperial Clan were stunned. Tian Muyang ’s eyes glinted wildly with surprise, ”Wood Energy? What the f- ”

Wei Wuyin felt the entire planet drowned in wood energies. While he couldn ’t revert the planet ’s state to what it was, he could reshape it. He tapped into his Elemental Heart Intent, using his Worldly Domain and newly refined, incredibly powerful astral force to act as a medium.

Faint sounds of dull rumbling resounded beyond the green coating! The green coating?

It was becoming pure white!

”Elemental Origin Energy! GENUINE ELEMENTAL ORIGIN ENERGY!! ” Lin Xianxei could no longer contain her shock, blurting out uncontrollably!

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