Polar bearexpress

Polar bear express


Its a new concept

the boss came up with.

Instead of being thrown away,

e collected. Refurbished.

He calls it ”rebicycling. ”

Something like that.

Makes me wanna cry…

…seeing toys that were

treated this way.

These hopelessly entangled

string puppets and marionettes…

…pose a particular problem. We found

the nimble fingers of our work force…

…here at the North Pole are best

for working out those knots and tangles.

Thank you. Double-locked here.

You are just like me, my friend.

A scrooge!

Ebenezer Scrooge.

North Pole, Santa Claus, this train…

…its all a bunch of humbug.

A bout of indigestion.

Oh, yeah. I know what you are.

e a doubter.

A doubter. You don believe!

e a doubter! You don believe!

You missed it.

We rode down some really sharp hills.

We were on what looked like

a frozen lake.

But I know it was just

an optical illusion.

He said the train was on ice.

I said its impossible…

You can put a train track…

Where you going now?

Im wishing on a star

And trying to believe

That even though its far

Hell find me Christmas Eve

I guess that Santas busy

Cause hes never come around

I think of him

When Christmas comes to town

The best time of the year

When everyone comes home

With all this Christmas cheer

Its hard to be alone

Putting up the Christmas tree

With friends who come around

Its so much fun

When Christmas comes to town

Presents for the children

Wrapped in red and green

All the things Ive heard about

But never really seen

No one will be sleeping

On the night of Christmas Eve

Hoping Santas on his way

When Santas sleighbells ring

I listen all around

The herald angels sing

I never hear a sound

And all the dreams of children

Once lost will all be found

Thats all I want

When Christmas comes to town

Thats all I want

When Christmas comes to town


The northern lights.

Hey. You three.

We just crossed it.

Latitude ° .

The Arctic Circle.

And do you see?

Those lights in the distance.

They look like the lights of a strange

ocean liner sailing on a frozen sea.


…is the North Pole.

Its a magic carpet on a rail

It never takes a rest

Flying through

The mountains and the snow

You can ride for free and join the fun

If you just say yes

Cause thats the way things happen

On the Polar Express

Whoo, whoo, the whistle blows

Thats the sound of her singing

Ding, ding, the bell will ring

Golly, look at her go

You wonder if youll get there soon

Anybodys guess

Cause thats the way things happen

On the Polar Express

When we get there

Well scream, ”Yay! ”

Well arrive with

A bang, bang, bang

Boom, boom, boom

Laughing all the way

We made it. With five minutes to spare.

We made it.

There should be elves.

Where are the elves?

Yeah, where are the elves?

They are gathering

in the center of the city.

That is where Santa will give

the first gift of Christmas.

Who gets the first gift of Christmas?

He will choose one of you.

– Look.

– Elves!

All right. All right,

ladies and gentlemen.

Two columns, if you please.

Shorter in the front, taller in the rear.

Even-numbered birthdays on the right,

odd-numbered on the left.

No pushing. No pushing.

But lets not dilly-dally.

Its five minutes to midnight.

Hey, what gives? It was five minutes

till midnight four minutes ago.

Exactly. Columns of two.

– One, two.

– Excuse me.

– Question.

– What about him?

No one is required to see Santa.

Ladies and gentlemen,

you do not have to hold hands…

– Come on.

… but please remain in your columns…

…while we are in transit.

– Look, you have to come with us.

– Shes right.

Christmas just doesn work out

for me. Never has.

But Christmas is such a wonderful,

beautiful time.

Its a time for giving and being thankful,

for friends and family.

People hang decorations and lights. Santa

leaves presents under our Christmas trees.

Christmas just…

…doesn work out for me.

Look, I don know if Christmas

is gonna work out for you or not…

…but this is Christmas Eve.

Don stay here by yourself.

Yes, come with us.

Well go together.

Oh, no.

e gonna be okay.

Maybe not!

The emergency brake.

The emergency brake.

Theres no brake. I can find the brake!

Take a break, kid.

How about a nice, good hot cup of Joe?

e gonna crash!

e spinning.

You hear that?

The bell.

– What bell?

– The sleighbell.

– Sleighbell?

– Don you hear it?

Its coming from that tunnel.

Thats the way we should go.

Come on.


– What?

– Come on.

Come on.

e lost.


– Yes. I hear it.

– I hear it too.

– I don hear anything.

– Okay, its down this way.

Are you sure?


Why can I hear anything?

Get down and be quiet.



Well, that was the wrapping hall, chief.

– Just finished the last one.

– Hows it wrapped?

Its wrapped in candy-striped red

with a number-seven holly-green bow.

A number-seven bow?

When we
e this close to liftoff?

What are they thinking down there?

Are they meshuggener?

– Whats the routing?

– Going to the States.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Thats my town. Im from Grand Rapids.

We got a troublemaker now.

Just what we need.

Things aren bad enough.

Whats his ?

Apparently, some kid

from Maplewood, New Jersey…

…stuck some gum in his sisters hair.

New Jersey? Is that the same kid

that put the tack…

…underneath his teachers chair

last year?

– No, sir. This kids name is Steven.

– Steven.

So, what do we do, chief?

Alert the big man?

We talking nothing for Christmas here?

I didn do it.

I didn do it.

Look, its…

Its almost Christmas, huh?

Well cut the kid a break.

But put him on the check-twice list

for next year.

All right, boys.

Lets shut it down.

Thats it for this year. Come on.

– Hey, boss, are we taking the pneumatic?

– Of course we
e taking the pneumatic.

Its the only way to get

to the square on time.

– Lets go.

– And time is money.

Ready, and mount.

Good. Close.

All right, get in.

I don know about this.

I don hear it. Do you?


I think we should follow those arrows.

I thought thered be a way out.

e gonna miss everything.

Hey, look.

A present.

Its going to my town.

To someone named Billy.

– My name is Billy.

– Its going to Edbrooke Avenue.

Thats my address.

Come on.


It says, ”Merry Christmas, Billy.

From Mr. C. ”

I think I know what it is.

I wanted one of these my whole life.

Wait, wait. Stop. Look.

But I…

Those are the rules.

Somethings got me.

Its got my leg.

I can hold him.

Give me your other hand.

Give me your other hand.

– I can .

– On three.

One, two, three.

– Look.

– Its still got me.

On three again. One, two, three.

– You.

– You.

– What are you doing here?

– Same as you.

Checking my presents. Making sure

Im getting everything on my list.

I found one present.

All it had was stupid underwear.


You may start your descent

any time now.

At your convenience, of course.

Its still five to.

I think we
e gonna make it.

Of course. Its been five to

for the last hour.

We got plenty of time. We got nothing

but time. We got time to kill.

You know what?

I don think we
e gonna make it.

I may be just an old railroader…

…and know nothing about

lighter-than-air craft…

…but from my laymans perspective,

you need more altitude!

More altitude!

Altitude, please.

A bit more altitude, please.


The Flying Elves.

They are specialists.

Do not try that at home, kids.

Do not try that at home.

e not gonna make it.

A well-oiled machine.

All right, you stowaways.

– Partys over.

– I was just following them.

We fell in here by mistake.

Forget about it. We knew you

was in there the whole time.

Come on, out you go.

Lets go, come on.

Step up, step up. There we go.

Not a problem. Come on.

Watch your step. There you go.

So nobody gets hurt, heres

how we
e gonna get you guys down.

– This is simple. Why, I know…

– What do you know?

e not supposed to be here

in the first place.

But since its Christmas,

Im gonna let you slide.


Been looking for you.

There you go.

Watch your step.


Beautiful form. Beautiful.

Nice to see you again.

Cutting it kind of close, aren we?

Ill take care of this.

Its in good hands.

Trust me.

Its the spirit of the season

You can feel it in the air

You can hear it if you listen


So much care

Like a prayer

Whatever it is

You need to share it

Its the spirit of the season

Its the spirit of the season

You can feel it in the air

Aren those bells

the most beautiful sound?

Hes here! Hes here!


I see him. Hes over there.

I can see him.

I can see him.

I can see him!

Doubter. Doubter.



I believe.

I believe.

What was that you said?

I… I believe.

I believe.

I… I believe that this is yours.


Thank you.

– Me, me. Pick me, Santa.

– What are you doing? Stop it.

– Pick me, pick me. I want the first gift.

– Hush.

Young man…


And a smidgen of humility

might also serve you well.

Yes, sir.

And you, young lady…

A lady of decision.

Full of confidence and spirit.

Christmas spirit.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you.

And Billy.

It is Billy?

I see youve made some new friends.

Yes, sir. I sure have.

Thats a lucky lad.

Theres no greater gift than friendship.

And speaking of gifts…

…lets have this young fellow

right here.


…what would you like for Christmas?



Yes. Indeed.

Yes, indeed.

The first gift of Christmas!

This bell is a wonderful symbol

of the spirit of Christmas…

…as am I.

Just remember…

…the true spirit of Christmas…

…lies in your heart.

Merry Christmas.

Better keep that in a safe place.

Hey, hey. Man alive, are you lucky.

Pull, Comet. Pull, boy!

Prancer, thats a girl.

Good boy, Donder.

Now, Dasher. Now, Prancer and Vixen.

Its everything I dreamed it would be.

Could all…?

Could all this be nothing but a dream?


To the top of the roof

To the top of the wall

Now, dash away, dash away

Dash away all

All aboard!

One, two. One, two, three, go.

Rockin on top of the world

Rockin on top of the world

The place is hoppin

There ain no stoppin

Rockin on top of the world

Lift your spirits, swing that girl

Rockin on top of the world

Tonight, yeah

Come on, shorty!

Show your tickets.

Have your tickets ready.

Remember to eat

the five basic food groups.

Ticket, please.

And please brush after every meal.

Remember to duck and cover.

All right, you. Ticket, please.

”Lean. ” Whatever thats

supposed to mean.

”Lean ” is spelled with four letters.

I believed I punched five.

Hey, are you saying

I don know how to…?

Im sorry. It says ”learn. ” My mistake.

Lesson learned.


That is some special ticket.

Sure is.

So can you count on us

to get you home safe and sound?



…and my friends.


It says ”lead. ” Like ”lead balloon. ”

I believe it also is pronounced ”lead. ”

As in ”leader, ” ”leadership. ”

”Lead the way. ”

Follow you anywhere, maam.

Ah, yes.

Young man with all the questions.


It says…

Its nothing I need to know.

– Come on, lets see the bell.

– Lets see it.

– Come on, lets see the bell.

– Show us the bell.

Yeah, lets see the bell.

Its gone.

– Where is it?

– I lost it.

I lost the bell from Santas sleigh.

Its gone?

Don worry.

– Well… Well find it.

– Yeah, well find it.

Yeah, well help you. All of us.

Yeah, lets hurry out

and find it right now.

Its too late.

Gee, thats really too bad.


Im sorry.


Next stop, Edbrooke.

Hey, where you going?


Oh, okay. Merry Christmas.

Thanks for stopping the train for me.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Watch your step, please.

And merry Christmas.


Santa got to Billys house already.

Look, look! Santa got here!

Isn that amazing?

It is amazing.

It is amazing.

Im sorry about the bell.

It was a really special present.

Well, you know what they say.

Its the thought that counts.


Well, see you.


…see you.

See you.

Watch your step, please.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

One thing about trains:

It doesn matter where they
e going.

What matters is deciding to get on.

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

Wake up. Wake up.

Santas been here. Santas been here.

Hurry up. Hurry up!

Mom, Dad, wake up. Wake up!

Santas been here! Santas been here!

Mom, Dad, look!

He brought us all kinds of stuff!

Look, a train!

This is the beautiful-est,

most wonderful-est Christmas ever.

Wait. Look.

Heres one more.

Has your name on it.

Found this on the seat of my sleigh.

Better fix that hole in your pocket.

Mr. C.

Oh, what a beautiful bell.

Whos it from?

– Santa.

– Santa?


– Oh, thats too bad.

– Whats this?


Sorry about that, sport.

Come on, kids. We don wanna be late.

At one time, most of my friends

could hear the bell.

But as years passed,

it fell silent for all of them.

Even Sarah found, one Christmas, that she

could no longer hear its sweet sound.

Though Ive grown old…

…the bell still rings for me.

As it does for all who truly believe.

Special help by SergeiK

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