Quadruplets Gang

We meet again - Part 1

It is a nice 15th September, the birds are flying on the sky, people are sending their kids to schools, and some adults with no kids are going on their day normally having the relief and feeling glad they have finished school. And there are others who would give anything in order to relieve their school days again, but this time, being prepared to make their lives better, and using the best choices they have at the moment. Unfortunately, this thing is only possible on reincarnation novels, not on normal life.

The story of this novel will begin at the ”Armind Calinescu ” High School, a pleasant school where young teenagers comes and leave as adults with a useless piece of paper to either be used for jobs, faculty entry, as a coffee napkin or toilet paper if it is the case. In front of this high school, a boy, comes by himself, with a backpack on his back. He walks a few steps until he got on the entrance gate, he looks around him and sees a big number of adults bringing their ”kids ” on their first day and staying with them to get school books and their schedule for the next June.

The kid in front of the entrance it is known by his parents as Alda Roberto. He is a kid at the length of 167 cm, he has brown hair, cut yesterday to give a good impression, wears normal clothes: a gray coat with an ”Adidas ” logo, a pair of gray jeans, and snickers shoes. He has a little acne all over his face because it is a teenager, and green eyes.

Roberto is looking at the kids coming there, and he doesn recognize anyone from there, and it is understandable since Roberto has always been a quiet child, and all of his friends have gone to a different high school, rather than this one. Roberto was wondering the entire summer of this sudden choice he got. It is like someone from far away completed the paper sheet instead of him. But it is no big deal since he can easily move to a different school and restart his life.

Roberto sighs and decided to step forward at the entrance, then, before he was even able to do the first step he trips by somebody. He and Roberto are falling on the concrete on their asses. Roberto was feeling awkward and said to the person he tripped with.

”Sorry, sorry. H-here! Let me help you. ” he tells the person he got into this accident.

”N-No. ” says the person getting the books from the ground. ”It is my fault you got into this mess. I am a little clumsy. ”

He helps the poor kid getting the two books from the ground, and before he would say other thing to him, Roberto looked at the kid, which bizarrely, has t

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