”Mom, we must live. ” An Ning bit her lower lip, her eyes full of toughness.

Mother An nodded silently, she was afraid, she was afraid that she would drag her daughter down.

An Ning pursed her lips, thinking about how to escape. Seeing the door was smashed with a bulge, she knew that those things were several times stronger than ordinary people. How could she be a girl?

Fortunately, those things have no wisdom!

”By the way, watch TV! ” An Ning screamed and jumped up. She didn know what was going on outside, and whether it would be like in the movie, the streets were full of monsters!

An Ning got up, picked up the remote control and turned on the TV, there was actually a snowflake inside!

An Nings fingers trembled a little, she kept jumping on the platform, but there was still no signal!

An Nings heart is a little desperate, things are going to the worst route, and its beyond her ability, she doesn know how to do the next step…

”No matter what, we can sit here and wait for death, otherwise the door will be broken, and well really be finished. ” Mama An said softly, her eyes were dull, maybe she guessed something.

”Well. ” An Ning nodded, she pursed her pink lips and thought for a while, her eyes suddenly lit up, she quickly walked to her mother, ”Mom, I have an idea, lets try it, but if that doesn work, we really Its a dead end! ”

Mother Ans eyes were still dull, listening to her daughters plan, and finally nodded, making a decision silently in her heart. If the plan failed, she would not let her daughter fall into their hands even if she tried her best.

In the end, An Ning put on the backpack and endured nausea and found some gauze and potions in the room. The reason for the disgust was that there was a corpse with a broken head on the big bed of the room. The woman An Ning knew was Fang Jians wife. , Fang Yuans mother.

An Ning could basically guess that Fang Yuan and Fang Yuans mother had turned into monsters. Fang Jian killed his wife and children in order to protect himself, but he was also injured and infected. No wonder Fang Jian looked so ugly just now. , looking sluggish and desperate…

An Ning erased the thoughts in her mind and started to get busy. She first turned off all the lights in the room. Although it was very scary to turn off the lights in a room full of dead people, An Ning had to do it!

However, she kept the lights in the kitchen, and found an mp3 in Fang Yuans room to play a sound in the kitchen.

Finally, she placed her mother in the room closest to the door, walked to the door quietly, gently closed the wooden door inside the security door, and then carefully stretched out a hand from the crack of the door, slammed it, and closed the door. Open!


Putting it on the iron door and slowly opening it, An Ning quickly closed the wooden door, then turned and ran to the room closest to the door! Mothers room!

After she rushed in, she closed the door and opened her eyes wide to watch the zombies walk in through the door. Dare to breathe!

She was too scared, she hoped that these things had no wisdom, but she was afraid that the consequence of their lack of wisdom would be that she would not be able to follow her directions to the kitchen!

The zombies wandered aimlessly in the hall, and did not follow the light to the kitchen according to An Nings thoughts, which made An Ning almost desperate. If they found themselves and their mother after a while…

She couldn imagine the consequences of that.

The zombies walked around in the hall for a long time, the mp3 song in the kitchen had finished, the house was silent, An Ning was completely desperate, at such a close distance, it was impossible for her and her mother to rush to the door!

However, the mp3 seemed to automatically switch to the next track. In the silent house, a voice suddenly sounded. The zombies paused for a while, and then walked towards the source of the sound!

An Ning took a breath, and her heart was beating wildly!

When the zombies came to the kitchen, she opened the door and rushed to the door with her mother desperately. The sound of the sound alarmed the zombies, but they turned around slowly, and An Ning and her mother had already run to the door!

With a sound of ”Boom! ”, An Ning closed the iron gate, and the joy of the rest of the life after the catastrophe diluted the sadness and fear just now!

She doesn know if these zombies will open the door, but it doesn matter. The most important thing now is to take her mother and run out together!

An Ning pressed the elevator, but she didn dare to take the stairs, for fear of those monsters in the stairs, and she just got the elevator card at Fangs house!

But she pressed the elevator button and suddenly felt very wrong!

That kind of unreasonable fear swept through the whole body!

An Ning and her mother stood in front of the elevator and listened to the sound of the door slamming in their ears. Those were the three monsters trapped in Fangs house, among them… her father!





Watching the elevator go up, An Ning suddenly gave a soft cry, covered her pink lips, took her mothers hand, and rushed down the stairs!


The elevator door opened, and there was an animal-like growl from inside! Then, there were heavy footsteps in the empty stairwell!

An Ning was terrified, she tried her best to take her mother downstairs as lightly as she could. Every time she turned a corner, she would carefully hold the kitchen knife in front of her to prevent a monster from suddenly rushing out!

The reason why she didn wait for the elevator was because she suddenly remembered that the elevator had been pushed to the eleventh floor by her just now! And she and her mother were still sleepy in the elevator, because they couldn find the elevator card, so they rushed down the stairs!

And just now, the elevator stopped on the second floor!

What does this mean? Was it pressed by a human, or by a monster accidentally? Will there be monsters in there? Anning is not sure, and does not want to take risks!

She dragged her mother down the stairs and ran to the fourth floor in one breath!

In the stairwell, she stopped because on the fourth floor, she heard the sound of heavy footsteps, and she felt that it was not human, because the footsteps were slow and dragging, very similar to the sound of a monster walking slowly.

However, the monster seems to be coming this way, and it is getting closer and closer!

Running upstairs?

An Ning seems to have heard footsteps from upstairs, maybe the monster who just got out of the elevator is going downstairs!

Her heart seemed to jump out of her throat, she was terrified!

In the empty corridor, there is only the sound of the monster walking, and the dim sensor light turns on and off, making the atmosphere even more tense and terrifying…

An Ning gritted her teeth, and the fingers holding the kitchen knife trembled slightly, but they held it tightly! For myself…for my mother…

When the zombie walked around the corner, revealing a face full of abscesses and rotten flesh, An Ning raised his knife and fell! Smashed to the head of the zombie!

This is much more than the courage to kill!

Although it is not a human being, but it is standing in front of her alive, and she, a girl who grew up in the city and has never killed a chicken, uses a kitchen knife to slash peoples heads! What a psychological challenge this is!

But in order to live, An Ning slashed with this knife! Perhaps after all, because the girls strength was too weak, An Nings knife was stuck in the zombies skull, and the blade didn go in by more than an inch, but the zombie suddenly became mad!


The furious roar of the beast resounded through the corridor, and An Ning seemed to hear the footsteps coming downstairs quickening!

But the kitchen knife was stuck in the zombies skull, and she couldn pull it out!

At this moment, the mother rushed out from behind An Ning, took another kitchen knife, and swung it desperately towards the zombies neck. Just as the zombies hands were about to wave towards An Ning, the kitchen knife sank into the zombies neck!

Black blood spurted out and splattered on An Nings head. She subconsciously stepped back and blocked the foul-smelling blood with her hands. She felt the stickiness on her hands, and An Nings stomach was churning again!

Most of the zombies neck was cut off, and it fell to the ground as expected. Mother An held on to the handrail of the corridor and gasped vigorously. An Ning could feel her mothers breath trembling!

Hearing the footsteps in his ears, An Ning pulled up his mother, pulled out the kitchen knife stuck in the head of the zombie, and ran downstairs!

No zombies were encountered along the way. An Ning gasped fortunately. She rushed out of the corridor with her mother and ran into the park. From a distance, she saw that the gate of the park, that is, the ordinary residents downstairs opposite the garden community, were piled up in piles. The walking dead were shuffling, walking back and forth.

In the zombie group, there are also screams from humans, as well as the terrifying sounds of zombies chewing on human limbs!

Night, silence, except for screams and chewing, only the rustling sound of dry branches in the winter when the cold wind blows…

An Nings face turned pale and pale, and she looked back at her mother, who was also pale!

”Mom! ” An Ning said softly, trembling, ”Whats the matter? ” Whats wrong! Whats wrong! Whats going on! Could it be that they suddenly crossed into the movie!

Suddenly, the sky is bright! Rows of meteorites fell from the sky, causing a fire, like a gorgeous meteor shower, but it gave people an inexplicable sense of panic!

The sky was densely packed, piles of meteorites fell, An Ning felt the vibration of the earth under his feet, and there were even sparks in the sky, a bright light!

In a place she didn know, in the distant interstellar space, above the earths atmosphere, there were violent fluctuations. A planet was crashing into the earth at a speed of destruction, bringing a large piece of meteorites down and crashing into the earth together!

The atmosphere of the earth is like burning boiling water, fluctuating violently, and unknown substances collide…

Then, the sky burst into flames! Huge tracts of woods and cities were burned, and there were fires everywhere!

Naturally, some areas were not affected, while some jungles and cities were drowned and swallowed by the sea of ​​fire that fell from the sky. The fire with air waves hit the sky and covered the sky, like a tsunami. The scene was terrifying, like the world Destruction in general!

The location of An Nings home has not encountered such a situation, and even the city has not been affected. She can only see Mars falling from the sky from time to time, and she can see the meteorite sliding down, spectacular but terrifying!

An Ning trembled in his heart, this kind of disaster caused by nature is simply too terrifying, and the momentum is so strong that ordinary people cannot stop it!

If all this is a dream, let me wake up quickly, if all this is a reality, let the world be destroyed, then, there will be no need to experience such terrifying scenes… An Ning prays, and keeps praying!

Suddenly, a meteorite broke away from the sliding trajectory and fell into the sky! That meteorite is exuding a faint green glow…

And that position is exactly where An Ning and his mother are! On the square in the garden district!

An Ning has been paying attention to the sky ahead, but did not notice that when she felt that the upper part was wrong, the meteorite had already fallen at an alarming speed, and the location was where Ans mother was!

From the ground, the meteorites in the sky are the size of small dots, but when they are close to the eyes, they find that they are like tens of kilograms of boulders, especially when they fall in the sky, with gravity, even if they are small stones, Its enough to smash people to death!

”Mom! ” An Ning rushed towards her mother recklessly and pushed her aside, but she was smashed into the ground by the huge meteorite, more than ten meters deep!

”Xiao Ning! ” Mothers heart-wrenching roar resounded through the sky, but An Nings body had already been smashed into meat pie!

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