ing and her mother simply ate lunch outside, and then went to the commercial street, but this time, An Ning did not go to see the clothes, but went to the bank and deposited tens of thousands of yuan without hesitation. All taken out.

”Yeah! You kid, why are you doing this! ” An Nings mother looked at An Ning and put tens of thousands of dollars into her bag, surprised.

”Mom, just listen to me, I have something important. ” An Ning took her mother into the supermarket and bought a lot of dry food in the food area.

”Xiao Ning, why are you buying so much dry food? ” Mama Ans face was a little displeased, money shouldn be wasted like this!

An Ning didn explain, just said, ”Mom, listen to me today, its for life! ”

An Nings mother was amused by An Nings words, for life help? ”Why, believe those Mayan prophecies and prepare for the end of the world on December 22? ” Mama An laughed and joked.

Doomsday? An Ning was stunned, yes! Is that disaster really the end of the world? Its obviously November 30th! Did the prophecy date go wrong?

Somehow, the uneasy feeling in An Nings heart reappeared.

No matter, buy all the supplies first, be prepared!

With this in mind, An Ning continued to buy dry food, drinking water, chocolate and other things to supplement his physical strength.

No matter how her mother stopped her, An Ning insisted on buying more than 10,000 yuan of food, which frightened her mother, she thought her daughter was crazy.

There were too many things to ship back, so An Ning rented a solid iron warehouse nearby, stored the things in it, and then took her mother to the antique market to buy a few solid machetes.

While wandering in the antique market, An Ning found a Tang knife hanging on the wall in a shop. The whole knife was dark red, the handle was slightly shorter, the blade was sharp, and the whole blade was slightly curved, very beautiful!

An Ning walked into the store in a daze, and stood there looking carefully at the Tang knife hanging on the wall.

”You can see that you know what to do, this knife was back then… ” The boss walked forward with a smile, made up a story for An Ning, and boasted so much about this knife that it was like nothing else.

In the end he said, ”Secretly tell you, this knife is a new product just dug up in the industry. If you want it, this number! ” The boss raised his finger and made a sign of seven.

Seven hundred? Impossible, if its so cheap, this old guy can blow like this.

”Seven thousand? ” An Ning asked tentatively.

The bosss face darkened, ”Seventy thousand! ”

”What? You want 70,000 for a knife? Why don you go grab the money! ” An Ning said in surprise, but he didn expect this old guy to be so dark.

”70,000 is cheap. Originally, I didn sell it for 100,000 less. ” Seeing An Nings appearance, the boss knew that she had no money and was too lazy to talk nonsense.

”20,000, Ill buy it for 20,000! ” An Ning gritted her teeth, she felt that she also needed a self-defense thing, ordinary knives are easy to break, this thing seems to be just right.

”Miss, the minimum is 60,000 yuan. This is an old thing. The material is harder than steel. If you don believe me, take a look at it yourself. ” The boss took the knife and waved it on the stone platform at the door. A gap was cut!

”Yeah! ” An Ning was stunned for a moment, overjoyed in his heart. Although he only saw a gap, the boss didn use much effort.

In the end, An Ning won the Tang knife for 55,000 yuan. She touched the blade with joy, and felt very fond of it.

”Boss, can you get a gun here? ” An Ning lowered her voice mysteriously. She knew that these antique dealers had something to do with tomb robbers. Don all tomb robbers need shotguns?

The boss has just made tens of thousands of dollars and is in a good mood, but when he hears this, he becomes vigilant.

An Ning grinded for a while, and finally the boss agreed to help her get a few shotguns, but the agency fee was required.

Anning doesn know how to use guns, but she thinks its safer to hide a few guns.

And mother An, who was shopping in the opposite shop, was angry on the spot when she found out that her daughter had spent a lot of money on a knife that could not chop even meat.

After sending her mother home, An Ning returned to the antique shop. She really got a few shotguns through the bosss relationship. With a big wave, she bought several boxes of bullets with the remaining money. Fortunately, the bullets were very cheap. Then An Ning sent everything to the warehouse.

After all the money was spent, An Ning felt more at ease, and her depressed mood all day improved a little, but watching the sun set, she became more and more uneasy.

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