An Ning felt his heart beat and cried even louder.

”This child, whats the matter? ” Father An hugged his daughter distressedly, his face full of love, and gently patted his daughters back with both hands, how could he look so hideous that night!

”Dad! Don leave me, don ! ” An Ning had experienced the pain of losing her father once, and now she understands the importance of family affection even more. She hugged her father tightly, and was glad that she had this lost opportunity!

Thank God for letting my father come back to her.

When An Ning came home and bought a bunch of good dishes, she suddenly thought of the Last Supper, and the word made her tremble.

After Anning returned home, she called all her relatives and friends, and repeatedly stressed that no matter who knocked on the door at night, she should not open the door. Therefore, many friends made fun of her for watching too many ghost movies.

An Ning posted a post on the Internet called Doomsday Crisis, predicting that there will be big changes tonight, but in 2012, such posts were flying all over the sky, just an hour after it was posted, only a few netizens responded with teasing, and then they fell into the sea.

Taking a deep breath, An Ning suddenly felt that being able to predict the future might not be a good thing, especially when everyone didn believe you and thought you were a lunatic! It doesn help at all except to prepare yourself.

An Ning cooks by herself. Her skills are excellent, and she has practiced this year when she has nothing to do at home.

She cooked a large table full of good dishes and sat at the table with her parents.

An Nings father and Ans mother seemed to see what was wrong with An Ning today. They didn know what happened to the child.

An Ning tried her best to smile, not wanting her parents to worry. She raised her glass, but it was full of orange juice. This is her favorite drink. Im afraid she won be able to drink it again, right?

”Dad, Mom, tomorrow is December 1st. Lets have a toast together for the last day of November. ” An Ning said to her parents with a smile.

”This silly child, its not the last day of the year. Come on, Lao An, lets have a drink with the child. ” Mama An said to Dad An with a doting smile.

The atmosphere at the dinner table began to warm up, and the father and daughter happily ate this year, no, it might be the last normal dinner in this life.

As time passed by, An Ning hung the purchased Tang knife on the wall beside the dining table. She glanced at the time and looked at the dark red Tang knife from time to time.

Although the atmosphere is warm, there is a sense of tranquility.

After the meal, An Ning was cleaning up the dishes. It was already more than ten oclock. At this time yesterday, she had already fallen asleep. Standing in the kitchen, An Ning looked out the window from time to time. Seeing that the pedestrians were all normal, her heart became more and more nervous.

Back at the house, my father has fallen asleep, and my mother is playing games on the Internet.

An Ning stood by the window and kept looking downstairs silently, making An Nings mother puzzled, ”I don sleep in the middle of the night, why do I stand by the window? Im not afraid of freezing. ”

An Ning looked back and smiled, looking at her mother who had no worries, she suddenly felt that she didn know anything, maybe she was the happiest.

Half past eleven, still nothing.

An Ning has a hunch that maybe the early morning of December 1st will be the beginning of this disaster.

Tick, tick, watching the clock rotate slowly, An Ning gritted his teeth, walked to the living room to take off the Tang knife, and held this dark red Tang knife of unknown material, An Ning was able to calm down strangely.

When the bell rang, An Nings heart jumped!

She walked quickly to the window and observed the situation downstairs.

Still fine!

Until half past twelve, when there were only a few people coming and going, An Ning began to wonder if she was just having a strange dream.

Maybe its really a dream? An Ning frowned, wasn his money wasted?

Yayyah! Spending money for nothing is better than that! The big deal is bankruptcy!

But An Nings heart still can calm down!

”Whats the matter with this child today? What do you do with a knife if you don sleep in the middle of the night? ” An Nings mother raised her head from the computer and said unhappily when she saw An Nings uneasy look.


Suddenly, there was a low roar vaguely outside the window, and An Ning exclaimed softly!

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