A GIANT????!

I started squirming around only to find out that I was firmly locked by the giants grasp, I tried to scream but only baby cries came out of my mouth.

[Miss Julie, its a healthy boy] (Nurse)

[Let me see] (Julie)

[Dear, look how cute he is] (Julie)

Those giants were saying incomprehensible words I could make heads or tails of. I was scar… Wait a minute!

Baby cries?


I freed my hands and touched my face… I saw my palm, this was my biggest shock ever! My hands are small! Am I a baby?. Why was I a baby, I didn understand, I was confused, shocked to the core and was crying uncontrollably.

I felt a woman taking me into her arms with a happy, warm smile. I was pulled into her tits and my fist reaction was to suck the nipple. As warm, sweet milk went into my throat I felt tired, grew sleepy, and slept for who knows how long.

— —

Its been three years after I first woke up as a baby, and I have found out many things that I still can believe. This place where I was born in isn earth, no my house feels like average 17th century European dwelling. But thats not all, this place, no, this world has magic! Magic is used everywhere and in everything. I saw my new mom using magic to do chores at home. At first I couldn believe it. Where the hell was I reborn into?

I have been named Jake by my new parents, it took me seven months to understand their language and a year and a half to speak and read perfectly. I have an older brother by three years who went out for elementary education. My dad is apparently an A class adventurer, and is well respected among the neighbourhood. I didn knew what was that profession so I asked him, after an hour long explanation I concluded, They do odd jobs. Being an A class is rare and only few of the people ever make it that far.

We are slightly rich and respected commoners, oh yes, commoners, there are nobility in this world which holds almost all of the wealth and we, commoners are far end of the ladder who try to make our ends meet.

”I want to use magic ”, I tried asking about it, but mom warned me to not think about it until the awakening ceremony. Awakening ceremony is done on ones fifth birthday when a persons mana core forms. Trying to use magic before it can cripple one for life.

The study of Magical laws are called mystics, after constantly clinging to my parents about learning mystics they bought me a book for it.

I learnt that one can only awaken a single property of a single element. Each element has two properties, which are totally different from each other, or you can say, sometimes opposite of each other.

The best example of it is Fire element. It has two properties where first one attacks and scorches the enemies while the other one heals it.

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