Reborn in mha

Chapter 5: All might and dealing with idiots

Learning the rasengan was probably one of the hardest things Ive done in my entire life so far.

Even with a vivid description of the steps necessary and foreknowledge of how it should look and function it took me all three months until the exam to get a usable product out of it.

Honestly, it looks kind of pathetic, being only the size of a tennis ball and somewhat see through and its so chakra intensive that I can only do 50 a day before I completely exhaust myself. If I want to truly compete with the powerhouses of this world then I need to up my chakra capacity to at least kage levels of chakra from the likely low jonin level that they were at now.

And wasn that a surprise. I honestly didn think that I would have such a high level of chakra so early in my life. True there were monsters like Kakashi and Itachi who had similar levels of power in their early days, but they were child-soldiers.

They had to grow up in a dangerous time, in one of the most dangerous, cruel and unforgiving worlds in fiction. Kakashi was a war veteran since he was 5 and Itachi was head of a black ops squad by the time he was 13. I on the other hand was a civilian who lives in a peaceful time and a mostly peaceful world. Witch I believe is the reason why my Sharingan has yet to evolve to its three tomoe stage despite the training that I put myself through


Today was the day of the UA entrance exam. I felt a bit strange to walk among all these happy kids up the hill to the UA campus. Still, its not too bad.

The written part of the exam was laughably easy and now all I must do is make a good showing in the practical portion and Im in.

Apparently, the practical test involved fighting robots. Predictable, but understandable. The school had to differentiate between each students battle capabilities even if I sensed that something was off about the test when they explained the reason for the 10 pointers.

It was a robot bigger and stronger than the rest which would put him as a priority target for those with powerful quirks. This meant that a lot of the powerful quirked students and especially those that have had their ego pumped up by those around them since they got their quirk (*cough*Bakugou*cough*) will be going after them with little to no regard for the other students or the other villains. This put a lot of pressure on those with weaker quirks to deal with the lower rabble and protect the flank and rear of the ones attacking the bigger villains.

It wasn that difficult to see that UA wanted something other than raw power in their students, such as a brain or common sense and actual heroic talent, not just mindless destruction.

However have my doubts if it will actually work.

The moment the horn sounded I was off through the gate in a flash step, leaving behind me a stunned crowd, an afterimage and the screaming maniac of a radio presenter. I didn bother with the genjutsu covering my Sharingan this time. My file said I had a quirk named Energy manipulation. It was true, somewhat, but I was still unsure if my chakra was a quirk or if it was something else. Hopefully it was something else.

Quirks were too well researched for there to have not been someone with an idea about how to shut them off, or even worse, take use of them away.

I was somewhat surprised at how little effort I had to put in to dispose of a robot that was touted as being the strongest of the regulars.

I continued my rampage through the training ground as I kept on destroying more and more robots and saving a few people from being caught by a lucky robot or two.

In the observation room upstairs, the faculty of UA was looking on in wonder at the black clothed boy who seemed to be teleporting around the training ground, destroying robots and rescuing people without as much as a second thought.

”There seems to be some good students this year ” mused Nezu

”Yeah, no kidding. Who is this kid? ” asked Present Mic

”A pain in the ass, thats who ” replied Eraser Head

”You know him? ” asked Mic surprised

Aizawa grunted a nod but stayed silent

”So, whats he like? Cmon Aizawa we
e all dying to know ” said Midnight

”Yes, we all would like to know about this wonderful student ” said Nezu

Just then the door opened and through it came the gaunt form of All Might, the Symbol of Peace

”Hi everyone, sorry for the wait. So, what did I miss? ” asked All Might

”Nothing much, we were just talking about this kid ” said Mic as he pointed at the screen where Madara was currently rescuing a student who had gotten in over his head while simultaneously smashing apart two one pointers

All Might looked at the video and was impressed with the tenacity and battle prowess the boy showed. If he hadn just arrived from an incident in which he discovered his successor, that kid would have been on the list.

”So, who is he? ” asked All Might

Everyone looked at Aizawa who groaned.

”Fine, fine. Does anyone know the name Madara Midorya? ” asked Aizawa

Midorya? Is he related to Young Izuku? hought All Might surprised

”Yeah, I do ” admitted Power Loader ”Hes an up and coming star in the scientific world. Never went to school, too smart for that. He finished high school at 10 and went on to get 5 doctorates in different fields. Economics, Physics, Engineering, Quirkology and Sociology. On top of that I heard he was certified as a doctor a few months ago.

Hes already published several articles on physics that have most experts stumped. Its surprising that the kid would even want to be a hero. With that brain of his he could be hailed as the next Einstein ”

The teachers were impressed at the extensive resume the young one had

”Thats not all hes good at ” said Aizawa

”What do you mean? ” asked All Might

”Look at how he moves and fights. He has the skillset of a professional martial artist and a mentality to back it up. See how he never hesitates in a fight, and with that brain of his he can make snap decisions and alterations to his plan. That level of tactical ability is unheard of in most pro heroes, let alone a kid his age ” said Aizawa

All Might took some time to watch the video carefully. He could see what Aizawa said was true, the kid didn fight like an amateur, but like a pro with a couple of years of experience. In a few years he could easily be one of the best hands to hand combatants in the world of heroes.

Did you ever ask him why he wants to be a hero? ”

asked All Might without thinking

Aizawa looked at him for a bit

”Yeah. He said it was to get a hero license so he could use his quirk freely. He also said that his brothers dream was to be a hero and he wanted to get a head start on the hero program to help him out ” said Aizawa

”What do you mean, a head start? ” asked Midnight

”The kids 14, same as his twin brother ” said


This stunned the teachers

”Well, thats some dedication. If hes this powerful at 14 imagine what hell do in a couple of years ” said Mic

”Aizawa, did you ever ask what his brothers name was? ” asked All Might

”No, but his records show he had a younger twin by the name Izuku Midorya ” said Aizawa as he returned his gaze to the monitors in preparation.

The 10 pointers were to be unleashed

All Might closed his eyes and sighed. His successor, of just a few hours was Izuku Midorya, a quirkless boy with a dream to be a hero. There was a possibility that the name was just a coincidence, but that was a long shot. When he had spoken to young Midorya after he rescued him for the second time the boy had said he was the second person outside his brother to believe in his dream of being a hero.

In a way, All Might was relieved that the bond between brothers was so strong and so deep. He hoped that it would stay that way and that this pair of brothers did not share the same fate as All For One and One For All.

Meanwhile, I was firing on all cylinders as I tried to rally the other students against the proverbial horde of 10 pointers that were coming at us. I failed.

Seriously, where did UA get the funds to build 50 robots the size of a house?

”Dammit! Hey, you, with the vibration quirk, can you soften the ground a bit? ” I asked the boy beside me as we were bought panting. The other students had long since fled the front lines, leaving us to deal with this shit.

”No, I don think so. Uh, sorry, my quirk has a nasty aftershock effect and Ive already used it too much ” said the boy

I cursed in my head. Luckily all the robots were converging on the bigger threat aka me. It seems that would have no choice but to use jutsu. Ive managed to get by so far relying only on taijutsu and chakra augmentation along with liberal use of Flash Step.

”Look out! ” I heard a yell

Iturned instantly to look to my left as time slowed for me. A piece of debris was speeding towards me at impossible speed, but somehow, I could keep track of it. In fact, my sight was even better than before. No time to think, if I use a substitution, the debris risk hitting the boy behind me and Im sure hes not as durable as I am.

Without thinking I charged up a rasengan in my hand and intercepted the debris in a Flash Step.

I panted as I felt the drain on my reserves. The vibration boy was looking at me with wide eyes at the sight of what I just did. No time to think, there was a ten-pointer standing in front of me as it prepared to shoot missiles at me. Blurring through hand seals I unleashed the technique

Fire style: Great Fireball

I spat out a fireball half the size of the ten-pointer aimed straight at his head which exploded in a brilliant show of fireworks, taking out the robot.

I turned and glared at the rest of the hoard of 10 pointers, my now three tomoe Sharingan spinning wildly.

”EARTH STYLE: MOBILE CORE! ” I roared as I blurred through the hand seals and slammed my hands into the ground

With a great rumbling sound, the ground in front of me split apart in a parodic reenactment of an elevator as the 30 or so remaining 10 pointers went down deeper into the earth. I stopped the technique as I felt they reached a sufficient depth.

Blurring through hand seals again I slapped my palms once again on the ground and called out

”Earth Style: Bedrock Shunt! ”

The wide gap I had just formed was getting smaller as I moved the earth to crush the robots. I released the technique after I heard a satisfying thump signifying that the earthen walls have met one another. A few moments later, the horn sounded to let us know that the test was finished.

I fell to my knees in exhaustion, mostly mental, even if there was clear physical exhaustion on me.

I still had about a third of my normal chakra reserves, so I was good on that front. I looked behind me at the shocked kid with the vibration quirk.

”Hey, you ok? ” I asked

He snapped out and looked at me a nodded

”Can you walk? ” I ask

”I think so ” he said

He tried to stand but apparently his balance got screwed up. Luckily enough I was near enough to him to help him stand straight. We walked in silence away from the devastation I had just caused. I dropped him off at the infirmary and after a small checkup from Recovery Girl I was free to go and wait for my acceptance letter.

As I walked back home, I turned on my phone and looked at the news feed. Hmmm, All Might was seen in town, a sludge villain attacked and was defeated by All Might but not before-

|looked at the picture with the defeated sludge villain and there, covered in gunk was my little brother looking at All Might with a starry-eyed expression.




Meanwhile, at the Midorya household, Inko was humming along as she prepared katsundon for her two boys. Honestly, she couldn be prouder of her boys. It was true that Madara was the star of the family, but that didn mean that she didn love Izuku just as much or maybe a tiny but more than his brother. It wasn that she didn love Madara, but he had always been an independent child and so unlike his brother in temperament, always so serious and mature. It was funny until she started feeling like an idiot in the presence of a 7-year-old.

Inko smiled as her youngest, luku, walked into the kitchen, hair still damp from the shower he had after that dreadful villain attack. Inko was happy to see that he wasn the same scrawny boy he had been a year ago, even if it was mostly due to his brother dragging him along on his evening jogs around the block and making Izuku do a fitness regiment and diet to get him into shape.

”Oh, Izuku dear, can you please set the table for your brother when he comes home ” said Inko

”Ni-san is coming home? ” asked Izuku with wide eyes and a big smile

It was somewhat unfortunate, but Madara wasn usually home lately since he had been invited half a year ago to enter a research group at Tokyo University and commuting to and from their house and the university would have been very difficult, so he was given a small apartment on the university campus to during the weekdays and the weekends when he is busy.

”Yes, dear. In fact, he should be here just about- ” said Inko as a cash was heard from the door and said door flew off its hinges and slammed on the wall at the end of the hallway

”Now? ” said Izuku with a giggle

”IZUKU! ” they heard Madara roar and practically tackle his younger brother who squeaked and stammered a greeting

After Madara was satisfied that his brother was in one piece and apologies for the door he grabbed Izuku in a hug which was instinctually returned

”Don ever do something so reckless little brother ” I said after having finally calmed down and gotten the full story of the villain attack out of izuku

”Sorry ” said Izuku, but I could tell he wasn sorry

”So, how was it, hero? ” I asked with a grin

Izuku blushed but returned the grin with that megawatt smile of his. As Iooked at him, I could tell that he was happier than the last time I saw him. Something has happened. As if reading my mind Izuku replied

I met All Might, ni-san. He told me that he wanted me to be his successor. He told me that I could be a hero ” said Izuku smiling

I was at a loss for words. And so, I did the only thing I could do in this situation. I hugged the life out of my little brother.

”Dammit Izuku, here I wanted to surprise you and you have to go ahead and pull this sort of shit on me ” I could feel tears in my eyes ”Im so proud of you, my little brother, the hero ”

I could hear Izuku crying now. I didn really care; I was so happy. Finally, after all this time I would have my little brother back the way he was before he was deemed quirkless. I would no longer have to be worried about his mental state or the damage it sustained from all the bullying.

After dinner we spent the whole night talking, just like we used to when we were little, just the two of us. Izuku told me all about One For All, the quirk that would be passed down to him by All Might and how he would meet All Might tomorrow on the dumpster beach. I told him about my UA admission exam and how it happened. At the end of it all we ended up falling asleep in the same bed, something that we hadn done in quite a while.

Izuku used to have nightmares when he was little, and I used to crawl up next to him at night to help him sleep. There was no secret between us. I told him about my Sharingan and chakra when we were nine. I thought that he might be able to access chakra as well, but for some reason, even though he has the eight gates, like any other human being for that matter, he still can use chakra or even sense its presence.

I think that I am the only one capable of manipulating chakra in this world.

Tomorrow is a new day and soon Ill get to meet All Might

And thank him in person for giving my brother back his smile.

A/N: In this story, Izuku meets All Might two months before he did in canon. Its the same story with the sludge villain, but this time Izukus getting One For All a few weeks before the entrance exam. Im not sure if lll be giving anyone else chakra in this world, even if Izuku with Chakra and One For All would be cool that is a tad bit too OP even for me

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