th and the thousands of black dots vanished. Abaddon looked in disbelief with his wan face at the young man to see nothing.

” No mana fluctuations!! Nothing indicating that you are even attacking!! ” Abaddon bit his lips in defiance. He knew in his heart that something was not right about this young man.

” What did you do? What was that attack? ” Abaddon asked.

With a chuckle, the young man answered, ” Its something beyond everyones understanding, just go and die. ”

With a look of derision to all around him, Abaddon jeered, ”What righteous cultivators? Aren you all just thieves trying to get whats rightfully mine? I will show you what technique is hidden inside of the Legendary Energy Dagger before I die and destroy it along with me . ”

As if to prove his conviction, a powerful energy rose up from his body.

” Be careful Alex! This won be a simple attack like the others!! ” The old man warned the youth, still watching the fight and not having any intentions of interfering.

Abaddons death was already set in stone the moment they arrived, and since the young man could take him on alone, all they had to do is get the Dagger whenever Abaddon dies and their objective of coming here would be fulfilled.

Light Emperor stood on his spot waiting for the right moment to attack and get the Dagger, with the others not far behind. However, Alex exploded with intense powerful energy and charged for Abaddon, ”Show me your best move ! ”

With a proud smile, Abaddon vanished and reappeared right inside the yellow barrier that Alex left behind to Protect Lilith under the watchful eyes of everyone.

” Got you! ” Abaddon announced, His body looked all dark like he had no physical form, and within a split second, his hand turned into a sword and he directly waved his sword, cleanly cutting Liliths head.

Blood gushed out of her neck like a miniature fountain, and her head fell down to the ground, while her body followed right after. Lilith herself, the whole time, didn react to any of Abaddons movements, still not comprehending what happened, even after her death.

The rage and bitterness he saw in the young mans eyes and everyone else was priceless, as the young man was shocked, gushing his teeth, and the emperors started making a move, a loud sound erupted.


Abaddon instantly detonated the Legendary Energy Dagger that he sucked earlier on, instantly destroying his body and soul cause of its power of destruction, not forgetting to mock them with a laugh before his death.

His laughter was soon accompanied by powerful shock waves leveling the entire Forbidden Dark Mountain.

As the smoke and dust cleared out, it was clear to see the angry face of Alex, along with the other emperors that wore unsightly expressions.

” Such a technique, I couldn even see or sense anything before Abaddon was already cutting Liliths head, we are sorry for your lose Alex, ” Light Emperor said while moving before the young man to try and ease a little of his anger from the loss that he just suffered.

” We lost the Legendary Energy Dagger that could greatly aid us in our breakthrough. Im the one who should apologize for acting arrogant and asking you twelve to let me handle him alone, the blood of Lilith is solely on my hands, Ill make sure to compensate you for this in the future great emperors. ” With that said, the young man flew away, a tear escaping his eye as he thought about one of his women dying in front of his eyes.

Even with the systems help, I couldn protect my loved ones, I need to get even stronger so I can get rid of all evil in this world and make it safer for everyone close to me. Alex affirmed his belief, and determination fully displayed in his eyes.

As they gazed upon the ruins of Devil Peak, Abaddons old home, they each felt differently. Some were rejoicing, others lamenting, while most were feeling pity…

Inside a green forest that spanned over hundreds of kilometers, a plain-looking wooden old house was located deep inside it.

In a tattered bed, and a messy tiny room inside of the wooden house, an old man abruptly opened his eyes, darkness seemed to be filling them for a split second.

” Im still alive? ”

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