m is acting.

He could effortlessly understand Bens thoughts and feelings as it was normal for him to look down on people who didn even hop on their journey of Cultivation yet.

While Bam being so humble to people like them and even marry an unknown girl without any background. Made him feel disgusted, cause he knew that it was the work of the so-called love.

Thus, it made him think back to the traitor that got him killed right after he pushed those thoughts away.

But he directly dismissed those useless distracting thoughts from his brain. But took that angry feeling that he just felt as a fuel and drive to get even stronger , imprinting that day in his brain till he torture and behead every single one of them.

And killing that traitor was a great help in that regard. As he instantly made that angry feeling not be directed to that mere ant and fully direct it and concentrate on that strange Alex and the other righteous emperors who actually dared to kill him.

” Watch your to… ”

Before Ben could finish his sentence, Bam turned his head to his brother that was sitting next to him. He glared at him with a look that clearly said: Say no more unless you want to get beaten up.

Then he quickly shifted his gaze back to Abaddon. Introducing his younger brother to him, apologizing for his disrespectful behavior since the moment that he showed up.

” This is my younger brother Ben. He has been quite nervous about the tournament thats to come in the near future. Thats why he is acting like this, don mind him please Grandpa. ”

However, the person that he was speaking to, which was obviously Abaddon, was currently facing a situation that he had never seen anything like it before.

His mind was in total chaos and confusion as he looked at the black screen in front of him. Yet, his face didn showcase anything unusual, as nothing was happening to him and everything was okay.

[Initializing the fortune system…]

[ Initial stages have been Initialized. Modifying the system to adapt to the current realm…]

[ Identity confirmed. The current being had been identified as Chester Bendin.]

[ Body has been fully examined. Information has been added to the system.]

[ System fully initialized. The host can now access the system at any time.]

What in the world is going on with me? Am I hallucinating due to the aftermath of reincarnating?

What are those black screens and several dings that I just heard? And what is a system in the first place.

Abaddon didn know if what he was experiencing right now was reality or just hallucinations. He kept moving his hands through the black screens.

Yet, every time he attempted to disperse them nothing seemed to happen, and his hand would just pass through the black screen like it was just an illusion.

However, detecting a keyword in the sentence that Abaddon just thought of. Another black screen with words colored red materialized in front of him.

Chesters information was attached to it. While a word named mission at the end of the screen was constantly shining and dimming, asking to be called out.

He calmed himself down after seeing that this black thing in front of him didn seem to go away after his several tries. And concentrated on the sentences that were written on it, gradually reading them all.

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