Damian landed softly in front of the grand tower. The headquarters of The Order.

It was a building with over a hundred floors.

The traffic in the area was as high as always with tons of people moving in and out of the building, cars and trucks being driven around, as well as advanced aircrafts flying overhead.

Damian walked towards the building entrance where there was a big rectangular box that one would have to pass through before going in for security reasons.

There were three boxes and there was a long line in front of two. Damian approached the third one that had no one in front of it.

That one was reserved for high-ranking members of The Order, and entering through it would take one to a different segment of the building.

Damian got into the box and it closed. A blue light scanned his face for a few seconds before it disappeared.

”Welcome, lord Damian, ” a robot-like voice sounded from the speakers.

The front of the box opened and Damian walked into a hall with white walls and pillars. It was very spacious and had lesser traffic than one would expect due to the crowd outside.

He then walked towards the receptionist desk where a blonde woman wearing a black suit sat, fully concentrated on the hologram screen in front of her.

Damian dropped his sword on the table, and it made a loud sound that brought the womans attention to him.

”Hey Sarah, ” he said with a smile.

”Damian could you not do this right now, Im working, ” Sarah responded as she turned her gaze back to the screen.

”But I came all this way to see you, ” Damians smile widened.

Sarah exhaled and locked gazes with Damian.

”Youve seen me, now leave, ” she turned back to continue her previous activity.

”Theres never been a day where Ive seen you any less uptight than you are now, ” Damian commented with a chuckle.

Sarah remained silent and kept doing her work. She was not in the mood to entertain Damian.

”Fine, ” Damian raised his hands, ”I won bother you again, but can you at least tell lord Timothy that Im here. ”

”No need, ” Sarah said with her attention still on the hologram screen, ”hes been expecting you. ”


”Can I get you anything else? ” Lawrence asked after he handed the cup of tea to Adrian.

He was shaking slightly, but he tried his best to hide it.

About thirty minutes ago, when Adrian had threatened him, a group of people had walked into the alley.

Adrian had grabbed him and ran out of there. It seemed like he didn want any kind of attention.

Lawrence could not remember much since he was been held tightly and tossed around, but right now, he and his captor were in his shabby apartment and he was serving him tea.

Adrian took a sip of the tea and exhaled in satisfaction after it went down his throat. It felt like it was ages since he last had this.

”Sit, ” Adrian pointed at the chair opposite him and Lawrence sat down silently.

He patiently waited for Adrian to finish his cup of tea, as he contemplated his life choices.

If only he had come home rather than let his greed take control of him, none of this would have happened.

He wouldn be sitting across an individual that could end his life in a heartbeat.

Adrian dropped the cup of tea on the ground since there was no table in the apartment, and returned his gaze to Lawrence.

”Now, lets get to my questions, ” Adrian said and Lawrence nodded nervously.

”Where is this place? ”

”This is Zio, the 33rd city in Teridomm under The Orders protection, ” Lawrence answered.

”Zio? This looks nothing like the Zio I remember, ” Adrian commented with furrowed brows.

Zio had been one of the cities that suffered from a high poverty rate during his time. This was a place where the lowest of the low came to live, but from what he had seen when he was wondering, it had changed completely.

Big tall buildings, people wearing fancy clothes, strange objects that moved humans at fast speeds, everything just seemed too unreal.

But from how tacky this part of town where Lawrence lived looked, it was obvious that the city still maintained some elements of its past.

”Well, Zio has had its fair share of development since the new king came into power, ” Lawrence informed.

”The new king? ”

”Vincent Heriol, ” Lawrence announced, ”he took on the mantle after he and his siblings usurped his father. ”

Adrians expression stiffened as he heard that last name, Heriol. It reminded him of his king who ordered his execution despite his pleas. Even all his feats for the kingdom were forgotten at that moment.

”Have you heard of Frestal Heriol? He was one of the kings of Teridomm, ” Adrian inquired.

”Of course Ive heard of him. Theres no one who hasn . Ancient statues of him are at every significant location in Teridomm. Who doesn know the great king Frestal who ruled this country when it was still termed a kingdom about 10,000 years ago? ”

”TEN THOUSAND YEARS!? ” Adrian exclaimed in surprise.

Adrian knew that he was no longer in the era that he was in when he died due to those words the colossal man told him, but ten thousand years?

That was a lot.

Lawrence was quite confused by the sudden outburst. Did this man in front of him not know that king Frestal has been dead for that long?

No, that should be impossible. Everyone who breathed should know…. right?

”So the Heriol family has ruled Teridomm for ten thousand years? ” Adrian asked with disbelief in his voice.

”Yes. They have high-ranking elementals in the royal family now and The Order fights for them as well, ” Lawrence answered.

”Youve mentioned them twice now, ” Adrian pointed out.

”Mentioned what? ”

”The Order. What are they? ” Adrian asked.

e a large group of powerful elementals and mech drivers. They
e one of the most feared organizations in the world with rank 9 elementals at the top of the chain of command, ” Lawrence explained.

Rank 9? It seems more powerful people have been birthed during my absence, Adrian thought.

On the scale of power among mages, or elementals as they now called them, there were nine ranks. Each divided into three stages; initial, primary, and late. The latters being stronger than the formers.

Adrian was an initial stage rank 9 mage, and during his time, there were only a handful of them.

Those who reached his level of power were very cautious. They knew that the fewer people at their level that existed, the more control they could have over the battlefield.

So there was an unspoken rule that made them reap the life of whoever was about to cross that bridge from rank 8 to rank 9.

You wouldn be killed if you managed to cross to rank 9 under their noses, but thatll be very hard since it was near impossible to hide from those at the peak except one was aiding you. Even then, it was still incredibly hard.

”I believe you mentioned something called mech drivers before, ” Adrian voiced after he cleared his thoughts.

”Oh, yes I did. ”

”What are those? ” Adrian queried.

”Well those… are humanitys creations to bridge the gap of power between the normal people and the elementals, ” Lawrence answered.

”And believe me when I say, they work. ”

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