Retribution Of The Strongest Mage

In the face of true power

Damian knocked on the door before he stepped inside. It was a standard office with a glass wall behind where the desk was stationed which natural light passed through to illuminate the room.

Sitting behind the desk was the person Damian came to see. It was lord Timothy, one of the five heads of The Order.

He wore a black suit, had a grey beard, and noticeable elements of grey hair on his head. He stared at Damian as he walked in.

His facial expression was less than friendly.

Damian bowed slightly and Timothy nodded in response before pointing at the chair across the desk for Damian to sit on.

”How are you doing today lord Timothy? ” Damian asked with a smile as he sat down.

”Cut the pleasantries, Damian, ” Timothy responded with annoyance in his voice, ”Ive warned you several times against disrespecting the chain of command, but as always you are proving to be a serious pain in my ass. ”

”I don recall doing anything of the sort, ” Damian responded in a carefree tone as he laid back on the chair.

”You asked Han to send the museums video footage to you first before he gave it to his superiors. It clear now that your lack of respect for the hierarchy is becoming something I cannot ignore, ” Timothy said with his voice becoming angrier at the end of his statement.

Damians face turned serious after those words, and he locked gazes with Timothy.

”I asked him to do it, yes. ” He replied with none of his previous cheerfulness in his voice, ”But in the end, it was his choice. ”

”Han respects you, thats why he follows your orders. But if you continue taking advantage of the boy, don be surprised when your words start to have no meaning in his eyes, ” Timothy cautioned calmly, his previous anger nowhere to be seen.

Timothy couldve gotten angry with the way Damian just spoke to him, but he was letting it slide because of his position in society and the people that backed him.

He already knew how Damian was. He got angry when he was being cautioned, and he didn know how to talk to his superiors.

It was worth getting angry over, but doing so would be fruitless. Its not like he could kick him out of The Order anyway.

”I hear you, but Ill do things my way, ” Damian responded.

”Better watch yourself, Damian, one day you may cross a line that no one can bring you back from, ” Timothy said.

”Is that a threat? ”

”No, its a warning. ”

There was silence as both men looked each other in the eyes, none unwilling to back down until Timothy cleared his throat.

”Now that we
e done with the reason I wanted to see you, ” Timothy voiced, ”what did you want to talk about? ”

Damian released a sigh to calm himself down before responding.

”I wanted to talk about the video footage. Im very sure youve seen it already. ”

”I have, and its being dealt with, ” Timothy assured.

”The elemental in the video, he used blue flames. Ive never seen that before, ” Damian said.

”Those blue flames are an advanced form of the fire element, one not seen in over ten thousand years, ” Timothy responded.

”Ten thousand years? Wait, the only known person to use an advanced form of an element during that time was Adrian, right? The blue demon, ” Damian asked in curiosity.

”So the records say, ” Timothy answered.

”Then that means someone else has found a way to use advanced forms of elements. This is huge! ” Damian smiled.

”We know, and thats why I sent Brian to track down this person, ” Timothy informed.

”Brian? The hunter? ” Damian asked in confusion, ”why would you do that? ”

”Because just as you said, he is the hunter. His tracking skills are unparalleled, making him the best for the job, ” Timothy replied.

”I understand that, but I was the first person to respond when the elemental first made his appearance. I feel like this should be my mission, ” Damian voiced his concerns.

”Brian was chosen to bring the elemental in because he could be trusted to do so, unlike you. At least not without interrogating him first behind our backs, ” Timothy said.

”So you chose Brian who is known for being careless in his methods over me because of trust? ” Damian asked with an annoyed chuckle.

”Its exactly as you see it, ” Timothy responded.

”Fine, lets see if he brings him in or not, ” Damian said before standing up to leave.

”I believe it started about two thousand years ago during the reign of Ferdinand Heriol, ” Lawrence explained, ”he was born a non-elemental, the only one in his family. ”

”When he took the seat of power, he had commissioned the research to find a way to make the normal people and the elementals to be equal, and thus, the mech suits were born. ”

e quite knowledgeable about this world, ” Adrian commented.

For someone who was a lowly thief, Lawrence was quite smart. Not a lot of people would know things like this even if this knowledge was readily accessible to them.

”I was a student of the royal academy, before I had to leave after my scholarship was terminated due to unforeseen circumstances and I could no longer pay tuition, ” Lawrence said with a sad smile.

It was a painful memory, the story of how he got to this point in his life, but it would forever remain a part of him.

”Continue with your explanations, ” Adrian said, bringing Lawrences attention back to what he was doing.

”Oh yeah, uhm, the mech riders are divided into five levels of proficiency with level one being the beginner level and level five being the top. Mech riders are quite powerful and depending on their levels and their mech suits, they could even be termed god level. ”

”I believe Ive fought against these so-called mech riders, ” Adrian recalled, ”but they were quite weak. They were soldiers who deserved to die. ”

”Thats a bit much, ” Lawrence commented.

”I tell it to you as I saw it, ” Adrian replied.

”If you don mind me asking, ” Lawrence said, ”your flames, why are they blue? ”

This had been something tugging at the back of Lawrences mind for a while now but had been too nervous to ask.

”Its an advanced form of the fire element that I managed to harness after years of research and experiments, ” Adrian answered.

He raised his right hand and it lit up in blue flames. He moved his hand around a bit before it disappeared.

”Wow, ” Lawrence had been entranced by the flames, but it still felt unreal in his eyes.

”Im guessing you
e the one that attacked the museum, ” Lawrence said with a small smile.

He had seen the news about how the royal museum had been burnt down by blue flames. And now, a fire elemental who uses blue flames was in front of him.

It couldn be a coincidence.

”I wouldn say I attacked it, I only defended myself, ” Adrian corrected with a blank expression.

”Then the mech riders that you said you fought must be the museum security, ” Lawrence noted.

While most of the museum security were mech riders, they were low-level ones. No high-level mech rider would stoop so low to do that kind of security work.

Most of them worked with The Order or were freelancers that still got high-level jobs.

Everything went silent as Adrian just stared at Lawrence who fidgeted nervously. He had answered all of Adrians questions, so he should be fine.

Or was he going to kill him?

The silence and Adrians unmoving gaze was slowly getting to Lawrence. But just as he was about to ask what his fate was, they suddenly heard a loud crash!

In the next moment, all Lawrence saw was a mech rider holding a black sword that was only inches away from Adrians neck!

”Come with me, and you might just have a chance to live, ” the mech riders altered voice commanded.

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