Chapter 1

Ray was a normal teenager living on a very normal planet Earth.

He was a nerd since childhood and books were his favorite mate, at one point he got so obsessed with books that he will value them over a humans life.

If he was asked whether he would save an unread interesting book or a human drowning, he would have chosen the book.

Although he was not physically fit and could have been a target of bullying in high school, he was very clever and intelligent.

He was feared among the bullies as he would often make use of his intellect and teach them a lesson if they ever dared to mess with him.

One time he even went as far as to make the principal suspend a bully from school… after being pleaded to by the bully, he let go of the matter, and since then no one messed with him much.

He was also exceptionally attractive for his age, which got him into a lot of trouble with girls and sometimes even with female teaching staff.

So, he often wore a mask while going out…

Any high school boy would love to be popular and would want girls flocking to him every time but Ray saw his exceptional looks as nothing more than a curse that always got him into trouble and sometimes these troubles would even leave deep scars on his mind…

Truth to be revealed, he was raped, and not only once but three times in his life till now.

For some reason, every woman he interacted with since birth seemed to develop some sort of impression of him, which would later turn into obsession as they interacted more and more, even though he would act like a bitch towards them, they would still become more obsessive.

There was a time when he got involved with his English teacher, who was a very strict woman, although in her mid-20s, she was quite a beauty and was popular among students due to her looks but no one dared to speak a word about it due to her strict nature and harsh punishments, she would triple the assignments for the whole class even if a single student was talking and her marking criteria was just so worse that only Ray managed to pass in the whole class by cramming like crazy for a whole month.

Even after all that he barely passed the class test.

Thats when she started taking notice of someone like Ray.

She called him to her office and just after one interaction, things got worse for Ray.

He would be paid special attention to her in every class, which often made her even stricter with him than the whole class.

The class thought that their English teacher had more expectations for Ray as he was a nerd and always scored well on tests.

And they were quite relieved as well since she seemed less strict on them due to her attention on Ray.

But the reality couldn be more different.

That English teacher wanted Ray to marry her.

Of course, Ray outright rejected her as he had more important goals in his life than to be in a relationship much less marriage that comes with even more responsibilities.

The teacher didn give up though as she daily pestered him with her offer and he always rejected her politely.

He could have gone to report her but he didn as he had no time to waste on her due to her high position and the respect she had from other teachers and even the principal due to the medals she would get the principal was even said to be seen flattering her to keep making the school popular.

So, Ray was at a disadvantage here.

He also didn want to change schools due to the hassle so he just decided to bear with it.

But things were starting to take a turn for worse as she got more aggressive with her approach.

She would now use threats to fail him in practicals and humiliate him in class in front of everyone.

She now got more bizarre as she declared to him to just let her marry him and she would keep him in her house forever locked up.

Ray was scared shitless as she declared that, her eyes were having the look a psychopathic maniac would have in them.

Ray knew she had started to show the same signs of obsessions.

She was having fun like a cat playing with a mouse.

She wanted to see how many ways Ray could try to escape before breaking down.

She wanted to see how the innocent and polite Ray would break.

She was a freaking Sadist!

Well, most of Rays obsessed lovers would somehow become sadistic in nature so it was not new.

So, this time Ray decided to counter her by being aggressive as well.

He started to act like a real bitch and would do even the pettiest of things to her.

But it backfired on him badly.

Firstly, his reputation got huge hit by his actions that even the principal called him to counsel him back on the right path, even though he was just acting.

His classmates thought he was becoming a delinquent and distanced themselves from him, rarely talking now, well he didn care much about them anyways as he still had his books with him.

But the thing that backfired the most was the behavior of that sadist teacher,

Instead of curling backward, she was quite enraged.

She didn like his attitude; the Ray she liked was the innocent naïve boy.

But since she was in love with him, she took it upon herself to discipline him back into his previous behavior.

She kidnapped him when he was going back home and took him to the basement of an abandoned building.

He resisted her to his fullest but alas she was physically stronger than him.


Authors Note:-

[MC will be beta/sub and Masochist… ofcourse depends on situation he nmmay be opposite also, if you don like that kind of mc, this might not be the best read for you.]

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