Chapter 3

”Its for the betterment of the world… yes… The world will be at peace without you… You h-have made me like this… i-its all because of y-you… ”

”S-See… those damn bitches… going crazy after your precious body… I can let them… AHAHAHA…. I will just KILL YOU and THEN…. Then… HAHAHA…. Die, BASTARD! Its your fault I have to do this! ”

”If only you had been mine peacefully… ”

Saying so her black cloth mask was getting wetter from the tears.

Why is this my fault…?

I was choking now and my vision was getting blurry as I saw in my final moments my sister and mom burst into the room with a machine rifle in my sisters hand and a mini pistol in my moms hand.

Why did they have that…?

I could only die of curiosity as I watched my sister empty the rifle in the head of the intruder whom I already recognized as my first kidnapper… my once neighbor…

Though I was quite shocked at how accurately she was shot in the head as if….

” ” RAY!! ” ”

And thats how Ray took his last breath in this world.


Ugh… where am I?

I woke up and examine my surroundings carefully.

Is this hospital, have I been rescued?

But no, the place wasn a hospital but someones room.

The room looked quite feminine and gave a soft feeling overall.

”What…? Where am I? Whats happen-ack!? ”

A gush of memories rushed in as I clutched my head with both hands while rolling on the floor.

”Hah… Hah… Hah… ”

As the pain from getting the memories finally settled down, I became aware of my current situation.

I have come to another world just like in the novels!

I can believe that stuff was actually possible.

I am shocked and don know what to say as I organized my thoughts.

This world is apparently the reverse of my original world.

Yes, the world had reversed roles and morals, completely different and opposite from my original world.

Here the roles of men and women were reversed.

Women were the sexually as well officially dominant gender.

Actually, the probability of a male being born is significantly lesser which also led to them becoming minor in number.

Most of the high-ranking and official positions were taken by women and men were rather submissive in nature.

They would be responsible to look after the house and do household chores and look after children after marriage.

Men were expected to be docile, soft, and more feminine while women were expected to be responsible for work, money, and other affairs.

Women were sexually very active and men were sexually not that active… one could say, a woman had horny thoughts in her mind as long as she has not done it twice or thrice a day…

Women would pursue men while men acted more femininely.

Another interesting thing I found was the existence of magic in the world.

Apparently, a part of the total population in the world could use magic and achieve the impossible.

Although it may sound cool the world was not so peaceful actually even though it may look so on the outside.

In the ancient history here, it was taught that demons from another faraway planet came to this planet and wanted to conquer the planet for themselves while enslaving humans but they could not succeed as the ancestors used terrifying magic to suppress them.

The fight between humans and demons continued for centuries with both sides not able to win.

And so, the world got divided into two, the eastern part of the planet belonging to humans while the western part to the demons.

Fights on the border separating the two areas is an everyday thing.

Humans unified and formed a single organization called the Federation.

And since the formation of this organization, humanity has been on the winning side in the recent century.

Anyways, I am called Noah, and in high school.

I strode to the dressing table nearby in the room which I think belongs to me…

I look over myself in the mirror as my jaw drops.


This was the only world that came to my mind.

I have short white shining hair that looked very smooth and silky combed neatly in order, deep and dark but at the same time enchanting red eyes that seemed to give a mysterious vibe, smooth soft pink lips, and snow-white smooth skin with no blemishes.

The face looked very feminine and I would have mistaken myself for a girl if I hadn known better.

I stared deeply for a few moments before I heard someone calling me.

”Noah, dear… ”

It was my moms voice in this world.

I live with a family which consisted of my mother and my 5 sisters.

My dad died as he sacrificed himself to protect his family from a demon.

My mom was actually a magician… she once worked in the military and I remember her having quite a position there but she left the military after our dad died.

It was found that all of us siblings had the talent to awaken our element and use magic.

Mom was quite devastated as she failed to protect her family in such a crisis and her husband had to die because of that.

I was the youngest in this family of 6.

As I quickly arrange myself, I now had to act as the previous Noah lest they would suspect me of being a demon if I act differently.

We live in a 2 story house in a good neighborhood due to moms earlier job in the military, we didn have to worry much about money and support money after leaving the military, mom is doing an office job for a few years now.

My room was on the second floor as I slowly went downstairs.

I saw my mom and my 2 sisters there on the sofa.

”Oh honey, what would you like for dinner? ”

Mom noticing my presence asked me with a gentle smile.

Being the only guy in the house, everybody treated me with care and respect whether it be mom or my sisters as they were all women so they didn want to make me feel awkward living with them.

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