Chapter 5

”Noah won believe me even if I tell him, I need to somehow make him aware of her true self… ”

”Shes definitely bad news, her family and her nature both aren something Noah can handle… ”

The scene of Dad sacrificing himself for her replays in her mind as she remembered his words to her once when they went out.


”Emi, you know how soft and naïve Noah is, he is not someone who can see how cunning and scheming the people of this world are, he doesn know how cruel one is in todays world… you are smart, I know you girls are aware of this and care for him. ”

”As someone who is the same age as him, you would be the one with him most of the time outside… where neither me nor your mom, nor your older sisters would be there… ”

”A naïve, innocent, and someone with good looks, as a male, he won survive for long, so Emi, my dear, can I ask of you, to look after Noah in our absence until he matures enough to be in his own? ”

”Of course dad! You can trust me! I will always protect Noah even if you don tell me after all hes my brother! ”

”You are an intelligent little girl, hmm. ”

Saying so, he pats her head and ruffles her hair as she giggles.

—Flashback end—

She really misses the good times when all of them were happy together.

A look of extreme devotion and determination enters her eyes as she stares at the door to her brothers room.

Clenching her fist, her green eyes shine with a mysterious light as she leaves.

I will definitely protect you no matter what!



Today, I woke up early and had breakfast my mom made, although it was just basic things everyone can cook, I eat heartfully and departed.

I go to school with Emily daily, she is my twin sister and we both are enrolled in the same high school, the same year, just different classes.

The boys uniform was a bit tight, probably to show off the body texture but I couldn complain as thats what everyone wears whereas the girls uniform also looked to enhance their curves and a short mini skirt.

The Highschool we went to was for both normal students without magic talent and those with magic talent.

They both had different classes, and they would be taught the basics of magic there.

After graduating would one awaken their elements and start as an official mages.

The high school was quite prestigious around the whole city and was famous was producing famous mages.

We soon enter the school and as we were walking toward the locker room, we encountered someone.

A girl with long black dark hair reaching her hips, black abyss-like eyes that looked beautiful at the same time scary, a small nose, and light pink lips that looked soft.

She had big breasts, a lean frame with perfect muscles, thick thighs, and a rear that would just make your mouth fall.

Overall, she had a voluptuous figure.

Involuntarily, I felt drawn to her, I didn know why?

I quickly searched my memory for who she was again.

I soon found the answer, she was Sophia, the same year as me, in a different class.

She belonged to a very wealthy family and it was rumored that her family had a high ranking even in the federation.

She was some sort of direct heir or something which made her position very high, she had a monstrous talent in magic and combat, they say, she had an extraordinary talent even among her family.

She had everything, looks, wealth, and power.

And plus, she was one of the top 3 most beautiful women in high school as well just like Emily.

She was like a young mistress or something?

But why was she here…?

I found the answer in my memory.

She has been pursuing Noah since the start of High School.

Although at first, Noah didn pay her much attention despite all her background which indeed enraged some boys who later thought to teach him a lesson, he handled some of them, but they were being too much for the past Noah.

And when he was about to be cornered, she came to his rescue and resolved the matter easily.

Since then, Noah and her relationship have been improving continuously.

They were pretty close now in the final year and almost looked like girlfriend-boyfriend to most.

But that was not the case as Noah was still unsure of it.

That explains the attraction I was feeling toward her.

As the memories fully entered their interactions, I walked fast toward Sophia and came near her.

”Hey, Sophie! How are you? ”

”Well, I am good, how are you, Noah. ”

I acted as usual and also because it felt comfortable to the body to act like it always did.

As we were talking lovey-dovely, Emily came face to face with Sophia and I could sense the air thickening as they stared at each other as one stared at their enemy.

”Sophia… I think I have already told you to keep your hands away from Noah. ”

Emily said in a bone-chilling cold voice to Sophia as if she was worth nothing in front of her.

Sophia responded with a dark and ominous voice of hers

”And I have also told you to stop interfering in Noahs decisions, whether he wants me to stay away from him or not is up to him, not you… ”

”As his sister, I can very much interfere in his decisions as well as his life… unlike you, a complete stranger forcing herself upon him. ”

”I am not a stranger to him, I am his friend. ”

Both were releasing dark auras suffocating the nearby students.

”Okay… you two, please calm down for me and stop troubling other students and Emi, don be mean to her… shes not like that. ”

Both of them immediately suspend their auras and look toward me.

Sophia looks at Emily with a smug expression while Emily just stares at her with cold eyes.

”All right… Noah, but be careful of this woman, she is anything but good. ”

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