Saying so, Emily went to her class while glaring daggers at Sophia who was unbothered by her cold glare.

I and Sophia were now also headed to the class after a little bit of chatting.

I soon found my classroom after searching my memories,

As soon as I entered the class, I could feel different kinds of gazes from all of my classmates.

Most of the girls were just staring in a daze, while some were looking with lust in their eyes, some of the boys were looking enviously while the others were with jealousy and admiration.

I tried to look as normal as possible and went to my seat near the middle of the 3rd row.

Most of the boys withdrew their gazes while girls were discretely eying.

”Hey, whats up Noah! ”

A hand touched my shoulder, and I saw who it was.

It was my best friend Max.

Max had short brown hair, hazel eyes, a small pointy nose, and a lean frame.

He was quite handsome and popular in school.

He belonged to a wealthy family that had a good business in the city.

He and Max had been friends since middle school as they had many things in common.

As they chatted away, the bell rang and the teacher entered the classroom.

He was a middle-aged man with little to no hair.

He was their homeroom teacher as well.

The class Noah attended had students with magic talent whether it be unnoticeable or grand.

The teacher spoke to everyone.

”As you all know, the final exams are coming soon and you all would need to study hard if you wish to enter a prestigious magic university… academic skills are just as important as magic talent. ”

”As you all know, after graduating, you all will be awakening your element and embarking officially as a mage… The world is cruel to the weak as the battles with ferocious demons are no joke… countless lives are lost every day. You will need to work hard and give your best if you wish to leave a mark behind, got it? ”

”Yes sir! ”

Everybody in the class was motivated and the teacher started teaching.

In this world, every individual with a talent to utilize mana and thus perform magic awakens to their element at the age of 18, just after high school and the better someones element is, the more famous universities will scout him/her.

Although it is like that, magic talents and elements depended heavily on ones bloodline.

The children of noble wealthy families will awaken to powerful elements while someone from an average family will have very little chance to awaken to a powerful element.

I should be able to awaken a decent element considering my sisters talent and probably live a normal and peaceful life.

He couldn be more wrong at that moment.

Thats how the school ended with nothing much other than some theory classes on the basics of the history of magic.

He was waiting for Emily at the gate of the school as they always went together most of the time.

While he was waiting, he was approached by a group of boys who seemed to have not-so-good intentions… they were wearing his school uniforms so most likely they were from the same school.

One of the boys who looked like the lackey of the main guy spoke up to him.

”Noah, you still dare to show up at school? Are you taking light of us? ”

”??? ”

Whats this situation?

I quickly searched the memories I had to find information about this situation.

And soon enough I got what I wanted.

The reason, previous Noah died was that he committed suicide.

He was a serious victim of bullying in his school.

The reason for his bullying was because of how popular he was with girls.

This caused jealousy among some boys.

But it was okay and no one bullied him until something happened.

The main guy in the group of bullies is Shane, he is average looking at best and was apparently the leader of the group of bullies.

The thing is that Shanes girlfriend had not been paying him any attention since she saw Noah, and has become an admirer of Noah instead due to his looks and sweet personality.

Shane was mad after seeing this and bugged his girlfriend non-stop, and being a girl, she obviously promised to not look at other boys again, but the hormones of a growing woman in this world are not to be taken lightly.

Although she did not show it as openly as before, she still secretly admired Noah.

Shane finally snapped when he saw his girlfriend with some other perverted girls from school trying to take pictures of Noah secretly.

He confronted his girlfriend and she assured him she won do it again… and he could do nothing but accept it.

He knew she was not going to listen so instead he started taking his anger out on Noah while grouping with his friends.

She was mad that his girlfriend would go after Noah but not her…

He started to see him as his nemesis and along with his friends made his school life close to hell.

Noah was a timid boy so he just ignored them which didn fit well with Shane as he wanted Noah to pay more.

He would then use to corner Noah to take him somewhere isolated and beat him up.

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